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5/14 c36 2M.lingard
Biotinker alt power fics are always rare as they are fascinating, especially this one. Hope you make more of this.
5/8 c117 doctor3027
I think there's potential for a crossover with Heroman and My Hero Academia. That just came to mind while reading this.
5/8 c91 doctor3027
After looking up Heroman and rereading this chapter I realized that you gave Stan's employee's the names of characters from Heroman. That's a cool thing to put in the story.
4/29 c132 3Raved Thrad
This might just be my favorite of your running story arcs so far. It's so intriguing a setting and system that if this were an actual game I'd be trying to find an installer for it. Any game that allows you to play a dragon has got to be good. :D
4/27 c12 Paulthored
"Anything that she can call a weapon?"
... "What about Fresh Fruit?"

"I wanna know about a Pointed Stick!"

"Shad Up!"
4/13 c164 zergly
Please make At My Fingertips A story you work on it doesn't even need to be a main story just a side one please
4/1 c173 Loup Goop
Have you considered continuing Dragon Heart as a full fic? I'm really interested to see the other reincarnates and to see Taylor as a fully grown dragon
3/21 c172 bbguy89
Did Armsmaster lie and say Dann took care of Purity, did you forget it was Saudade, or did Armsmaster guess it was Dann? Otherwise, I *LOVE* this and really like all the others, maybe not "At My Fingertips" and "Star Light, Star Bright" but eh they have people that like them and that is very good.
3/7 c173 553Colinm
stupid idiot never accept a bargain without knowing the price
3/1 c173 2CyberDragonEX
So... I'm not sure WHAT this is from, and I'm not sure how much I'll like it. Honestly, I'd prefer more of SAW, but I'll give it a shot - at least until I've seen how the next few chapters turn out.

On a different note, an idea for a future snippet:

Vanitas Taylor - Taylor with Vanitas' powers meshed with her canon ones. She can convert her emotions into Unversed, which she can then control via her parahuman powers (instead of bugs). Depending on whether its a Full Crossover or not, she'd either be merged with Vanitas (thus ACTUALLY gaining his gear), or her weapon and armor would just be wearable/wiedable Unversed which grant her powers (such as a Sword Unversed with offensive magics).
2/24 c173 40deathgeonous
Huh? Interesting enough I guess.
2/23 c173 1Beowulf-BX
I have no idea where you got this idea from lol.

My question is, just how will this effect Worm? Also, how long will it take for the PRT to blame Taylor for what's happening?
2/19 c173 Sophie
Is this a Gamer story?
2/19 c173 11Prustan
Wildermyth. Very interesting game, with an ending credit song that I just adore. Look forward to see what you do with this.
2/18 c173 TheLastGarou
As soon as I saw "Interfusion" I said to myself: "SOMEBODY'S been playing 'Wildermyth!'
Love that game, and I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this.
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