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10/16/2022 c3 Gsrobsessed
So cute
7/16/2016 c3 ninthwardgurl05
Great story! Something like that, would've been great to actually watch on the show! We really never saw the entire team hanging out together like so many other shows have done. We know that Gris was a loner, but it would've been awesome to see him relax with a beer, having fun with the entire crew. I also, loved the coupling of GSR in this. :)
7/9/2016 c3 Linda Cox
Loved it !
7/10/2016 c3 45ILoveJorja
Well done! You really grabbed this challenge by the neck and ran with it. Good job!
7/10/2016 c3 TORCAN
What a clever and sweet way to weave the episode titles into your story. I liked it a lot. Your story just made me want to do some serious binge-watching of the old episodes.
7/9/2016 c3 33Calim1
You're in. Just because you used an episode title doesn't mean you had to count it. :-D

And how many cockroaches did they manage to fit in Catherine's purse?

Good luck.
7/9/2016 c3 gsrfan34
Loved it!

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