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7/16/2016 c2 full moon
THIS IS AMAZING. Oh snap, Snape, the Dark Hour again, and Makoto's not waking up. Oh dear. Oh, Harry. Oh, deer. (Pun intended.) I suppose they'll meet up, then? Oops. Probably shouldn't spoil for anyone who doesn't know. Then again, who hasn't read Harry Potter? I love Ryoji's dedication to Makoto's safety and wellbeing...brofriendship...overall I love the description and quality work, no spelling or grammatical errors I can see! Please keep it up, I'm eager to read more!
7/15/2016 c2 1Corvus.Aubrey
Very interesting. I am excited for more, although, I was hoping that Harry was the reincarnation of Makoto, I do like Reincarnation stories. Looking forward to more!
7/9/2016 c1 Blue Sky
Interesting, will wait for the next update.
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