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8/15 c112 16Sele de la Luna
August 15th, 2023... still waiting for this! Whenever you're ready!

Please update and Hope all is good
4/12 c112 Guest
Please update
1/8 c112 3Akane Saito
Omg! Not Jenny…

I always love your story, FTGO! I often rereaded this. This is very realistic on how it portrayed the real-life situations, and I love it. All of the details you put in the story made it so interesting for their character developments! I’d wait for your updates no matter how long it takes. Lacking of motivation may be hard, but I believe in you! Take your time!
12/18/2022 c112 8Queen O' Hearts 87
Got recommended this story like 2 weeks ago and FINALLY caught up on it and DAMN this is SO GOOD. LOVE the way you write, and obviously I love this story otherwise I wouldn't have spent the last 2 weeks binging it. Can't wait to see the next chapter eventually, but make sure to take it easy, good authors deserve good breaks.
11/11/2022 c48 3galactiaconstella
while I like this story, I can't help but feel Natsu acts and feels like a girl with his characterisation. it's a bit of a problem
8/12/2022 c112 AGreen2222
I love this story so much! Please, please continue it! I really want Natsu and Lucy to get their HEA.
4/8/2022 c112 Wiicarbon
Keep it up! Eagerly awaiting the next one
4/8/2022 c112 Wiicarbon
Great Story!
4/1/2022 c112 valerioux
Omg I finally got around to reading this chapter and let me say I was not disappointed. I think it was amazing the conversation they had and Natsu was finally able to explain what was happening with him. His reasoning behind not kissing makes sense because I agree with him and I really like that he wants to love himself. I think this at the end will be better for them for when they start dating again.

I hope that whatever Jenny said is at least somewhat self incriminating and the ppl will question her more instead of just believing everything she claimed before. But of course I shall wait till the next chapter. I hope whatever it is that Natsu will be able to handle it okay. Till next ch :)
3/29/2022 c112 Guest
I love your writing ! It was a great chapter ! Been following this story since you started it!
3/30/2022 c112 Wadeparker
Amazing chapter as always cant wait to see his reaction in the next
3/30/2022 c112 5TaraPasty
Such a cliff hanger! Thank you for the insight to Natsus thoughts at the park too, great chapter.
3/29/2022 c112 dareaderreads
“ 'I just... want to live without feeling the need to apologize for existing. Like I'm inconvenient to have around, or an eyesore to others.' “

That was such a powerful line and it really resonated with me because I used to feel like that for several years when I would struggle with mental health. When my self esteem and self confidence were completely shattered, I felt like I was bothering everyone just by talking to them or being around them. While I’ve definitely not had the experiences Natsu has had in this fic, I empathize with a lot of what he’s dealt with and the way you write his character and communicate his thoughts and feelings is just amazing. Not just Natsu, but all the other characters that have POVs in your stories. This and Capturing Her Damaged Heart are just incredible at putting the reader into the shoes of the character. And that’s why it’s so painful to see how both Natsu and Lucy obviously want the same thing but are holding back in both of your fics. Ahh I really just can’t wait. These stories are too good. Whenever I see an email with an update to one of your fics, it makes my day a little better. Thanks for writing these amazing stories!
3/28/2022 c112 Dudeman1397
Took me a week but I’m finally caught up! I can’t wait to see how your story continues to unfold! Thanks for sharing it with us!
3/28/2022 c112 shootingstarssel
Shit man, I could only imagine what she said and the type of reaction Natsu might have. Slso, what Natsu said is true you cant love others or find love if you dont love yourself, heres to hoping Natsu is able to love himself later in the story. Another amazing chapter cant wait to see what happens next.
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