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10/7/2017 c89 nintschibintschi
Hi Craggle,
Loved this chapter and who cute the hermione/Harry/narcissa bonding was
Thanks so much for creating a masterpiece
please update soon only 10 more chapters to go :)
could not stop reading your story the whole week and you should get so much more reviews since this story is really really awesome
thanks nintschi
10/7/2017 c94 General Mac
love it thanks, sorry be busy just catching up now
10/7/2017 c88 nintschibintschi
please update soon
10/6/2017 c86 nintschibintschi
I loved this chapter and it made me smile thanks so much for stoping to watch TV and creating such a wonderful amazing delightful different story love the japan adventures of Harry and Hermione
greetings from Vienna
10/6/2017 c85 nintschibintschi
really liked this chapter and that tattoo idea that you can always change a tattoo :)
please update soon
I am still reading your story since sunday and enjoy every minute of it
thanks so much for sharing it
10/5/2017 c99 WishTheseSnakesWereYourArms
I keep wondering why he hasn't taken her to Lily to remove the mudblood scar.
10/3/2017 c97 Guest
How long will it take Harry to realize that he can buy a third trunk and link it into his so he can take Hermione down to the nest?
10/5/2017 c1 fmowens
You need to fix Ellen's 4 year old daughter's name, you have her name as Sophie in some places, and Chloe in others
10/5/2017 c84 nintschibintschi
really really loved this chapter oh the showdown of hermione after she is reading the interview of ron Howler is coming :)
please update soon and thanks for making this story so different it is a jewel on Fan fiction Net
so glad that I found it !
10/5/2017 c82 nintschibintschi
thanks for this steamy beautiful chapter still reading your story since Sunday and I am sad there are only 8 chapters left :(
please update soon love this story it is so different
thanks nintschi
10/4/2017 c78 nintschibintschi
Loved the maureder Adventure
10/3/2017 c58 nintschibintschi
I just love this story still reading it started it on Sunday and addicted. love turtle island and want to see the revenge with phoenix show down :)
thanks nintschi
10/2/2017 c45 nintschibintschi
Wow what an amazing story please update soon
I am still reading it :)
thanks nintschi
10/2/2017 c43 nintschibintschi
What a steamy chapter thank you for the joyride and I really love this story !
please update soon thanks nintschi
Started to read this story yesterday and I can not stop :)
10/1/2017 c26 nintschibintschi
Wow what a Great birthday präsent for Hermione Love this Story thank you
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