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10/7/2018 c4 1Stuka87
Let me guess: he made a snarky comment about Katyusha's height
2/11/2018 c3 1AspidDrakon
You know, it actually looks interesting. Even though I've only skimmed through, I'll give the story a proper read later. But looks quite good, compared to things I've seen so far. I'll be waiting intently for the next chapter. Now for a little thing that irritates me slightly. You can ignore it, since it doesn't affect the story, but it will make it a bit better in the long run. So, let's get to it. Yuri... Taraslav. Chto, yobana v rot? I will not comment on Yuri since, even though overused, it's still a real name. The surname, though, just doesn't exist. You see, you can't just pick something that sounds remotely russian and hope it works. If you have the time to study info on tanks, you sure as hell could've found a minute to google a list of russian names and surnames. What you've done is like me creating a character named John Kernel. Sounds english, but Kernel does not exist as a surname. Still, me being a prick aside, good job! I hope you will continue to work on this story!
10/3/2017 c2 2The Big Gey
It's nice placing a A grizzly and a Bt-7m.
3/10/2017 c3 2HeavyarmsBuster-01
Awww... Too bad... But good luck out there and as they say, "Fair winds and a following sea..."

Until Then, Rock On and Sieg Zeon!
Live Long and Prosper!
Panzer Vor!
(Back to playing World of Tanks and taking my prized KV-220-2 Beta Test out to the battlefields while listening to Nano and My First Story's "Saviour of Song", the opening theme song of Arpeggio of Blue Steel- Ars Nova...)
1/6/2017 c2 aj2554
it would be really cool if you got them into a Sherman calliope or a M26 super Pershing, or even better a T-28 super heavy tank later, but early on use the Comet
1/3/2017 c2 Guest
Been waiting for so long. Chapter looks really good. Hope for chapter 3 upcoming ?
8/23/2016 c1 3iloveTanks
Is the t95 td appearing ?
8/1/2016 c1 Guest
Hey I was wondering if you could update into the fray sometime a chapter with nonette would be nice
7/9/2016 c1 4Countryboy93
I'd say you're off to a very nice start so far.
I hope we get to see some canon characters soon.
7/9/2016 c1 1tforce
loving the story so far, curious to see where this story is going. Don't have any complains so far so keep up the good work but I have two questions. Where in the timeline does this take place. is it before,during or after the girl und panzer anime? Also Is there a description of Andrew and Klaus. I couldn't found it in the story. keep up the good work and have a lovely Day :D

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