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for Of Ladybugs and Black Cats

9/10/2019 c5 Cutebordercollie5
That is so good
I read your other fanfic on ladydren it is so good
You should make more in this series
I have an idea for another series, a adrenntte series and a finding out the identity’s series.
Essentially just a ton more romance prompts.
I am a huge fan of miraculous tales of ladybug an cat noir so if you had any favourite fanfics on ladybug an cat noir, then let me know.
5/21/2017 c4 14TheSparkler
This is definitely my favorite! Great work Green!
2/27/2017 c4 59The Path of Supreme Conquest
I love his face at her gift.
2/27/2017 c1 The Path of Supreme Conquest
I loved the chin scratches too.
8/29/2016 c5 Cricket12354
U should add more its really good
7/24/2016 c5 clearwinds
love this!
7/24/2016 c5 2sjsreader
I'm a big fan of whenever LB tells Chat how important he is, and praises the work he does. He really deserves more credit from the people, and LB too sometimes. So this was a happy chapter for me to read! Great job!
7/24/2016 c5 2GreenDrkness
Very cute and I love that little bit flustered Cat Noir
Keep on the writes
7/18/2016 c4 GreenDrkness
OK this is super cute and I love how the both of them have their cute fluffy moments together
Keep on the writes
7/18/2016 c4 2sjsreader
Aww! So cute! I love this! Chat is the perfect mix of serious and adorable in this fic! Great job!
7/18/2016 c4 CrystalKnight
Omg all of these stories were so cute
7/18/2016 c4 2PurpleNiki
I of course loved it again. I think our resident Ladybug is falling for our little 's pure joy brought a smile to my face. so nice to see him happy for once
7/16/2016 c3 PurpleNiki
so cute. keep it up! lol idc if I'm the only one reviewing, but I like it when people review. it tells me that someone enjoys the story and it makes me feel like someone is reading it
7/13/2016 c2 PurpleNiki
oh yeah definitely enjoyed. ladynoir dates are the best. I'm an adrienette type of person myself, but ladynoir usually promises comedy with trying to hide their identities
7/9/2016 c1 PurpleNiki
ah yes. fluff. my favorite. first chapter looks really good

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