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9/8 c53 Jimhh
My guess would be voldemort, but he would not know that bucky is the wintersoldier. I also think that you are trying to make him more powerful than he should be, kinda like a mole hill growing into a mountain ️.
8/25 c60 Aura-Guardian1999
This chapter made me cry, bloody good job
8/16 c15 AlukaXD
I really like this style of slowly showing what happened, I think Arrow did something like this in season 7, just slowly uncovers more information and it's just so cool imo
8/16 c14 AlukaXD
Got to this part and I ly realised it's only been 14 chapters, felt like I read a whole book
8/16 c12 AlukaXD
If that was Putin, I don't kinda really care lol
8/16 c11 AlukaXD
What happen to Maddie imo is kinda like the Faustus method in Agents of Shield
7/25 c74 pwrmom2
Loved this
7/5 c60 Fourthsubset66
Fuck you and this chapter. It made me cry cause it's so damn good
6/30 c66 josephbendov
I’m rereading thia series for the umpteenth time, but i wanted to thank you profusely for including the reference to the desert storm series here. I checked it out a couple years ago thanks to this reference, and it remains my third favorite fanfic series to this day. My first is the sacrifices arc by lightningonthewave. My second is of course this series. So thanks.
6/21 c34 Guitarlover56784
I think I saw this previously, but you rather glossed over it here. Captain cardboard, ward, the one with dresden and sif, he was a hydra spy? Why didn't he capitalize that moment then?
6/21 c33 Guitarlover56784
I still don't get it. Jaguars and aston Martin's are rather in the same league of cars. That's like comparing... a mustang vs. A corvette. Both are beautiful. And both are. Very fast. But the corvette costs more
6/20 c24 Guitarlover56784
I just love that voldemort got man handled here. Though I notice it's always voldemort, no mention really of the boy, Tom riddle.
6/17 c16 boricuagizmo1

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6/17 c16 boricuagizmo1






6/6 c46 4Okaze
FINALLY! Been reading this story from the start and thank God they finally kissed. Loved the build up but damn this was long overdue.
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