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11/22/2017 c100 1kelwin
waw what an interesting turn but harry seams not to be trying to make sure it is the right person he is with when he knows Hermione is with ron and had said nothing will happen until she tells ron. but a very good fic. can't wait to see what is next. would love more detail about some of the classes and the weekend out but do what you want to if it is short chapters but more often that you like then ok but I like large I love as much detail as possible.
11/21/2017 c96 Shu Ouma GC
Self insert OC?
11/21/2017 c98 Shu Ouma GC
Hester :0
11/21/2017 c99 Shu Ouma GC
It Gwen?
11/21/2017 c100 Shu Ouma GC
It Lucy right ;)
11/19/2017 c58 kelwin
loving this I am getting the hang of the romance so will say I am sorry about the first message. put as much detail in as you can I love it.
11/17/2017 c12 kelwin
I can't read without thinking Hermione here is being selfish and shallow. she up till now has been going after ron and now she wants to do a u turn and head for someone else because he is getting a lot more interested parties now. not only that she wants to run away to a place where it will only be the 2 of them so no one can interfere in her plans for jumping ships from the roll on roll of ferry to the crouse ship ship and she expects him to fallow and he will cause it is that story now it could have been done a bit more slower as it has been a few days not weeks or months days and they both have partners so have no idea where all this is coming from but if he was to jump ships I would not go out with her as it seams that she is out for her self now this is just to chars the fic is very good but I can't help but think a lot more time is been spent on this sill think it is simple if the don't love the people they are with then split up as it will hert more the longer it goes on but Hermione is supposed to be so bright and stuff like that personally I never thought she was all she was made out to be she is smart but not the smartisted but am beginning some parts where they just sit together and chat all the touching and that she is only doing that to pull more of his attention on her and I don't like it but get it over
11/17/2017 c7 kelwin
sorry but I hate all this frents going out with other friends but fancying each other but not wanting to hurt the friends they were going out so they do it any way and all that you mean so much to me like with harry he would be ok if he lost ron but not if he lost Hermione that is shallow. yes love but love is not like this that person is the only person you need in life. I love someone but would die without family and friends. it is good to have a partner but love is not like this the one person means the hole world. love is free love is kind and helpful and there is more than enough to go around.
11/19/2017 c100 stevefocus
WTF how could you leave it there, your so evil. Good chapter but please hurry with update. :)
11/19/2017 c100 xxPercyRoxxx
Can’t wait to read the next chapter. Love the story. Was the secret admirer Stacey Wong or a Tiger girl?
11/19/2017 c4 BMS
Two weeks out from the war and Cannon Harry can make an eloquent speech before (what he thought) was a criminal court? Sorry but you lost me. These characters are far to OOC w/ no explanation why, given the short time between end of DH and start of this. Don't get me started on the super rich spiel.
Good luck w/ your story.
11/19/2017 c3 BMS
The awards bit feels out of place.
Why would The Ministry wait until they bumped into them rather then send a Message to come talk to Shack or Shack could go to Muriel's since he knows they're staying there. It feels like something you just put in as an after thought actually.
Interesting take on why Griphook is around again though
11/19/2017 c2 BMS
They seem pretty blaze' considering the last time the 3 were at Gringotts they were impersonating someone else, stole from a vault, freed a dragon and did major damage to the bank itself. Especially given they have no idea who's will it is.
Also everyone seems pretty back to normal considering its only been 2 weeks since the final battle ended a year on the run or being under DE control at Hogwarts in Nev's case. All in all not a very realistic take on things. Hopefully, that'll improve in later chapters.
I'll give it a few more chapters before deciding whether to stop reading or not.
11/16/2017 c99 Guest
I'm guessing "chinese leopold" was meant to be leopard? Also Harry has taken polyjuice 3 times (Goyle, Runcorn-ministry heist, old muggle-Godric's Hollow) & I think you said earlier Hermione had taken it twice as well, but I count five (cat, one of 'seven Harrys', Hopkirk-ministry heist, old muggle-Godric's Hollow, Bellatrix-Gringotts)
11/13/2017 c100 femalefarrier
Look me three days ro read all 100 chapters loving the story and holy cow that last scene was hot..
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