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1/10/2018 c91 3G the Headmaster
Great explanation of the tattoo,

Regarding the Manchester information being from NY I completely understand how you feel!
1/7/2018 c100 Guest
Update please. When u can soooo gooood
1/6/2018 c100 Sean14658
When are you starting the rest of the story
1/7/2018 c76 G the Headmaster
Clever poem!
1/5/2018 c54 G the Headmaster
Won-won returns!
1/5/2018 c45 G the Headmaster
IMO is a great character! Nice creation
1/4/2018 c35 G the Headmaster
Harry messed up!
1/4/2018 c29 G the Headmaster
I usually don’t like stories with this much character development but this one is good!
1/4/2018 c23 G the Headmaster
I don’t know about girl next door but I love how you portrayed Susie.
1/4/2018 c13 G the Headmaster
Who’s Ginny’s friend?
1/4/2018 c12 G the Headmaster
It’s about time they admitted it
1/4/2018 c10 G the Headmaster
I can’t wait to read the next chapter!
1/4/2018 c8 G the Headmaster
Great story. It kept me up reading last night but it was worth it!
12/20/2017 c100 CBD3
Loved the story so far! I’m eagerly awaiting part 2. I was wondering if you were planning on making Harry an Animagus. I always felt like it should have happened as Sirus and James were animagi too.
12/5/2017 c100 mrfoodjr
Love this story, by far my favorite one I've read yet keep it up can't wait for the next chapter
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