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5/25/2019 c2 Derek tomlinson
Kim saying to ron next time let s make sure we lock the hotel room door
5/25/2019 c2 Derek
Lol Kim hissing to ron run before my dad sends you into space
9/10/2017 c2 aangismyhomie
LOL, great plot twist! I think this was written well, but maybe include in an author's note at the beginning or end of a fic about the song; the lyrics really just kind of distract from the story and don't add as much as if one was to go and listen to the song after reading this. I'd love to read more, totally subscribing!
5/17/2017 c2 Guest
Bahama haha I loved this! I want you to continue! Please, it would make me so happy!
3/17/2017 c2 1KP's Man
We need to know what happened! Great story so far!
12/16/2016 c2 49Sharper the Writer
Oh dear...James walked in on kinda an awkward sitch...didn't he? XD

And I do want this tale to continue...
12/16/2016 c1 Sharper the Writer
A bit of fluff existing between the two...and it's a good thing Ron ain't orderin' from the kids menu anymore! XD
9/24/2016 c2 46daccu65
You're being cruel by not updating!

Seriously, a cute tale.
8/19/2016 c2 TheOneTrueTwistedParadox
LOL! That ending was hilarious. I wish this had more to it though.
7/11/2016 c2 DavidC20OfficialWriter

((i don't put all the link of the page of the fanfic i want to recommend to you because probably it not appear when i send that message to you, but i really think that is a good story...the types story i expect normally in a K/R fic, i really hope you can do a fic like this in the nearly future...))

Well, this chapter have a lot of surprises, i never expected that Kim and Ron takes part on that situation, for a certain point i understand what the other people expect from them but i think we gonna see more in the future, considering what we see right now in the chapter...

7/10/2016 c2 9NoirValor
What I liked was that you didn't just jump straight into the intimate stuff. The date made sense, and was nice to see progress in logical sense. I also though that it was good that you looking into both Kim and Ron's feelings about what was going on. I look forward to seeing how this is progresses.
7/9/2016 c1 DavidC20OfficialWriter
I have to say it:: NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE!
We see a very slow start we some issues but later we started to see something interesting with Kim and Ron, the next chapter will going to show a lot of surprises...


I know you can get better, and i know you'll get better in future chapters, keep doing more!

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