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8/16/2016 c9 16Opal Spirit
Oh my, Alexander really is cute *nod nod* and this song, oh my god, I didn't know it but it's really good :3
The story is nice! I don't feel like it's rushed though.
Off to the next chapter~
7/30/2016 c8 Opal Spirit
This chapter was super cool, I really liked it! And I read it while listening to Lumina, and this songs is absolutely fantastic!
So Kaito doesn't know that Shinichi's Akako's neighbor yet? Lucky for Shin-chan, but I'm not sure it will last long, will it? And for Shiho, it's cool, that means she'll easily get a job, right? :3 Anyway, it was really a good chapter, and I'll be waiting for the next :)
7/30/2016 c8 5Shana-Fujioka
Nice chapter! I wonder how long it will take for Kaito to find Shinichi. And when is his next heat coming? Kaito did say that he would bond with Shinichi then so I almost can't wait for it. xD
I'm looking forward to the next chapter! :3
7/28/2016 c7 16Opal Spirit
Don't worry about taking time between the updates, everyone has things to do after all :) and I don't think the chapter is too short by the way :) and it is good, as well. I think Shinichi recognized Kaito when their touch tickled, yes? :3 I so want them to get back togetheeeeer!
7/21/2016 c6 RogueKiller
I feel extremely HOOOT! Is that even normal? Gosh...this story never stopped making me feeling excited... To both definitions to be honest LOL please update...
7/19/2016 c6 5Shana-Fujioka
I wonder what Shinichi's new mission is... and I hope Kaito will get to talk with him again.
I'm looking forward to the next chapter! :3
7/17/2016 c5 16Opal Spirit
Oh God, a single week away from free Wifi and it has to be the week during which there are the most updates. Anyway! I had time to read the chapters but not to review them. And, really, that's just plain awesome. Shin-chan and Akako neighbours, of course it could only lead to weird things. Buut, it's so sad that Shinichi pulled Kaito awayhe has to get back eventually >< ugh. anyway, really awesome story and I look forward to the next chapter
7/16/2016 c5 4Kit Ninja
It's kind of really disjointed and takes some inside knowledge and guess work to piece together what is going on. The main piece that's mostly flushed out and easiest to guess what's going on is Kaito's part. However I can't find a connection how vermouth even knows Kaito pregnated Shinichi. That was a huge leap
7/15/2016 c5 5Shana-Fujioka
I was quite confused when there was sudden talk about deities, but now after A/N it's a little clearer. At first I thought everyone could see the demons etc. but I guess it's still only Akako. I wonder how long she will take until she realizes that the baby is from Kaito. xD
Anyway, nice chapter and I hope Kaito and Shinichi can finally bond (Kaito did say he'll do it at Shinichi's next heat). I'm looking forward to the next chapter! :3
7/13/2016 c4 51Alaena F. Dragonstar
T_T That was sad… Not sure how they’re going to deal with everything, but I’m interested to see how it goes . (though I must admit that I’m not very fond of the idea of Shinichi being a criminal. I’m glad it seems like he might have been coerced into it somehow).
It just occurred to me that, if the Organization were to find out, they would be smarter to try to use Shinichi to entice KID into joining them rather than killing them. .
7/12/2016 c1 Kaiiiiishinnnnn
Sorry for poor english but...
I love your work!
Its cute and drama at the same time XD
Shinichi and Kaito are not ooc at all XP (for me they are)

Looking forward to your updates XD
7/9/2016 c2 1Encryption System
...Ironically, all the songs that are titles are some of my favorites. I wonder if that trend will continue...

Anyway, you could always search up a name through google. I personally like names like Kazuma, Kaname, Seiki, Izumo, etc.

Hope you update soon! _

7/9/2016 c1 Encryption System
Yes! I've been waiting for ages for a story with a plot like this ;-; The ones that are similar are all either one shots or discontinued. And it's not like I could write one myself because I'm terrible at it...Anyway! I hope you continue writing this! And Ran's bluntness in referral to Shinichi's condition was hilarious XD.

7/7/2016 c1 5Shana-Fujioka
This is my second Omegaverse now (my first was 'Close' also written by you, though my first mpreg!KaiShin was 'Under the Milky Way' by Kelun) and I really like it. :D
Wow, Shinichi's pregnant! I wonder what happens now when everyone figures it out (especially Vermouth), how he's going to avoid being killed by the BO and how he's going to find Kaito.
I'm looking forward to the next chapter! :3
7/7/2016 c1 16Opal Spirit
hah, that's nice! I'm not really used to the Omega verse, I guess I read like, three Omega-verse stories, including this one XD but- but I like it. aaaand I like the plot. criminal!Shinichi must be handsome af..! aaaand, the pairing is my favorite :3 and, well, gawd, Shinichi's pregnant! with Kaito's baby, omggg. I sooooooo like it!
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