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7/2/2019 c1 Blue Sakamaki
6/24/2018 c1 4Trollala.X
Ok, so i just have to say that i absolutely loved this! The angst is so gooooooooood. Gotta love the angst. I love how you made it seem like Yui was actually there in the beginning but then as the story progresses, we find out that she's actually dead and Ayato's stuck in this memory of her. The ending was so beautifully written and it couldn't have ended better. Great one shot, and i'm really glad i was able to read this! :)
12/21/2016 c1 2Hikari Tsukinami
This was so sad that I had to stare at my screen forever to hold back my tears. And Hod it was hard...
7/18/2016 c1 Blue Depression
It's very sad and beautiful in the same time... Awesome fic
7/14/2016 c1 juuralumin
dude i'm in tears right now
thank you for writing this! it was really beautiful and wonderfully written, i hope to read more from you!
7/10/2016 c1 Guest
I love it You made Me Cry bit i still Love It Continue
7/10/2016 c1 Guest
Seriously, that made me cry. I think I might have snot running done my nose XD Even though it made me cry, I really love this one-shot! I really love it! _
7/10/2016 c1 Laura Anders1
ohhh ohh ohh I kow this story from wattpad ! is sooo good it made me cry I was literally sobbing for like 5 minutes when I fist read it!

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