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1/17 c77 Guest
1/17 c78 Guest
1/13 c97 l0tus17
I absolutely love your story! I really hope you keep writing it, I've been obsessed since I found it!
1/11 c19 2ottermadness
Damn Snorlax! My friend hatched FIVE of those when the game first came out and I was stuck in a large town catching nothing but Drowzees and hatching Magmars!

... Ahem.

I love the scenes with the celestial spirits and the nod to Lucy's 'breaking' Aquarius' key - really nice touch! I thought it was pretty bold of Lucy to straight up ask her dad if she could date after he had seen the message exchange between her and Natsu - I don't think he's that blind to her! I'm glad he's meeting her half-way on it at least, although his controlling behaviour so far tells me that it's not going to be a fair meeting between him and any 'potential date'. Here's hoping that Natsu has built his confidence up for that when it eventually happens (which I assume it will, lol).
1/11 c18 ottermadness
Wow, so much happened in one wedding reception! First off, I found Loke strangely... cute I guess with the way he was fawning over Aries and wanted Lucy's help. Am I right in guessing that Loke's pool party will be a chapter at some point?
Then there's Natsu's 'off' behaviour - I'm wondering how his night went. Lucy's dad sending him a message from her phone though? Yeeesh, what a control freak. I hope Natsu shrugs that off.
Dan Straight being well, Dan Straight. I'm wondering if her dad will step up and do something about how he treated his daughter but he's a hard one to read so far... or maybe that's just me.
Poor Lucy, go catch some Pokemon or something to take your mind off this horrible evening you've had. At least she has a photo of Natsu that she can sneak peeks at now.
1/7 c97 Guest
Brandish is so adorable
1/5 c97 Bookwork129
I thought this chapter was cute. I'm glad Brandish was introduced and I like how her personality was portrayed. I'm excited for Lucy to have a new friend. I think it's smart to use Facebook messenger than give out her phone number.
1/5 c97 valerioux
Short chapter but I really enjoyed it. Sucks that Lucy is feeling a bit alone cuz everyone is busy but hopefully they get more time to hangout. I liked Brandish and hope they do become friends
1/4 c97 sakshishetty3003
Great chapter again. Can't wait to see what's next
12/28/2020 c17 ottermadness
Ah, it's nice to see Loke's not all bad although still the flirt. I get the feeling that that photo will crop back up sooner or later, though I think it will be focused on Lucy's identity more than how Natsu feels about Loke half-hugging her. Under normal circumstances, I'd say he wouldn't be bothered by it but so far in this story, he seems highly insecure so I don't know...
I can't wait for Lucy to get back home to Magnolia, she seems very... suffocated where she is currently.
I really liked reading this chapter :)
12/23/2020 c16 ottermadness
Password sharing? So soon?! Noon-secure passwords?! Hmm... hmmm... I like the Nalu behind this, but internet security warning bells are also going off in my head.
Erhm, don't mind me. I love the inclusion of Lucy's spirits and their connections to her family, even if they are business-related. I'm actually strangely lukewarm about Jude. He's clearly controlling of Lucy and has his usual business mindset, but he was willing to let her go to a regular school too, so he can't be all bad... right?
Loke though, ever the playboy, I doubt Lucy would ever agree to his favour.
Sorry if it seems like I'm skipping chapters, sometimes I'm just keen to find out what's happening next and jump straight into the next one.
12/23/2020 c14 ottermadness
Not sure if Igneel legit thinks his son has a secret relationship with Gray or is just winding him up. This chapter was a fun read!
12/18/2020 c69 Jakezillagfw
I have lived in Lucy's shoes. Controlling parents not allowing you to do anything expecting you to be "perfect". The only diffence is I'm not rich middle class and I'm a dude. That means in top of being verbally berated for little mistakes with a father with anger management problems I also got my ass beat. The thing is I never got an opportunity to get way from it like her. Like in the Manga. I wish life was simple like that. I know exactly how see feels and then some.
12/10/2020 c13 ottermadness
An interesting turn of events! I doubt it's an arranged marriage for Lucy in the modern era...
12/8/2020 c11 ottermadness
You've really captured the insecure mess that a teenager's mind usually consists of. It was a chapter that made me laugh - probably at just how the two were being so awkward about their feelings.
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