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for Banners of Hatred

5/5/2020 c7 Guest
I’m enjoying this, enjoying this a lot and hoping you continue. Keep up the great work :)
4/25/2020 c12 Guest
Hey man, sorry to hear your having writers block, that stuffs a killer and no mistake. Just wanted to let you know there are people here who really like you’re work and hope you keep going.
Good in ya, hope to see more in the future :)
4/20/2020 c6 Guest
Really enjoying this so far, hoping it gets continued :)
3/15/2020 c12 Torheit
So glad to see you back and updating this story again! Don't worry about it seeming jumbled, I'm 100% sure its way better than you think it is. Not gonna lie, I forgot how much of a badass David is... So freaking cool... I love it! Don't worry about delay because of writers block, happens to the best of us. Cheers!
9/24/2018 c11 8Mac Gustah
Holy shit you're alive! ;)
I really enjoyed reading this chapter, and especially the part with the past pilots was damn good. You've got me all excited for the next one! I loved seeing some grunt perspectives, I feel like they're way underappreciated by the IMC and even the militia. I wonder if our mysterious prisoner is going to be important later. The only thing I noticed (unless it's an entirely different character in which case sorry) is that you said Van Horn instead of Van Doorn. I hope you've broken through the block!
Cheers, Mac
9/14/2017 c9 Rai24
Good to see your still updating, and I'm still loving what your dishing out! Sorry haven't had much time to write a review for every chapter, due to work and Irma.

Can't wait to see the butt kicking that's soon to come, I'm also looking forward to the team work with Blisk!
9/8/2017 c9 Mac Gustah
Yay, another chapter! I really enjoyed reading this, as always, but I have one point of feedback: it was not entirely clear when one scene ended and the other began. Maybe add a line in between or something. :)

Looking forward to reading the next chapter!
9/7/2017 c9 Torheit
This chapter was amazing! I loved it! The way the chapter ended just blew my mind, and all the emotions were well placed. I did have trouble decerning when the point of veiws changed at times. Regardless, it was an amazing chapter. Keep up the great work!


Does Ruth like baseball?
5/14/2017 c7 Mac Gustah
I friggin loved it. I can relate to the autocorrect problem, but y'know, with Dutch instead of German. It took me three tries just to write German instead of Herman... Although I'm pretty sure there's gotta be some wat to turn it off.

Anyways, I like the way you've written van Doorn so far, and as always, reading the German and figuring out what I do or do not know was great fun. Keep it up. Also, Japan? Wow, that's indeed quite a ways away from Germany. I like that BoH and BoB are now finally splitting away from each other, I can't wait for your next update :)

Cheers, Mac Gustah
2/28/2017 c6 Mac Gustah
Beter late than never, I always say.
Nice chapter, really enjoyed the dialogue between David and Hannah. It was Nice to read the part in the medbay from the other perspective.
I will have to keep it short,

Cheers, Mac Gustah
1/15/2017 c5 Mac Gustah
Hey there!
I'm gonna keep it short this time because it's really late over here and I'm sick as a dog.
I really liked this chapter; the action was well done, and Hannah's dialogue was - as always - a pleasure to read :)
There were a few small typos, bit nothing top bad.

I cannot wait for the next chapter!

Mac Gustah
12/15/2016 c4 Mac Gustah
It is glorious, isn't it? Wish I could grow one like that :)
Good chapter, very enjoyable to read! The German is a nice touch as well, especially since I can understand what they're saying to each other most of the time with my limited understanding of German. It really helps to immerse you in the story. I suppose it's good Dutch and German have so many similarities.
Also, David has one fucked up backstory. I mean, I'm certainly not innocent when it comes to sad/disturbing/traumatic backstories, but damn, that's rough.
Thanks for adding van Doorn! I don't mind having to wait a couple chapters, I'm just happy he and the Capacity are in the story! :3 I also realise I'd forgotten to say how old he was, but he's 52 Earth years old. If there's anything else
I wish you the happiest of holidays and much luck in the new year!
Keep up the good writing :)

Mac Gustah
12/7/2016 c1 Mac Gustah
I gotta say that I'm really enjoying this colab thing you're doing after readin the first three chapters. It's already very enjoyable to read.
Anyways, since you give the option, here's a character I would like to see if you are able to add him in.

Name: Lars van Doorn

Affiliation: IMC

Brief description: Lars is the captain of the IMC Capacity, a carrier in the second fleet. He grew up in the Netherlands on Earth, where he went to the Dutch Royal Navy School and joined the IMC after resigning from the Earth Combined Naval forces. He was placed in command of a light cruiser, but after proving himself in many counter Militia operations combined with an impressive track record from his time in the core, he was given command of the Capacity. He is strict but kind towards his crew, and unlike many other officers he has a grudging respect for the Militia, having faced off against them many times. He is also one of the few who does not see the regular soldiers as mere cannon fodder, and makes sure that they are well take care of, trained and equipped.

Appearance: caucasian, bald head, but originally black hair, short beard, well built, grey eyes and has one cybernetic arm after he lost his old one in a skirmish.

Gear: Grey Navy Uniform, always carries a Smart Pistol on him, brilliant commander, both in space and commanding the infantry from his ship. Doesn't like hats.

I hope this is satisfactory. If you need any more info, feel free to ask, but you can change things if you want to, it's your story after all. Keep up the good work!
Many regards, Mac Gustah
12/1/2016 c3 Rai24
I'll starting out by saying IMC all the way!

Reilly.216 recommend that I came and checked out this story. I like the fact it's the same story but from a different point of view. So congradulstions, you just earned a like and a follower! I'll be looking forward to what you got planned for the future and I'll be sure to spread this around! Oh and Reilly.216 saids HI!

Sorry I was to lazy to log in for this review haha

I'll see you on the frontier (IMC) pilot!

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