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9/16 c50 1Warrof
Ya know... I notice some inconsistencies. You had Ruby tell Jaune that Summer was a Warrior. Yang says that too, quite clearly, after his and Ruby's quest together... But here you have Jaune assuming that Summer is a Reaper... Just sayin.
9/14 c41 Guest
yea this shit with torchwick is just nonsense. as if that a realistic way to play it out, rofl...
9/14 c40 Guest
augh this whole thing with torchwick is such a stick in the mud.
9/15 c2 Warrof
I don't know, a shopkeep using Cut-throat Bargaining while weilding a knife seems a dangerous thing.
8/31 c156 linkjames24
btw what did happen to Velvet?
8/31 c157 linkjames24
Reread this and I love it. Ellayne—sometimes spelled Elayne—even grew on me, the little squirt. Thank you again for the story. Until the next time.
8/29 c157 Aetheryna
Wow, I burned through this story so fast, but I guess that’s what happens when you have too much free time at an uneventful workplace. I think that speed might have been actually detrimental to my enjoyment of this story, because I was always so focused on getting to the resolution of the conflicts that I never really stopped to let the tension sink in. To be honest, the most emotionally invested I was in the story was when they were dealing with Torchwick at the start because the stakes felt so much more real than any later arc.

Funnily enough though, despite the massive word count I never really felt like there were pacing issues, though I suppose the meta knowledge from the ‘book’ system and your previously mentioned rush to plot points kept me from ever feeling like things were stalling, for better or for worse.

I don’t really have much to comment on for this story that hasn’t already been addressed in some AN, apart from also wishing that you were able to explore the setting and systems instead of having to deal with all the review/real-life drama. As for constructive criticism, I’m not really inclined to dig for any, both because I don’t have any strong opinions about this story and because the other reviewers seem plenty willing to express their own issues, deserved or not.

If anything, my “criticism” would be letting reviewers and other people have too much influence in the story, directly and indirectly. You addressed much of it yourself, so presumably the lessons learned so far will maintain through the later stories, but some of the iffier parts of the stories have always had later AN’s expressing dissatisfaction with their handling, usually owing to external pressure to diverge from whatever you had originally planned. At the end of the day, you’re literally writing bomb ass stories for free every week on top of your daily life strugglessometimes even in spite of themso write the story YOU want to write, not anyone else’s. Even if criticism is objectively valid for a story, it won’t always be useful for YOUR story.

I wrote this review piecemeal, so it’s probably a bit disjointed and sporadic, but hey, I’m not the inhumanly devoted writer here. I suppose I’ll see you all in the next story, whichever one it may be.

8/22 c89 LongSword
This story is a masterpiece but everytime I reread I always hate how the entire guild never understood why it was so hard for Jaune to tell them he was a blacksmith and how he didn't really get a super heartfelt apology from them. Don't get me wrong, they have a very realistic reaction for people who were born thinking NPC's were lower than them and all but yeah as a reader it always peeves me and gives me bad friend vibes. Still a masterpiece 10/10 just wanted to vent n shit
8/20 c4 Edward
I know this is a story, but just in case; money doesn't work like that IRL: Money gets its value from people and systems trusting it to have that value and be useful in purchasing. Physical cash is printed, which isn’t expensive. If lien worked like you described, a government could just start their own currency.

Aside from that, I get that making tuition about survival makes school more about survival; but it also feels a little artificial. Parents can just give students money, right? Or students can work a side job.
If the faculty is just making everybody play by the money survival rules, idk just feels weird.

For the war thing, it’s just hard to suspend disbelief and pretend like heroes wouldn’t do that war biz anyway even if there’s treaties against it. Heroes are ppl like you and me. So when their whole world is at war; well, there’s a lot of mechanisms that lead them to be part of that.

I’m there with you for a lot of the stuff that leads to this kind of story. I can only imagine you’re going through a lot.
7/28 c46 sirbruno95
This right here is why I reject the ending and the ArcRose shippers that derailed the story. This chapter right here. After 3 books worth of teasing and build up, with 3 three instances of life and death scenarios that made them come together and a proper establishment of their relationship at the end of the third book, Jaune and Blake feel made for one another in a natural and organic way. Ruby, on the other hand, has nowhere near enough chemistry with Jaune to warrant the end of Book 8 and the drag that was Book 9 because of it. Godamn Weiss had more chemistry with Jaune than Ruby did at the point of their kiss, with him and Weiss becoming the defacto leaders of the Guild and also the fact that Weiss' mother acknowledged him as Weiss' Sentinel. It really pisses me off more knowing that it wasn't an honest mistake of potential not reached, but that rabid shippers harassed the author so that he could give them breadcrumbs to use for coping and then forced said author to use said breadcrumbs to derail the last book's climax to address their ship.
7/17 c157 Guest
This is probs still one of my favorite stories, I quite like the character of Jaune in this one as well… … to be honest a like and have read most of Coeur’s RWBY fanfic, I would say his works are one of my favorites.
7/14 c157 J-SECTION-L
I'm not good with words, so I'll keep this short as possible.

This story is a masterpiece! Usually when I read a fanfiction, I only read 3 chapters per day. But this? I read all 157 chapters in 3 days, and I reread it again in 36 hours. This because I enjoyed it a lot! You never disappoint us with the quality of your story mate, and I was wondering why I was holding myself back for reading this.

This became my favorite of all RWBY fanfiction I've ever read. Thank you Coeur for writing this masterpiece.
7/10 c51 17WwEpsilonwW
OHhhhh nnooooooooooo! HE TONGUED RENNNNNNNNNNNN. Oh, poor guy. Yiiiiiiikkkkkkees
7/9 c89 J-SECTION-L
I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda scared for continuing this fic.
7/7 c157 SparrowWriter2
I have no words. This story was incredible, amazing, and honestly just the greatest work of fanfiction I might've ever seen. You created a whole new world in this, and yeah, like you said it's AU enough to basically be a whole new book. That's insane. Anyways, back to binging all your stories lmao
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