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4/15/2019 c12 Guest
Wtf is going on?
9/1/2018 c12 The Ark of Void
That was such a well written crossover fanfic! Two of my favourites stories mixed together, in such a brilliant and beautiful way. I hope you are going to update soon, because not finishing it would be a waste. This fanfiction has so much potential. I am looking forward for an update.
8/16/2018 c1 Guest
7/1/2018 c12 Dark Lord Black
I love this story
3/3/2018 c12 missmeow1968
um oooppppsss Gabe got caught how will he ever escape?
oh by the great story got me to smile Orochimaru is such a prick to mess with the Winchesters if only he knew about the team known as FREEE WILL!
6/24/2017 c12 middream06
when isyour next update
5/14/2017 c12 Pik89
This is by far the best crossover i've ever read. You kept the original characters and link the story creatively. I hope you'd continue writing this story or i will be frusted. :D
4/26/2017 c10 5RushiAei
This is really interesting and I've heard of them, but I've never actually read parts of a Supernatural and Naruto crossover before and it's really interesting to see how the characters interact!
4/19/2017 c12 liv.the.so.obvious.outsider
Hi I am new to , I read your story before i made this account and it is amazing! I really hope you continue this story,because it is really good and it is based off of my two favorite fandoms Supernatural and Naruto and it's the best fanfic based on the two!
Anyway i just wanted to say that.
1/9/2017 c12 KHARAKI TAKAN
Story has been interesting.

Naruto would not say he loved Hinata at this point in time she is a literal stranger. That is not Naruto. Doesn't help that Hinata is also one dimensional and turns everyone else one dimensional.
Was good that Castiel stopped Hinata from being a complete waste of space in the fight.
Sorry if it seems like bashing but Hinata for me is like next to impossible to read. She can be good if it is not rushed and just little bits at a time but Naruto straight up saying she loves her is completely out of his character just not believable at all when the rest of the story is grounded then I read this the story just took the step into the ream unbelievablity.

Funny with how Sam and Dean came into the fight with Naruto and that driving the impala though they should have left straight away as it was too hard to read after they were not taken out in a second. Them staying was the first part to continue reading and taking the story serious. Though that was more humorous than anything else.

I wonder where you will take this next.
12/8/2016 c1 dragonfox123
Awesome chapter and plot and amazing idea
11/23/2016 c12 2Interviner
10/2/2016 c11 Guest
10/3/2016 c11 16FluffySheepLion
Maybe I missed this, but if the sharingan and byakugan could go blind from just looking in Cas' direction wouldn't the same happen to the rinnegan?
10/3/2016 c11 2Interviner
I didn't expected the Winchester's to be here, I mean like they are way more vunerable here. But hey if they can somehow use chakra that's cool. And plus about Minato,maybe we can see Naruto telling Castiel about him after this.
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