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8/13 c8 4Tri-Edge
The homoerotic undertones are too much; get on with it so I can leave if that's a pairing your going for, or tone it down. I mean, "soulmate," really? Talk about cringe.
8/13 c3 Tri-Edge
Huh, interesting. I did expect Philmont to interfere, but not in such a direct manner; nice to see him show his face, so to speak.
6/25 c8 22Zantetsuken Reverse
Yay! This story gives me hope.
I definitely feel Makoto when it comes to sleeping. It's also kind of sweet how close he and Ryoji are.
Does Ryoji still have his phone? Did he even have one to begin with? If he did, could he show Minato the pictures they took at the Kyoto trip? Would it be possible to at least try to remind Minato about his friends?
6/22 c8 7ParanoidInPink
I'm such a sucker for Makoto and Ryoji. Every scene interaction between the two of them makes me near giddy.

That aside, it's a shame how fast the story's going. The time skips seem choppy and it's making the fic feel hastened. I was really expecting more scenes with Happy and Co., too, so it's a bummer that we're not seeing more interaction between him and our P3 boys.

Grammatically, the story could really use an edit. There are quite a bit of typos. More importantly, I just wanted to offer a friendly reminder, there should always be a second paragraph when new people are talking. This chapter has a lot of paragraphs with both Makoto and Ryoji speaking in the same one. Those should really be separated.

Criticism aside, I really enjoy this piece. I had totally forgotten about this gem and didn't even remember what it was after I received an update notification. i'm grateful, though, since I got to practically enjoy it like reading it for the first time.

However (sorry, back to some more criticism), the reason I forgot about it in the first place is probably because this piece needs a lot of work. As previously stated, there are a lot of grammatical errors and, stated in an older review, it could use some structural work too. It makes the story come off as sub-par and not reaching its full potential.

That said, I really support your work. I think you should keep at it but I strongly recommend putting more time into each chapter and really flesh out your scenes and the characters. Having a second set of eyes to help with the editing would be greatly beneficial for you as well.

Keep up the good work. Thank you for writing this.
6/20 c8 2Mr. Haziq
How IS he gonna summon a Persona?
6/20 c8 Mr. Haziq
How IS he gonna summon a Persona?
6/20 c8 minato.arisato.141
OAO My face when i see an update.

6/20 c8 1A Stoopid Person
YEEESSSS, the shinanagins continue!
i hope your doing well! can't wait for the next bit!
6/5 c7 A Stoopid Person
i wonder how the Potter crew will react to the dark hour and the like...

Ryoji is still a gremlin and i approve
4/23 c7 A Stoopid Person
Minato is already done with this worlds shit
Ryoji still has his gremlin energy even when he is panicking inside
i hope you can update soon! :D
4/7 c7 AsterDrops
I really like how Ryoji is in this story and how he's portrayed. He's one of my favorite characters so I was really happy to find him here since most HP and Persona crossovers don't have him or he's simply Thanatos. Thank you for that.
7/10/2020 c7 Eloisa Mariz578
Oooh, I get why Makoto's more listless here. HE'S GOT FREAKING AMNESIA.

See you in the next few years again lol. No rushie, though..


but y'know, no rushie. no biggie.
I want them angst tho. Makoto's been through a lot. Wonder if he'll get to look in the mirror of Erised and see SEES.
I like the idea of Makoto and Ryoji being soulmates. No need for romance, these dudes just need each other for so much more.
Can't wait to see these two kicking butts.
The story just gets confusing sometimes lmao. Took me a while going back and forth to let it finally sink in that, ahem, we have pharos, philemon and ryoji with him.

Keep it up! I really liked this!
6/3/2020 c7 Guest
A fucking shame this is dead took 7 fucking chaps to get minato awake jeez someone continue this story
4/27/2020 c7 1freakingautocorrect
I've read this a few times now, all with a short break in between, but I keep coming back because I love it. The small bit of the story that's been presented to us so far is stunningly brilliant and I cannot wait to see what's in store. However, I do understand that life can easily get in the way of these things, and I don't blame you in the slightest for not having updated in so long. All I can say is that I hope you're doing well, and I'll definitely come back.
6/10/2019 c7 7ParanoidInPink
A few comments.

1. You are far overdue for an update. I was promised once every Fruday and you're long overdue.

2. Your chapters could definitely use a good comb-over. Not only are typos scattered everywhere (especially this chapter) but a lot of your inner monologues get confusing. I'd recommend limited third perspective which means only delve into one character's inner monologue per chapter/scene. It seems you sometimes have two people's thoughts in one paragraph and more than once I couldn't tell whose opinion I was reading.

3. Chapter pace seems uneven and slow. A couple of these chapters can fuse into one. I know there was a big break between chapters 6 and 7, but it definitely shows with a disconnect. I'd recommend looking it over to keep the flow of your story consistent.

4. What an interesting story! I was hesitant with the summary, but I could resist a story revolving around Makoto (and Ryoji). I'm happy I picked this up and gave it a try. Though I am saddened with the lack of frequent updates (especially with the time delay since the last one). I'm loving the relationship between Makoto and Ryoji (I'm a sucker for their friendship) and would love to see more of it. Though, as a note, neither of them add the honorific -kun when referring to one another in the movies (which is what I assume from which you got some reference).

5. I was really looking forward to Makoto's relationship with Harry, so I'm especially bummed by the lack-of updates. He's finally awake and you stop? Mean. Though, I am surprised with how rude you've depicted Makoto. Sure, he's aloof and I see that you're had him forget his social links, but his life lessons had taught him to be more outgoing. Even when he wasn't social, he's been depicted and distant but polite and generally helpful in all the movies and manga adaptations. So, I was particularly surprised and honestly a little bothered. Of course you're free to depict him that way because the protagonist is molded by the player.

I think that's all. I'm excited to see where this goes. I hope you haven't forgotten this little treasure and continue its work. I recommend an outline. That helps me with my stories, especially if I hit writer's block.

Thank you for writing this,
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