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5/27 c157 Isageda
I absolutly love this story, i have been reading this for months it will be sad to not be able to read it anymore, it was already a part of my rutine, i have inverted so much time and it was absolutly worth it! My congrats and my respects for you, i think by now you are already my favorite author and you gave earn it with so many stories of so high quality that is amazing, even unbelivable, i want to thank you for given me so much joy and entetaining, i will definitivable continue to read what you write with the expetation of being reading some of the best of the best, until the next time
-your everyday reader :D
5/25 c3 yoink
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5/25 c2 Yoink
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5/27 c157 sgtitanwolf
This was epic, in every sense of the word.
5/26 c157 3Kami no Kage
And so it ends. What a story. It was gripping from start to finish, I couldn't put it down. I think you crafted a really interesting world and put a really awesome amount of detail into everything. I loved Jaune and Blake most of all - they were very well written. And I also loved Ruby. I think reading about them and the things they went through were a huge part of how much I loved the story. I got so attached, and I'm sad to see them gone, even after a million words.

The story really has two parts I feel. Pre-Jaune's reveal of his class and post-reveal. The story gets darker and heavier afterwords for sure. The story ramps up and we have this large section where you really wanted to extend the fight between Jaune and the guild for plot, which I wasn't a huge fan of. We start to get less slice of life bits and the plot just wants to run and not stop, which I felt was a bit of a flaw. I'm not saying that there were none - there were fantastic sections like Jaune coming back to Ansel for the first time. But it needed more. I realize the story is already insanely long, but it would have benefitted from a little more.

The guild simply doesn't do much in the story. Ren and Nora in particular might be able to be cut from the story in it's entirety and not change a thing. It feels like the rest of the guild outside of the obvious 3 simply never got much of a chance to shine. You had too many characters to work with and just struggled to make use of all of them. They had moments where they shined, but just moments.

The last book really felt like some of the best content in the entire story. It brought back a feeling from the first half of the characters living their lives, even as it balanced the incredibly dark and grim situation they were in. I was a huge fan of it. And I loved the ending too.

There's some downs in the story but I did read the whole long thing and I did enjoy myself a ton. I'm sad I didn't stick with the story, since I believe I originally started reading from the very first chapter being posted, but life kinda got in the way, I fell off and never continued reading it. But I finally came back to now.

I'm gonna miss you, Jaune and Blake. Goodbye.

And thanks for writing this story.
5/26 c156 Kami no Kage
I admit to also being one of the people being a pain about the pairing. I can't help it. I read fiction, in part, to experience that which I can't or haven't. And well, I dream of a happy and lasting relationship. So I like romance in stories. I like reading about it.

All that aside, I absolutely loved this chapter too! When Jaune and Blake kissed at the end it was like finishing FF9 and seeing Zidane and Dagger together. This is everything that I wanted from the end. The absolute natural conclusion to the story's themes, at least from my point of view. You did great. Just one chapter left.
5/26 c155 Kami no Kage
This was absolutely fantastic. I got physical pleasure! But now the most important part is waiting... I also felt physical pain that Blake wasn't allowed in the procession. That was awful. Absolutely awful.
5/26 c154 Kami no Kage
Now this chapter I love! Jaune's mom is officially the best character in the story! Look at her spitting truths out and making Jaune and Blake and Ruby look rightfully stupid! This, this is what I wanted from the ending. I'm not going to say this "fixes" the last couple of chapters. I think this part with Juniper should have come earlier. Maybe before everything else. The fact that it didn't ended up creating needless drama, in my opinion. That said, if we're going this way, I'm content. I'm happy with this.

Also, I loved Mistral running with their tails behind their legs! Jaune sure is a badass now.
5/26 c153 Kami no Kage
To be honest, I'm not liking this. Is it more real? Yeah, maybe. But I just don't like it. I'll reserve judgement for now since there's still a few chapters left, but I think it's absolute shit that after everything this happens. I was amused when Jaune was asked to be king, and I felt it made sense, but I would've preferred for him to just deny the position outright. Why do Jaune and Ruby need to play these games? After everything there's no reward, there's this. After trying to forge their own destiny, they're forced into this ridiculous farce.

Yeah, Jaune and Blake's relationship was still troubled after everything, and they did indeed probably need to to talk things out properly. But the situation made it so much messier than it has any need to be. They were thrown into this incredible fight for the sake of the plot, rather than the plot serving the characters.
5/26 c152 Kami no Kage
I really hope this doesn't go like everyone seems to be planning for it to. It would be such a slap in the face for a story about forging your own destiny to end with Jaune sacrificing his life and his and Blake's relationship... Again. I have faith though, since there's still a few chapters left.
5/26 c150 Kami no Kage
Well then, ain't that a thing. Jaune you mover! Something tells me that your story will one day be akin to the fairy tales you loved oh so much as a child. I wonder if that's a good or a bad thing...
5/26 c149 Kami no Kage
Well crap! Ruby you little sneak! Hahaha, it makes sense too. Jaune had thought about how "Crimson Slash" was odd for hitting at knee height. But like Jaune proved, in the end, her class doesn't matter.

It really was an insane fight too! Omnislash moment indeed!
5/26 c147 Kami no Kage
Damn. And so Jaune is the Archmage's successor. I never expected this way back at the beginning of the story, when ironwood seemed like an interesting but unique concept that wouldn't be coming back again. Jaune's Wis score is actually not bad too, that was mentioned near the beginning - he needs it as a blacksmith to use his skills over and over. The power of ironwood doesn't come from int but by its very construction too.

It does make me feel that the swordmaster class was never truly necessary though. He's never actually used it for well... Anything important at all. Just killing Cinder and that's it. If it was about the nobles considering his position as labour or hero, that didn't necessarily need the swordmaster class at all. Just them learning about his achievements and considering whether the blacksmith class was actually a labour caste class or not.
5/26 c145 Kami no Kage
Jaune forgot he died then huh? Even though he mentioned how he thought he'd died to the King of Vale. Oh well. I can't believe he forgot about the sword when he even thought about the metal in his chest more than once though. I suppose he never felt it important.

It's finally time to beat Salem then! I'm glad Jaune knows what to do because I'm clueless haha.
5/26 c143 Kami no Kage
I think this chapter really epitomizes Jaune in the story, in a way. It's just like he says - in the end, it always comes back to him being a blacksmith. No matter how many fights he goes through, and no matter the few amount of wins he can eke out, it almost always comes down to the blacksmith making way for the "real" hero. It makes his constant losses make sense as all leading up to the end where he finally forges his own destiny, but it's nonetheless somewhat frustrating to read through.
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