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8/18 c27 WhyCan'tTheyBeReal7
Someone once said to me that a franchise isn’t complete without a food fight XD. After examining the most Iconic moments I’ve read and watched, canon or not, I agree lmao! You didn’t show the whole thing, but man just imagining the chaos is glorious
8/17 c73 WhyCan'tTheyBeReal7
“ "Now," Jesus said. "You will, at this point, be tempted to start going it alone. Your instinct has always been to shrink away from others, especially those you care for, when you fear that you might hurt them by accident. This is laudable, but a mistake. Friends and family are our greatest strength, their love a greater and more elusive power than any that can be mustered by means natural or supernatural." ”

- Exported from Chapter 17

Is Harry making a mistake by blocking and making it difficult for them to open the door? On one hand, he keeps them from the worst of it and would help them anyway if they get into trouble, on another, he’s distancing himself from them so much. I truly feel for this friendship trio, I love them so much and don’t want to see it dissolve. But also with the previous arc,,, is it just unavoidable at this point? They’ll never be the same, that’s for sure. I hope they aren’t the friends future Harry said wouldn’t last in the letter :”)
8/16 c73 1MichaelMyers1234
amazing work
8/14 c73 83erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
8/7 c73 k1213llyhsu
Hi~ I just want to say that I rly enjoy your stories. I reread child of the storm and ghost of the past this week (read it last year but kinda forgot a lot of it). I’m intrigued to see how hermione deals with her powers, ron with his insecurities as well as what comes with Diana in the future.
8/3 c70 44CLBONE13
A. Again, I LOVED Clint being Dad!Clint and giving explanations to Harry and Carol that he's probably NOT ALLOWED to tell them.
B. Speaking of which, if Coulson has this new regional command in the Midwest are THE REST of Team Coulson there too.
C. Not to mention, Wisdom is Fury's former apprentice and ergo they are on each other's ONE PAGE trust list and neither one of them wants to endanger that. Not that EITHER of them would EVER admit it.
D. And OF COURSE, after Thor and Loki's open season on the Red Room and the power vacuum in the Grey Court AND Strange's Red Court Genocide has had some...unintended consequences.
E. And speaking of which...currently filing Doom away for later. Possible future villain. Will NOT forget that.
F. Okay, between Dresden, his buddy Michael Carpenter in the Knights of the Cross, the WIZARD BAR Dresden hangs out at and things like the PSYCHOACTIVE MAGIC DRUG, not to mention the fact there was a VAMPIRE BAR. Yeah, Chicago being a hot button area makes sense.
G. And then of course there's the MAGICAL SUPERMAX UNDER LAKE MICHIGAN that let's not forget was built by STRANGE AND MERLIN and EVEN NIMUE wasn't INSANE enough to pierce. Speaking of which WHAT THE HELL IS DOWN THERE? I mean I know that it was summarized as "Lovecraft or worse" I mean WHAT IS WORSE THAN THAT?! Just WHAT were they imprisoning SHUMA GORATH?! MEPHISTO? WHAT THE HELL could that GODDAMN PRISON CONTAIN that deems NUKING CHICAGO as AN ACCEPTABLE LOSS?
H. To be honest, I actually FORGOT about Clint's relationship with the Kent Family. And now, I'm actually HOPING to see him interact with the Kents.
I. And Carol's right, Harry's family tree and Clint's for that matter ARE INSANE!
J. In all fairness, the Asgardian Royal Palace probably has SEVERAL ROOMS set aside for the SPECIFIC PURPOSE of storing "hunting trophies" like Dave's head. "Discreetly".
K. And Vibranium!Gard now HAS A NAME! It's the Lighthouse.
L. For a moment, I wanted to protest the idea that even Cornelius Fudge would be STUPID ENOUGH to interfere with this big magic college (which both Dumbledore AND STRANGE are PUMPED about) simply so the Ministry will have control over it instead of Wisdom, but then I remembered that well...I've READ ORDER OF THE PHOENIX! Fudge's stupidity and self centeredness are LEGENDARY! That said it PROBABLY will NOT help him to go to war with Wisdom. Not only is it OBVIOUSLY SUICIDE, but if it comes to war between Fudge and Wisdom there's NO WAY the Muggle Prime Minister will take Fudge's side. As creepy, unsettling and unpleasant as Wisdom is, he's STILL technically a servant of the British Crown and a VERY essential one for the safety of the people of Great Britain. Meanwhile the first chapter of Half-Blood Prince makes it PERFECTLY CLEAR that the Muggle Prime Minister DOESN'T EVEN LIKE FUDGE and his way of "warning" him is...inconvenient. And intrusive. AT BEST! Add that to the fact that Fudge apparently annoyed MAGGIE THATCHER into CRYING TO THROW HIM OUT THE WINDOW, yeah if it comes to war between them Fudge should NOT expect sympathy. FROM ANYONE!
M. Harry and Carol's flirting is ADORABLE AS EVER! Also, the Spacesuit line, would I be reading too much into it if I read that as foreshadowing.
N. Just HOW FRAKKIGN VALUABLE is the Corpse of Dave the Dragon? Well Dumbledore was able to find twelve uses for REGULAR DRAGON'S BLOOD. REGULAR Dragon's Heartstrings can be used to make wands. The jacket and trousers, Harry had made for Carol. That's worth AS MUCH AS VIBRAINIUM ARMOR! STRAIGHT FROM WAKANDA EVEN! For that matter, so are Ron's new dressrobes, you know the possibly FIRST NON-SWEATER PIECE OF CLOTHING that Ron has EVER OWNED! So, is THAT. Hell, Harry seems to have distributed MOST if not ALL of that IMPOSSIBLY VALUABLE DRAGON HIDE on his LOVED ONES! A nice reminder of how even at his worst, the greatest strength of the Boy who Lived is his LOVE for the people CLOSEST TO HIM!
O. And on the...other people looking for a piece of Dave's corpse and the Lighthouse: 1. Nicodemus as in the VOLDEMORT-LEVEL SOCIOPATH who carries around a FALLEN ANGEL COIN and is one of Dresden's unofficial archenemies THAT NICODEMUS? AWESOME! 2. And he's running MADRIPOOR! Which Clint describes as a "Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy" CRANKED UP TO TWELVE (And if I've seen Falcon and the Winter Soldier, specifically I've seen that Bucky be subjected to IMPLIED SEX SLAVERY. ON DISNEY PLUS. Clint is NOT exagerrating) 3. And on a semi-unrelated note, Magneto USED TO be one of the guys running it. Specific he was a SHADOW DICTATOR there in the eighties. I have OH SO MANY QUESTIONS. Namely, who WERE the Brotherhood he was aligned with back then? Are they still bad guys? Do Mystique and Charles Xavier have the relationship they have in the First Class films? Besides all that, Clint's antecedote about the Legacy Virus was a HORRIFYING reminder that Erik used to be one of the WORST bad guys and why his OWN DAUGHTER doesn't ENTIRELY trust him and 3. The Hand. The HAND. Okay, I don't know if we'll be taking a trip to Madripoor, but the Hand...Unfinished Business implied that the bastardized, Third-eye mixed Super Soldier Serum that Woodrue and Nimue were peddling was based on one used in Jessica Jones. Later in that story's climax, we learn that among other things Carol and Nimue's fight unearthed K'un L'un early and an Iron Fist was ALSO mentioned among Strange's proto-Avengers...Yeah, filing the Hand away for later.
P. And the Eldritch Dragon's Blood was used in creating the Elixir of Life? AWESOME!
Q. On parents who have expressed the desire to murder Doctor Strange: Maria Rambeau has entered the chat. Also, let's be honest Carol, your mom is WAY more like your grandmother than she lets on TO ANYONE and Jack is her BROTHER. She probably would have dragged it out of him EVENTUALLY.
R. Okay, Harry and Carol's counciling of Monica was...EVERYTHING! I LOVED them weirding her out with Jarvis and the fact that MOST of Harry's teachers have FOUGHT HYDRA and CASUALLY shrugging off her noting of Maria's "wanting to tear Strange a new asshole". And them recommending her Dani as a therapist was...INCREDIBLY SWEET! It SHOWS just HOW MUCH Harry and Carol are BEYOND committed to helping other kids like them.
S. Okay, I knew that it was POSSIBLE the Infinity Stones were SEMI-sentient, but the idea is still...KINDA INSANE!
T. Okay, so Monica was empowered by the Soul Stone due to Maria trying out...AMONG OTHER THINGS Pegasus' LIGHTSPEED ENGINE! But I still have...questions. Did Maria get powers of her own? Was Maria already pregnant with Monica at the time? Was Monica conceived shortly thereafter? Was there ABSOLUTELY NO Kree/Skrull interferance this time around? Did Strange PLAN for all this to happen.
U. Calling it now, if the Young Avengers AREN'T together by the end of this fic, they WILL be by the end of the next one. That said it's HORRIFYING that HYDRA had THAT much access to so many CHILDREN'S personal information and abilities.
V. Similarly, I LOVED the kids bringing Monica to talk to Nat, Alison and Loki so people will KNOW who to ask about WHO might be behind this Young Avengers initiave.
W. Okay, Harry training with Fandral and Sif was ADORABLE! And I LOVED the latter two's talk afterward. I LOVE the idea of Harry dual-wielding. ESPECIALLY if Strange's plan is REALLY to have Harry use the classic Samurai Long Sword/Short Sword (it should ALSO be noted that Harry COULD do similar work with Curtana and his wand). One thing I found interesting was that Sif and Fandral both note that the Red Room has marked Harry which we know, but tried to make him a "killer" with no thoughts of his own rather than a "warrior" who fights what's right. I also found it FASCINATING that Fandral as Harry pegged as something of a man contradictions in that he craves peace but was essentially DESTINED for battle and keeps those who love peace at arm's length while surrounding himself with warriors. It's a somewhat grim reminder that Harry is essentially a shell-shocked veteran in the body of a teenage boy.
X. Okay, so this whole time, Loki has been SEARCHING FOR SURTUR'S CAPTAINS? Should I be scared for him?
Y. On all this talk of betrothals, I get the idea that Harry and Carol are ENDGAME and that Sif is 100% CORRECT that the other gods are pushing their luck trying to force him into a betrothal for their own power. They're children and they should get to STAY children just a LITTLE bit longer. Also, I LOVE the idea that as Sif points out the Warriors Three make a BRILLIANT trio to listen to Asgard's courts Fandral as the "Foppish" lady's man, Volstagg as the amiable war hero and Hogun as the honest, silent man whose prescience people sometimes forget. It sounds AWESOME. And HILARIOUS!
Z. And it was INCREDIBLY sweet to hear Fandral and Sif discuss how Thor and Loki have even over just A FEW YEARS and Fandral ENCOURAGING Sif to still try to GO FOR the chance with Loki.
8/3 c73 Deana Gem
'Bout damn time. Things that really needed to be said. The fluff was nice too.
I was disappointed that Wade never waved back, when he was having fun with Carol, but he was busy!
8/2 c73 30Xavon Wrentaile
That must of have difficult for Carol on multiple levels. But she showed admirable restraint. Still, I think she needs some Harry. Or at least Steve and the rest of the Avengers.
7/30 c73 Slapshot4073
So I just read all 3 stories in full (took nearly 10 days). Wow lots to digest. I like the interconnectivity of the worlds and characters, I am looking forward to what you do with Hermione. Reading it all at once though I have a comment on your fights. In COS the fights were mostly quick, easter and London excepted and that allowed lots of character development in between. Once dracula hit and more obviously by the time with Dave the dragon the length of the fight descriptions starts taking away from the characterization and plot progression. It just feels like it is a stall in the story. That said I am looking forward to more and knowing what the next Triwizard task is.
7/29 c73 Sarcasm Sage 626
Okay, wow. Things got really heavy, really fast here. You weren’t kidding when you said there wouldn’t be as much fluff.
Liked the opening scene with Michael, one of my favourite characters from the Dresden Files. Really displays that a character doesn’t have to be dumb or preachy to be a truly righteous person. Kind of curious if this is some of the earlier events of ‘Proven Guilty’ or at least when Molly’s magic started to show. Either way, Wanda DEFINITELY needs the distraction. and possibly some advice from one of the best fathers in fiction.
Curious as to how Dresden will react to Wandas situation. Based on his stance in Peace Talks he might actually side with Hermione on the matter, even if he sympathised with his girlfriend. And his business with the White Council means that he’s going to miss the worst of it, though I can definitely see him helping his girlfriend through the aftermath.

Harry’s talk with Peter was a much needed moment of levity in this chapter. Our favourite spider person seems to be adapting to his new abilities rather well. Good for him. And nice of him to ask about Mr Pool and Gambit. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, really looking forward to seeing how he interacts in the superhero circles going forward.

Harry’s talk with Ron and Hermione. That… that hit hard. Probably the most open he’s been with them since the sequel started, and in the most tragic manner possible. Throughout the whole thing I FELT how desperate he was to try and keep them safe, and his reasoning is sadly quite sound for why he shuts them out of things like that. Like they say in John Wick, so much as dip your toe in, you can never leave again. And while there’s clearly a LOT of issues between the three friends, at the very least they’re starting to work on it. Definitely won’t go back to the way things were, and it won’t happen for a long time, but I do hope they manage to pull through this and become closer.

Than there’s the whole scene with the Danvers family. In many ways that hit just as hard because of how… real it felt, especially for little Joe. Not to say Harry’s PTSD can’t happen in real life, but something as relatively mundane as your parents splitting up can seem like the end of the world for people. I’m a grown man, and I know I’d take it badly if I ever heard my parents were splitting. The sad part is that it really is for the best with how their dear old dad treats his son and daughter. And then has the gall to act like he did nothing wrong and that he knew what was best for them. Little wonder Carol lost her temper like she did. If there’s ever a time that being petty is appropriate, that was probably it. Still, looks like she has a lot to process at the moment as well. Poor girl.
7/28 c73 ArashiNokitsune
and the golden Trio finally talk it out as well as understand Harry's disposition as well as the length he will go to keep the lives of his first friends as tame as possible compared to the "situations" that have been happening, if anything it literally says that they're his final anchor that when all else fails they're likely two of the only ones possibly keep him from really falling... and for all I know that also scares them that they're technically in a way... his final line... sort of speak and he be damned if his first friends gets scarred like he is, granted I don't think his luck or the strings of fate is going to give him that much less his friends to that extent, should it happen all he can hope to do is damage control...

I give props to Carol for dealing with the family situation as she did in some ways her father crossed some lines he never should have and it came at the cost of a broken family she just made sure the message... was understood, although some parts of that could have been handled better
7/28 c73 ArashiNokitsune
and the golden Trio finally talk it out as well as understand Harry's disposition as well as the length he will go to keep the lives of his first friends as tame as possible compared to the "situations" that have been happening, if anything it literally says that they're his final anchor that when all else fails they're likely two of the only ones possibly keep him from really falling... and for all I know that also scares them that they're technically in a way... his final line... sort of speak and he be damned if his first friends gets scarred like he is, granted I don't think his luck or the strings of fate is going to give him that much less his friends to that extent, should it happen all he can hope to do is damage control...

I give props to Carol for dealing with the family situation as she did in some ways her father crossed some lines he never should have and it came at the cost of a broken family she just made sure the message... was understood, although some parts of that could have been handled better
7/27 c73 dogman999
Keep up the good work. Wow was that huge mess with Carol and her father.
7/27 c69 44CLBONE13
A. Okay, before we start two things: 1. You entitled this Chapter: "Where Loyalty Lies". This could be read as either Where LOYALTY Lies as it deals with the kids reviewing their loyalty to EACH OTHER and because it deals with characters LYING TO ONE ANOTHER to PROTECT EACH OTHER and 2. Again when this arc was still taking shape pre-Wandavision, it was sad enough. Wanda clearly WANTED to raise Hermione and form a relationship with her. But at the same time, to shield her from her enemies, hell to shield Hermione from the influence of well...THE THING CONSTANTINE DID, she gave her up for her own safety and she then HAD to do THE SAME THING with Babhty!Harry. But after Wandavision and to some level Multiverse of Madness (which I DID NOT SEE and NO INTENTION OF EVER SEEING), HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD!
B. Okay, so the Thing in the Fortress has claimed OTHER victims. And they were OLDER AND (considered themselves) WISER than Ron. DEAR. FRAKKING. GOD!
D. That said the fact that Voldemort felt the need to that to cover up his Department of Mysteries search with the Fortress Fight when people were kinda PRE-OCCUPIED with New Orleans was HILARIOUS!
E. Okay, my first instinct when discussing JUST WHAT Voldemort has Barty Junior hunting in the Department of Mysteries was THAT Prophecy. But then I realized that that REALLY doesn't make sense. For one thing, that would be TOO OBVIOUS! But for another, Dumbledore is at least CLAIMING to NO IDEA what Voldemort is looking for, but he knows EVERYTHING about that Prophecy. And well he COULD be pulling some of Trademark!Dumbledore Trickster Mentoring, he was 100% HONEST (though NOT about what it was) when this came up in Order of the Phoenix. Add that to the old Department of Mysteries "you-can-only-retrieve-a-prophecy-if-that-prophecy-is-about-YOU" rule begs the question, WHAT THE HELL IS HE LOOKING FOR?!
F. And there's also the fact that in revenge for GETTING A PIECE OUT OF HARRY'S MIND, Voldemort is implied here to have TRIED TO MIND RAPE Betsy!
G. While seeing Ron put his broken wand on Dumbledore's desk while TRYING NOT TO CRY was sad, I LOVED how Dumbledore briefly discussed having Ollivander fix before FIXING IT HIMSELF! ESPECIALLY since I remembered that DUMBLEDORE HAS THE ELDER WAND and thus COULD do that because HARRY did in Deathly Hallows.
H. "Should I be afraid of Harry?" No, Ron. You aren't his enemy. He LOVES YOU LIKE A BROTHER! You SHOULD be afraid FOR him.
I. "A Mutant is NEVER late, he arrives at the EXACT moment he means to". BEST. ACTOR. ALLUSION. EVER. And to Gandalf's arguable MODERN COUNTERPART too.
J. Okay, I LOVED Magneto just TALKING to Ron and explaining to him that it's understandable that he be angry at Harry for keeping Hermione's parentage from, but at the same time, Harry KEPT THAT SECRET TO PROTECT THEM while also observing (as MANY characters have in this series) that Ron unlike Harry or Hermione has NO stake in this RIDICULOUSLY complex fight, but that he DESERVES A METAL for JUMPING IN ANYWAY! Ron may NOT have Harry's cosmic powers or Hermione's chaos magic. But he does have the cunning of a chess master, a certain "Magic Sensitivity" and as Erik points out here ALL of the magical abilities of a Wizard. If/When (by this point it's only a matter of time before WHEN), Ron and Hermione take a bigger role in Harry's "other" life, Ron could be the Magical Badass Normal of the group like Batman or more like...HAWKEYE! After all, he's the one that gets underestimated. The one who's often unfairly (both here AND in canon) decried as useless. And he's NOT from a super-rich family.
K. I also LOVED Erik trying (not being successful per se but STILL) to convince Ron not to keep going after the Winter Soldier and that revenge will NOT bring him peace. Which yeah, Magneto SHOULD understand. What did his quest for revenge against HYDRA, against regular Humanity in general, hell against VOLDEMORT ever do for him. It cost him his wife's life, his best friend for a time, depending on how it played out here his best friend's ABILITY TO WALK, a chance to see his first born child grow up, quite possibly ANY chance of a relationship with his ONLY son and God knows how many other friends and allies. And what WILL this misguided quest to avenge his father wind up costing Ron.
L. Again, Harry and Carol prove to be SOLID! Carol even ENCOURAGES Harry to talk to SOMEONE who can help him understand things from Ron and Hermione's perspective.
M. Okay, I LOVED Clint being the one who explain to Harry, YEAH this IS a complicated conflict and yes, he HAS picked a side even if he didn't realize this. And yes, Hermione DOES have something of a right to be angry at Wanda for the whole thing even if she isn't being entirely rational.
N. And then there was the talk about favorites and more specifically the fact that Hermione seems to think she's her biological mother's UNFAVORITE! Now, I do think that Harry's right to think this unfair. After all, Hermione still WOULD have been a target if Wanda paid her more attention whereas Harry would have been one NO MATTER WHAT. Not to mention, she was happily adopted whereas Harry only got a loving family RECENTLY! That said, Clint is ALSO right that a lot of parents have favorites. And that it doesn't nessecarily make them bad parents. Arthur and Molly are GREAT PARENTS, but Molly DOES put a LITTLE bit more energy into Ginny because she's the baby and the only girl than the boys and let's be honest Percy got a little bit more attention when he was the Golden Boy and again when he was estranged from the rest of the family and on Harry as a surrogate child because she feels BEYOND OBLIGATED to look out for him because NO ONE ELSE WAS. In Harry's OWN FAMILY (all the weird baggage on his Mom's side notwithstanding), Odin CLEARLY finds Thor easier to relate EVEN AT HIS BEST while anyone whose seen Thor 2 and Endgame back to back will know Frigga ADORES both her boys, but Loki will probably ALWAYS be her baby. Heck, Clint himself (in canon at least) is a GREAT father to his three kids and CLEARLY loves them all but seems to be ESPECIALLY close to Lila. Which reminds me, DO the Barton family exist in this world?
O. Regardless, I LOVE seeing Clint be Dad!Clint and talk things over with Harry.
P. Well, YES, it was COLD of Harry and PRETTY DAMN CREEPY to manipulate Ron into NOT believing the Winter Soldier was alive, but this is a VERY complicated conversation that unfortunately HAS to be had sooner or later. And the fact is, much like with Hermione and Wanda, IT'S NOT HARRY'S SECRET TO TELL!
Q. And the Weaslys. The adults and the twins, but STILL! THE WEASLYS KNOW! MOLLY, BILL, CHARLIE AND PERCY KNOW! God, when Harry has a chance to talk to THEM! I mean Fred and George are able to shrug it off, but STILL...That's an elephant in the Burrow that's going to NEED to cleared out sooner or later.
R. And I LOVE that after this talk, Harry is MORE than willing to tell Ron the truth simply because HE KNOWS THAT HE DESERVES IT and that Ron will probably HATE HIM and will DEFINITELY HATE BUCKY for it. He's right that Ron tends to have a black-and-white view of things (for instance he STILL hasn't forgiven Draco for his father's role in Arthur's death) and the fact is Arthur and Molly raised their kids to HONEST to the point that even FRED AND GEORGE don't really make much of an effort in concealing their pranks and the first act of the Deathly Hallows when he, Hermione and Harry were plotting to go find Horcruxes probably marks THE MOST times Ron has lied to his parents IN HIS LIFE!
S. I also LOVE how Harry admits that he empathizes with Ron because HE wanted to kill Bucky too after Bucky put Thor in a coma.
7/27 c73 WolfBetter
Was making Harry a manipulative control freak your intention or am I sympathizing with Ron too much?
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