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for This Story Is For the Birds

11/5/2016 c1 6Dr. Pickle 22

I seldom laugh this hard from reading fanfictions. But this was SO TREMENDOUSLY HILARIOUS. XD I was trying (unsuccessfully) to stifle my laughter because I didn't want my sister to demand the iPad, but now... I'm showing this to her. Immediately. And yeah, basically everything Tuff does is crack. That's why he's awesome. :D
9/26/2016 c1 93Book girl fan
I love that name! Absolutely hilarious.
9/23/2016 c1 11Queen Bovine
Oh, Tuffnut XD This is perfection. Totally in character. Hawky... :3
8/23/2016 c1 38imagination-running
That was pretty good. Very funny. Thanks for posting. :)
8/14/2016 c1 44Cottonmouth25
I happen to be a bird enthusiast hoping to one day enter the field of professional ornithology. I laughed pretty hard when I read this fic, because holy crap was it funny and imagining Tuffnut (possibly my favourite character in RttE) with an obsession with birds on par with mine was just the best.

I salute you, fellow author, for writing this awesome one-shot.
7/18/2016 c1 Guest
This is a great story, and it got me reading your other works. I read Guardian of One, and because it has so much promise, I was wondering if you could update it.
7/10/2016 c1 17AwkwardFudgeball
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock...the Bird. Yep, I'm dead. I died from laughing too hard.
7/8/2016 c1 34HeartAngel1796
'Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Bird' !XD! I laughed harder than with anything else I've read in the past.
7/7/2016 c1 45midnightsky0612
*died from laughter* oh my Odin that was priceless
7/7/2016 c1 63general zargon
Thank you for this awesome story! I thought it was hilarious, and I loved the puns. :) I wish you the best of luck on your writing!
7/7/2016 c1 9WreckItRalphFan
This was so perfect, especially the end! I laughed so hard! Great job!
7/7/2016 c1 LucyBC1990
Its officially the muscle in my face for smiling are stucked. It hurts, but I cant stop. Its amazing how great you show the weirdness of Taffnut. Its just how he is. Nobody is safe, not even the other rider. Nice.
7/7/2016 c1 Luthyx
Oh. My. Thor.
That was flipping hilarious. A final pun at the end to complete all puns. I now leave an offering of a head of cabbage and a fox in a wedding dress to you, in the hopes that it will encourage you to write more hilarity.

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