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4/8/2020 c31 15Infrared-Ultraviolet
Finally, a Jackunzel Snow Queen AU! They honestly fit the roles of Kai and Gerda so well, what with Jack being a human-turned-winter-spirit and Rapunzel absolutely being the type to go on a long, taxing quest just to save/redeem a friend or love interest (she literally does for Cassandra in the Tangled TV show!). I might write a story with a more extended version of this AU if I get the chance.

Haha I love how Punz goes into full-out Mom Mode when Jack is in danger XD "JACKSON OVERLAND, YOU GET OUT OF THAT LAKE THIS INSTANT!"

Awww, love the little add-in where Jack gets a moment of lucidity where he breaks free of the mirror shard. I dunno why, but I'm always a sucker for the "Guick, Love Interest! Get away from me before the mind control takes over again! I promise I'm not willingly trying to attack you!" trope. My boi Jack shaking off the shard's influence just long enough to reassure the love of his life he's still in there and still cares about her :'( The feels, man, the feels!

Oof, that scene where Jack is going into shock because of the cold of the lake is especially tense to read, given how he died in the movie. Like you know he's gonna be fine, but something about reading him struggling and being held under freezing water still gave me the chills...no pun intended. And hm...so the Snow Queen might actually be good in this? She seems to want to stop Jack being corrupted by the shard, so that's something. Love that you made her dark-skinned-it contrasts so well with the white hair and blue eyes! Lmao also love that she responds to the Stabbington brothers hitting on her by trying to impale them with icicles XD Relatable!

"She screamed as she ran helter skelter, trying to keep the lightning from hitting her" Okay I know this was probably supposed to be a dramatic moment but something about this girl running around all over the place screaming as purple lightning tries to hit her just strikes me as really funny XD Like a scene out of Danny Phantom or Phineas and Ferb. Sorry Punz, can't take you too seriously when you're running around screeching as lightning tries to hit you XD

Lmao "I have a special flower for you" sounds suspiciously like the Summer Lady is offering Punzel drugs XD I like how Punzel just goes with it though, like "Weird magic healing flower that will fuse itself into my body? Okay cool, what's next?" Like this girl has seen it all now, nothing fazes her anymore.

Ahhh, clever...using Flynn and the ruffians for the group of robbers that takes Gerda in! They certainly fit the part! I always love seeing my boy Flynn in Jackunzel fanfics, since he's one of my favorite Tangled characters and I always like seeing a non-romantic relationship with him and Rapunzel being explored. He's often absent completely from Jackunzel fics, which always strikes me as a shame since he and Punzel have such a great dynamic! And hey, it doesn't always have to be romantic.

Hmmm...Nick, you say? As in...Saint Nick? Mr. North? Sounds like he makes wood carvings, so I'm leaning toward yes! I wonder who Rapunzel wasn't invited to hang out with the robbers at their fireplace scheming session though? Maybe she's new enough to the group that they don't really trust her yet. Still seemed a bit odd that Katherine essentially went "you can't sit with us!" and didn't give an actual reason. And Raps is the curious sort, so I feel like she would have been like "aw, why not?" instead of "ah, okay, sounds sensible, person I just met 5 minutes ago" XD

So I looked up a bit on Katherine and apparently she's the Guardian of Storytelling. Heh, no wonder you pair her off with Flynn! The dude LIVES for spinning good yarns XD

LMAO at Nick being like "Hmmmm, not a bad position to be in for the princess to owe us a favor." Love the pragmatic bluntness XD

Damn, tbh I was hoping Jack and Punzel would get to help fight the witch-but I suppose given that they're kids, it makes sense for them not to. Still, I'll admit it felt a bit anticlimactic to have all the new characters get to kick her ass while Jack and Rapunzel, who were the ones directly affected by her fuckery, just kinda sat and watched.

Lmao when exactly did Jack and Rapunzel's hair change back to brown? It sounded like they just noticed it during the celebration feast, but it turned back before. I kinda feel like they would have taken note of that right away? A little confusing when/how the flower got "pulled" from Rapunzel's body and when Jack got "cured" of his iced-out hair.

Overall a pretty delightful read! I've always wanted to read a Jackunzel Snow Queen AU, and you did put a very Jackunzel spin on it with characters like North, Katherine, Flynn, and the ruffians. I liked the little twist of the Snow Queen being good, too! Although the evil witch did seem a bit one-dimensional...but hey, she's a fairy tale villain, so it fits with the genre. Great work on this!
3/26/2020 c32 Infrared-Ultraviolet
Lol Rapunzel seems to be taking the sudden appearance of a flying winter spirit in her tower relatively well XD

"Well yeah, your lizard could already see me, but most humans can't" I love the implication that lizards are inherently more inclined to believe in supernatural human holiday-related spirits than humans are XD

I'll admit, the "what makes you special?" line came off as a bit awkward. I get she was trying to ask "why are you floating/flying and why can't people see you?" but it sounded like a kindergarten teacher being like "what makes YOU special?" so she could hang a little notecard on the "what makes each student unique!" bulletin board or something XD

Very in-character for Rapunzel to call out Jack about trolling the easter bunny, although we all know that won't be enough to get him to stop XD I kinda wonder what kind of relationship Punzel and Bunnymund would have...Bunnymund would probably constantly be like "ah, she's way too good for you, Frosty!" but then would second-guess that when she (very occasionally) participates in his pranks on Bunny X3

Rapunzel be like "are you KIDDING me I FINALLY make a friend and then he just fuckin LEAVES" poor girl is just so done XD

"I'm Jack Frost, I nip at your nose!" Clever little shit XD

Awwwwww, Jack is probably so happy to be touched again after going probably over a century (or at least a decade!) with very little physical touch! Poor boy is probably so touch-starved D: But Rapunzel is very cuddly so luckily she can fix that right up. Also heh, what a clever 2-in-1 Jack...both make it up to your new friend for snowing on her flowers and bring a cute girl flowers just with one gathering of a bouquet? Genius.

Heh, what a nice little one-shot! Although their meeting for the first time did feel a bit rushed-like Rapunzel seemed to accept there's a literal spirit floating around her house and drop the aggressive act pretty dang fast. But then again, Jack probably doesn't look nearly as sus as Flynn did (i.e. the Mysterious Bag and the rougey thieving outfit) and Punzel is already pretty damn lonely with no one for company but her mom and Pascal, so I suppose it makes sense that she'd drop the suspicious act with Jack a little more quickly!

Can't wait to read more one-shots from you! I've gotten a little behind, but now that I'm stuck in quarantine I have every intention of catching up haha
1/9/2020 c1 Guest
OMG! That was cool!
1/1/2019 c23 Infrared-Ultraviolet
What fandom(s) are Sakura, Allura, Keith, and Syaoran from? I tried to look them up, but I couldn't find anything on them. Did you make them up yourself? They're interesting characters, either way! (Although "Keith" admittedly feels like a somewhat mundane name for a nature spirit XD)

I love your worldbuilding, the concept of the children of the sun and moon controlling the seasons and the children of Mother Nature and Father Time controlling the winds is so cool!


Tbh I can't NOT imagine Father Time as the eccentric, snappily-dressed dude from Alice Through the Looking Glass XD

Admittedly I wanted to see more direct interaction between Jack and Rapunzel in this, since it's a Jackunzel one-shot. The ending seemed rushed, and I wanted more of the boys and girls actually interacting with each other so we could see them start to fall in love. I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see Jack and Rapunzel's initial reaction to each other in particular. Still, I really liked the worldbuilding here and I would love to see more of this AU in particular!
12/1/2018 c4 jonica77
I liked this chapter! I wouldn't mind a continuation of this sunflower and snowflake au -... please.
6/26/2017 c22 Infrared-Ultraviolet
Hehehe look at Punzel, trying to do something without her hair to impress Jack! Gotta admire her determination to put that star on that tree...she really was not giving up on that one!
Let's be honest, we all know Jack secretly likes swooping in to save Rapunzel and she secretly likes getting saved by him, as much as they both deny it XD
6/26/2017 c21 Infrared-Ultraviolet
Yesssss, Bunnymund as the White Rabbit, perfect! Heh, who else would it be?
Rapunzel talking to herself and ranting about why a rabbit would put a dead end at the end of his tunnel was so funny XD Solidly in-character, I can definitely see her rambling to herself about whatever she comes across. She's very talkative!
Love the interactions between Bunnymund and Rapunzel! Super entertaining to watch his grumpiness clash with her cluelessness. Lol "it's the country with the floating lights every summer" no wonder Bunnymund's annoyed XD
Awkward!Rapunzel and Flirty!Jack is my aesthetic! It's so adorable how she seems to have no idea he's trying to flirt with her. And Bunnymund's annoyance with him over it is the best XD
Ahahahaha they braided christmas lights into her hair instead of flowers! SOMEONE'S really getting into the holiday spirit! XD
Awww, that was so nice of Tooth to search through Rapunzel's tower and find all her baby teeth :D I hope she left her some quarters!
Ohhhh Punzie, nice save with the mopping! I'm so glad they gave her the snow globe so she can come and visit them again :D
6/24/2017 c20 Infrared-Ultraviolet
Ohhhh interesting how you kinda had Jack and Rapunzel switch roles! So now she's the one with the moon connection, and he's the one with the sun connection. That explains their change in clothing, too XD Jack would look pretty awesome in purple and gold, though! (Which, coincidentally, were my high school's colors...so I can't stop imagining Jack as some over-the-top kid who went all out for Spirit Week XD)
Oh Jack, you shameless flirt, you! Damn, Rapunzel is so lucky, I'd love to be introduced to someone by them saying "This is Madison, she's cute"
I love that you added Eugene to the Guardians :D It's nice to be able to read about him without having to worry about him getting in the way of Jackunzel, because I love him as a character!
Lol no wonder Rapunzel's a little flustered about getting kissed by Jack so soon after she met him! But it sounds as though she doesn't mind TOO terribly much.
Nice short story, the role reversal especially was really interesting!
6/23/2017 c19 Infrared-Ultraviolet
Hmmm, who are Molly and Val? Are they your OCs or are they from the Guardians of Childhood books? Either way, they're both interesting new characters!
What a great story with rich, thorough worldbuilding :D I loved getting to see the mermaid cave, the ice palace, and the land of the dead! All were super cool! Rapunzel's three tasks and the beautiful descriptions you gave of the places she went and the people who helped her made it read a lot like a traditional fairy tale. And no fairy tale is complete without cryptic magic items, of course XD
I was wondering why La Muerte was so fascinated with her glowing hair, but it made sense at the end when she revealed that it tipped her off about Rapunzel being the gift from the sun. Also kind of explained why her glowing hair happened to come in handy so much on her quests XD It was part of the plan to reveal her true identity all along!
Haha at Rapunzel being like "lolwut" when La Muerte tells her she can repay her by loving Jack XD She's honestly so oblivious to him liking her and it's adorable.
Lol everyone's reaction to Molly falling out of the tower basically boiled down to "eh, she was a bitch, no one liked her anyway" XD To be fair, she was definitely not a good match for Jack. Too mature and serious and too much of a killjoy, not his type at all! And it seems like she only "loves" him so that she can have something that she feels like is "hers." He's much better off with Punzel.
Awwww, yay, Rapunzel's the new Spring Maiden! I do feel kind of bad for her parents though, since their daughter basically got whisked away to become a goddess/guardian and they presumably won't get to see her again, or at least as often :( But I guess they can adopt a new heir? Oh well, I'm sure Rapunzel will be happy as the Spring Maiden!
I actually was unfamiliar with the story of Cupid and Psyche before I read this, so after I finished this I went and read the original story. It was really interesting to see how you worked all the elements of the original story in and added your own spin to it with the guardians and all!
1/12/2017 c22 Guest
These were really good! You should write more chapters!
1/10/2017 c22 ivylene.h
I've just read all these chapters and my feels for Jaclyn em are still burning! I totally love them together you should write more maybe have like a hogwarts au or something that would be awesome! Update soon!
12/20/2016 c18 Infrared-Ultraviolet
Aw, no! D: It always breaks my heart to see fanfictions where Jack can't get Rapunzel to believe in him :( I know she will by the end, but still. MY POOR LIL JACK DOESN'T DESERVE THIS!
Damn, that's one complicated quest Jack has to go through! I kinda like how this plays out like a classic fairy tale, with Jack having to go on a quest and fight monsters in order to save the damsel in distress. Although Rapunzel is far from helpless and passive, since she has no idea that there IS a way to be freed from her tower or that Jack is working to free her from it XD
That was smart of him to hold the serpent's mouth open with his staff, although I'm a bit worried that it broke and he didn't seem to get it back! Does he have to go get a new staff now ? XD
Lol at when he finally meets Rapunzel and she's like "Uh...thanks for rescuing me, but you kind of took away my house?" Oh dear, perhaps Jack didn't think this through as much as he might have liked to think XD Then again, I guess he had no way of know the entire tower would just cease to be! Poor Rapunzel, she got out but she also lost all of her books and paintings and whatnot D:
Oh well, looks like Jack is happy to show her the world! Their interaction at the end was so cute :D Glad she knew it was him leaving the presents and glad these two cuties finally got to interact! Always by far the best moment of the Jackunzel fanfics where she can't see him at first.
12/13/2016 c16 Infrared-Ultraviolet
Awwwww! This is definitely how I imagine them meeting for the first time. Also sums up like 90% of the reason I ship them! Both are so lonely and just need someone to talk to. Also loved the little peek into Rapunzel's life and how we got to see her charting the stars!
12/13/2016 c15 Infrared-Ultraviolet
Oh, naive little Rapunzel XD You JUST met Hans, and you already want to go out with him? Honey no...you don't know anything about him! D:
It makes sense she didn't take the relationship with him too seriously, although I do wonder about her motivations for going out with him in the first place. Maybe typical "Ooooh, I'm a hormonal teenage girl and this cute popular boy likes me!" type of sentiments? Poor Jack though, I imagine he felt a bit betrayed by that development :(
Woooo, go Rapunzel! You pepper-spray that asshole! I was worried you were just going to make her into a damsel in distress that Jack had to save, but then you had her take charge of the situation herself and I was pleasantly surprised :D
Aw, this was sweet! I'd love to see more of Rapunzel and Jack's friendship and eventual relationship in this AU.
12/11/2016 c14 Guest
Another very creative AU! Definitely the first time I've seen this one with Jackunzel. Very fitting for Rapunzel to be a nanny, though!
Their walk was cute, but after that the story got kinda hard to follow and seemed to be moving too fast. Like now they're riding horses, now they're saving a rabbit from hunters, now they're in a horse race all the sudden? I got a bit lost. It might be nice if you spent more time describing each individual event before you hurried on to the next one ; I mean, I guess it makes a kind of sense that things are happening rapidly without much lead-in from one event to the next, since they're in a sort of drawing dreamworld.
Awwww, stupid rain! That's what knocked them out of the picture I take it? But Jack's right, they can always draw a bigger and better one later!
Cute one-shot!
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