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2/18 c32 gorditas de nata teorias
You habe luck they only exp i have with horses si that i almost lose 3 fingers animals hates me

Great story
2/17 c157 Nidhog42
This was an absolutely fantastic story. The ups were high, the lows were hard, and the characters were fleshed out and more human and alive than most others could make them. This story has evoked genuine human emotion in me, even while my depression has basically stripped me of most emotion. I am typing this with the first real smile I've had in over a year. And I'd like to thank you for it Coeur Al'Aran. Thank you for this magnificent ride.
2/13 c157 Coeur Al'Aran
Just to let you guys know I am expecting serious criticism only. I am not really in the mood to see shitty fan messages while my blood work is being looked over.

I most likely have aids from all the gay sex I commit so I have a lot on my mind...

Don't spam.
2/4 c157 GamingFox666
A fine end, to a truly great story.
Frankly, I think you did the best you could with the pairings. I actually really liked what you did.
But indeed, what an adventure. I laughed a lot. Was saddened a bunch. I worried. It was a delight.
Thank you for writing, Coeur. I think I'd buy this if you rewrote it as its own thing, but I probably wouldn't be able to read it. From start to finish, I love as it is.
2/3 c157 deathcombo99
I loved this story. it was a work of a master, and I enjoyed every minute of reading. I'm going to miss this story.
2/2 c117 GamingFox666
Well, I definitely wasn't expecting that.
1/26 c157 Lee3234
I’m absolutely ashamed that I didn’t read this story last year, this was such a joy to read. Rarely I could feel so many emotions in a story, thank you for this treasure.
1/21 c1 End Bringer
Those that have yet to read this story should not waste their time.

Forged Destiny is Coeur's first attempt at an original work, and the longest one yet. The result, sadly, turns out to be the RWBY fanfic equivalent to Naruto - a story that has a well crafted beginning, but soon plummets in quality half way and never recovers till it becomes a huge melodramatic mess.

From the very beginning the author's decisions, from it's very premise to it's narrative style, eventually turn out to be huge errors in judgement that become increasingly clear the longer the story goes on.

The premise may have been a story of Jaune trying to forge his own destiny in a RPG world designed to hold him back, but by the end the result is a generic fantasy story that sees Jaune flung into events by happenstance and other outside influences that he simply goes along with little to no say in the matter. Whether it's the plot forcing Jaune into situations through contrived coincidences, or Ozpin as a poor-man's Dumbledore directing the protagonist, Jaune rarely, if ever, displays any agency for his own actions; the one and only time being the first chapter in this story, and even that is eventually tainted when it's revealed to be through the designs of the eldritch Deus ex Machina setting him up.

The RPG element also turns out to be colossal mistake. While in the beginning the author's world building starts as one of this story's best features, eventually this is almost entirely abandoned in pursuit of other focuses, till in the end the RPG elements can almost be interchanged for any other generic magic/superpowers. Worse is Coeur's constant inability to work within the system he creates, as more and more that gets revealed leaves more and more questions and holes throughout the story. The Leveling system is explained in a way that makes it clear the protagonist group should have been dead several times over when facing higher Leveled threats, the Skill system is rarely showcased and mostly limited to a few or even a single essential scenes, and the 'Class Change' feature is a nonsensical Shonen Upgrade that is almost immediately undermined to preserve Jaune's underdog status, and fundamentally sabotages one of the core themes of the story.

If Ryuugi's The Games We Play can be said to be an exercise in power wank, Forged Destiny can be said to be an RPG story that barely remembers to be an RPG story. Compounding the matter is the author's inability to balance how realism would mix with RPG features being added to it. Everyday society is barely explored, the issues of war is treated more like a Hollywood movie than a realistic portrayal, and the author actually sabotages his own exploration into politics when it actually comes into focus in favor of moving the plot into more 'exciting' events, and only gives a very last minute attempt in the epilogue that portrays things in a manner more appropriate in an 80s cartoon than in a serious story.

The characterizations are also one of the biggest points of failure to the story. Despite being over a million words in length, Coeur's handling of the 8 core characters of RWBY only ever sees any focus on Jaune, Ruby, and Blake. The other 5 are given just enough focus to largely portray them as their canon personalities and note the changed circumstances being in a "original story" would necessitate, but all too often one-off characters that only appear for a single Book or even just a couple of chapters receive more depth than most of the cast. Worse is that even the 3 main characters that are actually focused on barely see any true development.

Jaune's characterization is largely spotty with him first being introduced as a quick thinking and largely cautious and sensible protagonist whose greatest strength is his head more than his skills or Class, that later sees him making hugely stupid mistakes for the sake of plot and drama, and throughout the entire story never gets over his self-depreciation and lack of confidence that becomes so habitual even readers that have largely supported the story express annoyance to the lack of development. By the end Jaune is reduced to being any other generic protagonist whose submissiveness and borderline self-loathing makes one wonder how the story even began in the first place.

Ruby in this story is largely just a copy and pasted portrayal of her early canon self. Her characterization is undermined by Coeur's plan for the story having her be an essential character but was almost immediately abandoned as a romantic interest that took away from her focus for much of the story. Worse was the decision to entirely shroud her in mystery to the point even characters in universe knew little, and thus generating little conflict in-story, where her only driving feature was the question of her Class and her pairing status, both of which was overly dragged out till the end.

Blake turns out to be the character the most victimized by Coeur's poor writing and decisions. While early on she becomes the character that gives the most depth and exploration into the issues of prejudices and bigotry, this later becomes entirely abandoned for the sake of romantic conflict. Her character suffers continuously for the sake of adding as much relationship drama as possible and to fuel the issue of the pairing debate till she's rendered largely hypocritical, unsympathetic, and antagonistic, till it reaches the point the only thing even holding the romantic relationship together is solely the demands by the fans for the pairing.

The pairing conflict is a dumpster fire that eventually overtakes the entire story, and is a direct result of the author's stupidity. There is absolutely no pretending otherwise.

From the start the author's decision to announce the Lancaster pairing was admitted to being abandoned barely six chapters in, but the decision to continue to leave it as originally posted is arguably the greatest mistake of the entire story. Sadly, the poor decision making doesn't stop there. While the author may admit to the initial mistake that he continued to leave open for over 3 years and 156 chapters, the matter was later compounded by his announcement to hold a poll on the subject midway through; and fuel it in-story with the aforementioned conflict between Jaune and Blake that continued to be unresolved until almost the last chapter. He continued to switch signals and teased along where his decision was going, till the final handling of the matter was so cliched and terrible the author couldn't even remember what genre he was writing, and was near universally condemned by readers; forcing him to switch results at the last minute yet again.

This, along with other comments throughout the forums and author's notes, is probably the greatest example of the author's inherent untrustworthiness. Whether he is an outright liar, or simply fickle and feckless is for each individual to decide, but the result is an inherent unreliability to any statement he gives.

The greatest thing Forged Destiny suffers from is the author itself. Little real thought is given to the plot but in broad strokes, where story elements and events are decided on that make little sense or cause a multitude of questions and plotholes, melodrama is frequently injected long past the point of tolerances, and conflicts that are built up are almost universally just brushed aside as unimportant, story elements and conflicts are dragged out long past where readers have already figured them out, or no longer care in favor of other issues, and the author's stated lines of logic for his decisions are often dubious at best, and tortured rationalizations at worse.

Worse is the author has openly admitted story quality is not something he holds as a high priority when writing, and the results show. His decisions to focus on readership demands at the cost of the story frequently has caused no end of issues in this and other works, but is simply brushed aside so long as the multitudes continue to support him.

Forged Destiny is a failure in plot. It fails in reveals. It fails in themes. It fails in consistency. It fails in in-universe mechanics. It fails in characterizations. It fails in conflict resolution. It fails realism. It ABSOLUTELY fails in romance. And it ABSOLUTELY fails in drama.

These, along with the author's stated lack of caring about the story itself, is why Forged Destiny is a failure as a RWBY fanfic and Coeur a failure as an author. Statements about it having any potential as an original work are to be regarded as the nonsensical assertions of the low standards of insatiable fans, and egotism by the author. The ability to churn out weekly chapters in multiple stories, may be a skill well suited for an editor, but what Coeur Al'Aran will never be is a writer.
1/20 c4 the-weeb-with-a-need
How does this economy work
assuming that lien does not wear out how is inflation not an issue
unless equipment and such is so disposable the economy is screwed
1/17 c157 Charl3mange
What a story. I just binged the whole thing in what has been 2 or 3 months? I don't know. It was an amazing story, one I was hesitating about because of how it sounded at first but was worth it. Different from other stories I have liked but was none the less great read. Thanks for telling your story. (P.S. YOU KILLED SUN OFF SCREEN?! TREASONOUS! A CRIME THAT IS PUNISHABLE BY DEATH!)
1/14 c157 1UNORIGINAL puppy killer
oh.. well I've waited an year to re read this thing hoping against all hope that I would forget enough of the plot for this to perhaps feel how I've felt the first time reading this , no such luck , all in all this is quite the joy ride book 9 was great and didn't feel like a slog at all , all in all I feel like this story though borrows elements frok RWBY could've been a seperate series on its own ofcourse I would've expected more people in th guild to have fallen way before book 9 , I've certainly read worse and this just being a fanfic and maintaining such quality over a period of 4 years despite weekly updates seem unnatural . one thing I would've loved to be explored more were the relationships in the guild , especially jaune and ren or wiess and yang ALAS it's in first person and hard to do so in a fanfic like this with weakly updates .
1/13 c157 80-Master of Awe-0
My heart broke at the death of Cinder. (I guess the emotions from Stress Relief carried over after all these years) Finishing this is like losing a dear friend, but in a good way (a writer like u would surely know what I mean). Thank you.
1/13 c129 1UNORIGINAL puppy killer
I mean Salem could've been made into the world as a being following the rules of physics in the strictest sense and even then having her cut would achieve Nothing.. she might even be not made of flesh... and blood and Ravens wish didn't specify such.. she has to die yes. but that doesn't mean Salem couldn't have simply made her death impossible.
1/12 c123 UNORIGINAL puppy killer
yep summer is definitely a delusional bitch
1/12 c120 UNORIGINAL puppy killer
it might've been cruel but don't you think it would've been better to shatter Ruby's image of summer ? or maybe I am just angry.. but geez.. you made summer seem like such a bitch the entire story and now this.. or atleast re reading the entire thing at once made it seem that way since summer isn't mentioned all that often in this story.. well anyway atleast she died by raven's hand.. not that she deserved it but a part of me feels like it.
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