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1/5/2018 c10 28Jet Engine
I like how they can't tell the twins apart, but they can tell everyone else apart.

I'm glad I stopped procrastinating on this. I have my own ideas on what went down in Kansas, but I really like yours. Your take on Sanderson is always fun for me to read just because of his thought process. And, that ending scene... Cute overload!
9/29/2016 c10 natipanfichi
Like it but have you ever wonderd what it be
Like if the pixies adopted flappy insted of puting him in the orphanege
9/29/2016 c8 Guest
9/20/2016 c1 Guest
7/16/2016 c10 87Bookworm Gal
I still believe that this is a wonderful and well-done ending for a very entertaining and interesting story. You managed to wrap everything up nicely.
7/15/2016 c9 Bookworm Gal
Very nicely done, Sanderson. He got the kid, escaped the clutches of the will o' the wisps, and was just plain awesome in this chapter. I still enjoy how you've really expanded this world and developed everything. The world-building is just phenomenal. You should be very proud of yourself.
7/13/2016 c7 natipanfichi
More plise
7/13/2016 c6 natipanfichi
7/13/2016 c5 natipanfichi
7/13/2016 c4 natipanfichi
I like what you did making sanderson hp,s son
7/13/2016 c7 Bookworm Gal
Using real science to develop your worldbuilding is always a nice touch. And as I've stated before, I deeply enjoy this story and I hope others discover this gem.
7/12/2016 c3 natipanfichi
I like this
7/12/2016 c2 natipanfichi
7/11/2016 c5 Bookworm Gal
And so we continue to witness the horrible luck that seems to be plaguing Sanderson during this entire trip. But this is definitely a wonderful story.
7/11/2016 c4 Bookworm Gal
I still adore this. The former godchild, the various hints and pieces of an entire history you've constructed, the biological quirks, and the general plot you've devised for these characters. They really glossed over H.P. and Sanderson finding Flappy Bob and dealing with him. And you've really expanded on the whole subject. Very well done.
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