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for Attempt To Tip The Scales

3/4 c18 Luna Lovegood
Pls update this. It is really good and I wouldn't even mind having a time skip to Hermione's 5th/6th year
8/5/2020 c15 guest
This is not going well. Dumbledore is still seeing people as puppets who should worship him and follow him blindly, Hermione is still obnoxious (surprising with Marius as father), Potter shows every sign of being the torturing bully he was in canon, and Lily has half-deserted Snape before they ever get on the train. I hope ~something~ improves.

Later in the chapter: no improvement, several additional bad points. If Lupin is the same arrant moral coward he was in canon, Snape's life will be just as miserable as before.
3/28/2020 c18 Aztrel
It saddens me when I find another dead story that had such potential. Hope your life is good at least.
10/23/2019 c18 7blacksbear
i hope you can come back to the story one day!
7/30/2019 c18 mafeg95
Omg this is a great story! Hopefully inspiration strikes again and you can continue it 3
7/30/2019 c14 mafeg95
Omg the bond is because Hermione vowed to Snape to save Lily!
7/30/2019 c13 mafeg95
Awwwww James and Hermione are so cute!
7/30/2019 c12 mafeg95
Poor Marius :(
7/30/2019 c11 mafeg95
Yayyy! She's getting her magic back!
7/30/2019 c9 mafeg95
Awwww! Meeting Lily! I love it
7/30/2019 c7 mafeg95
Fucking meddling Dumbledore
7/30/2019 c6 mafeg95
Omg great premise! I can't wait to see what happens next!
12/3/2018 c18 kailaigh.puckett
I hope you pick this back up. It’s a great story so far.
5/2/2018 c9 4xxAkatsukisBanexx
Omg yes! Lily and hemione all the way! Representing tiny badasses!
3/12/2018 c18 RoseAmeliaSarahNoblePond
Update soon! Its a good story
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