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7/24/2017 c95 1Celexs Draconia
This story honestly gets better with each chapter. I really enjoyed the interactions between Penny, Fleur and Narcissa, it seems organic. That makes it far ore fun to read. I am really looking forward to seeing the quidditch games happening, as well as the relationships starting to blossom, or crash and burn, depending on who is in them. Excellent work as always.

7/24/2017 c95 4evilfrog1
you know what would be awesome having Harry go out with Fleur and having the two dragon girls (can't remember their names) see them together. they would lose their shit great chapter like always
7/24/2017 c95 1Northwind Tweak
As per normal you knocked it out of the park. A bit of a filler chapter but with important points all the same. I can't wait to see what Cissa gets up too. Not to mention Harry and Hermione
7/23/2017 c95 Guest
I have read all 993 plus thousand words. Seriously your main paring Harry and Herminoe one kiss in all that small move Harry made she rebutted with I am with Ron several she wants to play games with what you written out to be the perfect fuck has never played a game with her should go pick up Cissy and return to five that love him and will not play games with his heart
7/23/2017 c43 Guest
Emma is going to have a hell of a time driving a car powered by magic. Oops! We will chalk it up to the petrol being a backup system and ignore fuel going sour i guess.
7/23/2017 c95 2TheRazgrizDragon
Another awesome chapter! It would be cool if Harry introduced Narcissa to the women who gave him his tattoo; maybe getting one herself! Keep up the amazing work!
7/23/2017 c95 2te.nellis
That was glorious. I loved it. It's cool on the update rate your chapters are actual chapters from novels length. It's more than most write. I enjoy them. Keep it up!
7/23/2017 c95 major wallace
nice work
7/23/2017 c95 5flame55
This is great
7/22/2017 c94
I have really enjoyed this story and I like that you are showing Harry how real friends treat each other whether it's Neville or Hero and not that twisted friendship that he and Ron had during canon. I am excited to see where you take the story.
7/19/2017 c94 FotoDi
It's a really complex & compelling story. I am impressed. Your level of plot development, creative detail & subtle nuance. Not only have you created a huge cast of new characters, many showing complex motivations, immature flaws, and family-centered beliefs, but you have also added tremendous depth to many overlooked minor JKR-canon characters: Pansy, Daphne, Tracy, Susan Bones, Hannah, Griphook, Ragnok (all the Goblins in general), Fleur, Penelope, Narcissa, Dr & Dr Granger, ... you introduce a host of Magicals who are neither political players, Hogwarts residents, or cannon fodder! The shopkeepers of Magical London, the families of Hogwarts students, and the view that the magical community spans the Globe and is far larger and more layered than sheltered (& manipulated) Harry Potter had possibly imagined.
You have added much-needed complexity to Neville, Ron, and Lavender. For example, I like how you are beginning to show more details of Lavender Brown's backstory so that she isn't just a caricature of a shallow fortune-hunter who is using sex to dupe Ron Weasley, as he is such a petulant & immature stooge. Lavender is ambitious, manipulative, superficial, passionate, loyal, and truly in love with Ron Weasley.
You show Harry & Hermione's slow & oftentimes painful growth towards adulthood: sexual, physical, intellectual, social, political, and emotional. It is painful process to watch two beloved characters - having survived so many painful trials, having sacrificed so much for others, and having been blessed with such extraordinary magical gifts - they still screw up.
MORAL: Life is never clear cut or fair. You have to choose & protect those you love, and fight for what you want. There are costs for every gain. Self-deception (or delusion or entitlement) is dangerous.

There is a dichotomy inherent to your developing story, almost a clash of philosophies. In Western culture, if you are not part of the cure, you are part of the problem. Individuals must take Responsibility. Or, taken to the extreme, such beliefs morph into the search for a Savior or Hero. In Harry Potter's universe, he was ruthlessly conditioned to believe that the Fate of the magical World rested on his young shoulders.
Your story is based on the fact that Harry Potter already 'saved the world'. Where does a young hero go after such a feat? How can he make a normal life? Will the magical world let him?
Implicit in the Hero Construct, are the counter balancing forces of entropy.
(1) Heroes must be watched as they could l become despots.
(2) Heroes must continue to save the World or they are damned.
(3) Heroes are public property - not entitled to privacy or easily
forgiven if the err.
(4) Heroes are put on pedestals and held to impossible standards
(5) Most Heroes die young - sacrificed, abandoned, or lynched.

In Asian society there is an overarching ethos of the power and importance of conforming to the Will of the Group, ‘出る釘は打たれる - the nail that pops up is always hammered down.’ You could argue that it is due to the Weight of Tradition, or the desire for Social Stability, or even a socio-cultural fear of Change. Heroes are individuals who stick out: Lightning Rods.
Powerful, sexually magnetic, polarizing, coveted, feared, adored, fought over, ... Heroes are CATALYSTS.
How can Harry and Hermione stay true to themselves with such a myriad of forces and expectations against them?
7/18/2017 c89 7petros308
i got a little misty during the narcissa scene , i think you did wonderful.
7/18/2017 c79 FotoDi
If Harry asked the School's house Elves, they might be able to identify the owner of the blue panties...
He would have to go to the different clans & find the Laundry Elves... but, it might work.
7/18/2017 c1 12summer164
7/18/2017 c83 7petros308
great story so far. I've been lax in reviewing but y'all have some real skill. I love the ambition to try to pull off such an epic story line.
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