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13h c76 Nein Life
Holy shit, I had this bad feeling in my stomach that the whole Grimm Invasion would be some sort of lie and Mercury and Emerald were Greycloaks or something because Coeur always manages to break my expectations and I guess he did with this lol. I was anxious af that I would be right but I'm so glad I wasn't.
6/18 c46 4Jazzatron
For the first three books I'd say book 1 and 2 are perfectly paced. Book 1 introduces us to everything and everyone we need to know without overloading us with information. Showing the limits and power of our characters especially Jaune and Ruby when in the dungeon. Giving us the most chill book with a strong sense of danger to keep our cast not looking too strong for there first outing.

Book 2 gives shows us a new kingdom and the difference between our cast and full heros. The plot is simple allowing the characters to shine through without much plot exposition. With my favourite moment being when Jaune stops to help the Faunus on the fang and through his actions gets everyone else to help. A simple moment of our heros being heros. Things only really slow down when Jaune and Blake are separated from the others but with the threat of death it doesn't drag and the boldness of Blake makes sense.

Book 3 is a bit more scattered. The problem of the last book resurfaces and takes center stage. A duo quest with Ruby and Jaune. Another quest with the whole guild minus Blake (which I honestly forgot about from the first read). Then the war. Its all connected by the mysterious grey cloaks and Torchwick. It just doesn't feel very connected and leads this book to have a momentum issue of starting and stopping. Still good but it's more about the individual character moments than the overall package at least to me.
6/15 c157 Sebine
That was fun
6/15 c148 Sebine
"You are all of you nothing."

y'know, Loki said the same thing, honey.
6/15 c133 Sebine
6/15 c131 Sebine
Shouldn't it be trying to eat his socks?
6/14 c118 Sebine
Waterworld is a great movie
6/14 c112 Sebine
Err, isn't the Cold Steel Rune on a piece of armor for Ruby?
6/14 c92 Sebine
6/13 c49 Sebine
6/13 c47 Sebine
Ya need to let Blake in on your secrets, Jaune...
6/13 c46 Sebine
6/12 c24 Sebine
A perfect chance to bang
or reveal horrid secrets

ruined by plot
6/12 c23 Sebine
6/8 c11 qwsxedcrfv
While he may not be immune yo heat from his forging, could he, say, melt a glob of metal with stoke the forge and then throw it at something? Or would the passive understand that intent and avoid protecting him?
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