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11/6/2017 c100 dogman999
Keep up the good work
11/6/2017 c100 1Celexs Draconia
This chapter was great. I did however see the polyjuice thing happening at the end, this at least starts to answer the one big question that has been around since the first bazaar weekend. excellent work as usual.

11/6/2017 c100 2Yaw613
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot. Is it Stacey Wong who sucked Harry off?
11/6/2017 c100 1firetemplar415
It's Lilly potter who's giving him fellatiio! I solved the mystery!
11/6/2017 c100 1Omni-Creator Kami of Anime
Wow, I had a feeling that it wasn’t Hermione in the end, as she’s never displayed that kind of confidence in your story, especially given how indecisive she is with Ron.
A part of me hates you for the cliffhanger, seeing as you didn’t at least leave a name or some kind of description on who the new girl was.
It can’t be Yoko or Akiko, they’re asleep, and Gwen was innocent, and it’s obviously not Hermione.
Is it that Lucy girl? And who would even be able to bypass the protective wards to Harry’s Trunk without permission?
Unless there’s a whole new player, possibly that contact that Gabriel Ronaldo mentioned?

Well, Lavender more or less confirmed that Ron is cheating on Hermione and is with her instead.
Which means they can definitely tell Hermione that they can say in full confidence that Ron is cheating on her.

With the amount of background you’re investing in Hester, you might as well confirm her as a permanent member of Harry’s harem by this point.

Way to end this story with a cliffhanger before moving on to the next part. I do not think anyone saw the ending coming, though anyone who reads and remembers what you said in the AN about how there wasn’t enough support for speeding up Harry and Hermione’s relationship could tell that the mature scene was either a dream, forced(like through a Love potion or lust potion), or something else.

Harry’s gonna face some serious Drama in the next chapter, especially if Hermione walks in on them and catches them.
I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s enough for Hermione to cancel her date with Harry and he ends up going with Hester for the Halloween Ball.

Please update soon!
11/3/2017 c99 lordshuvra
Great story so far ( and I mean far, it was a looong story) any way I'm getting little impatient ( OK, a lot) about when harry and Hermione will get together as a couple, also what will happened to other girls. Hope you'll update soon. bye
10/31/2017 c99 Guest
Great story just wondering if Harry could have some pets/familiars like a dragon, ice wolf or a twilight panther( a panther that has to ability’s when it is black it can travel through shadows and when it turns white it can go invisible). Just a thought. Maybe have Harry be able to talk to the dragon cuz of the parseltongue.
10/30/2017 c99 IReadOnly
So amazing..
This fic is very engaging..
It made me binge read for about a week straight..
Fuck other fics..
10/29/2017 c71 Treecat1812
I like your story so far except for one thing, long a/n. You might check out robst's site. He is a teacher who enjoys writing. Check out his use of a/n's.
10/24/2017 c99 Guest
Update soon please
10/26/2017 c99 7Horatio54
Let me start off by making it clear, I like this story and I do not agree with your self-assessment that you have "never been much of a writer". I do not usually review a story until it is complete, but I thought I had better get this done now as I may not get another chance. I am in my mid-sixties and I am not sure if I will live long enough to see the end of this story if you ever reach it.
You have set the pace of this story and it is very slow and quite frankly to be cliché, I think you have bitten off more than you can chew. You are 99 chapters in to the story and have written well over a million words, but you are only at the beginning of September in the many characters' school year. You refer in these chapters to a Halloween Ball, a Christmas party and an end of the year ball, but at the pace you are going (if you keep writing), you will not reach those events for many years. Don't get me wrong I like the pace of your story (although in places it could use the assistance of a strong editor), but you have so many characters and storylines ongoing it is difficult to keep track.
You also have a significant problem with spelling and the use of tense. For example you regularly use the word "sat" when you should be using the word "sitting". However, after a while though when you read the story you learn to ignore these aspects of the story and simply enjoy it for its content and there is much to enjoy.
I am a firm believer in the Harry/Hermione relationship and I know you will eventually get to the point where it happens in this story, but it is really been dragged out. I am not a fan of the Ron character and as I expect you intended, he is not being provided with any reason to like him any better in this story, but enough already. You have already demonstrated the ability of the characters to quickly go back and forth between England and Japan. So send Harry or Hermione or both back to England and have it out with Ron. Then things can move on with all these other very beautiful women in Harry's life.
I notice that everyone in the story is obsessed with sex and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Unfortunately, at my age it is more of a thing to read about, but I am interested with what you are going to do with the Nest in the Turtle clan area. I cannot help but think that Harry's and Hermione's trunks may come it to play there.
To conclude on the whole I would rate your story a 7.5 out of 10. So it is good, but I think I may have to turn away from it for awhile (Like two or three years) to give you a chance to get a few more months into the story.
10/10/2017 c99 NewVillage
Craggle, I've been reading this through for a week straight and definitley enjoyed your work as fast as possible. Unfortunatley, I cant tell if Sabre is undercover or is he and his partner actually apart of the Jade Dragon. Either way really looking for to the next chapter
10/10/2017 c99 nintschibintschi
Dear Craggle,
Thank you for writing such an amazing Story ! It took me one week to finish till chapter 99 and know I am waiting for beautiful updates from you. Love the the characters, the new school, the Harry/Hermione friendship, and the Girls of Harry.
It is one of the best on fan fiction net and you should get much more reviews it is totally awesome.
thank you for sharing it
10/7/2017 c99 General Mac
love it thanks, hope everything is ok with you, and more when you can pretty please
10/7/2017 c98 General Mac
please pretty please, get harry and hermione together now,
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