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4/10 c90 Guest
full story please
3/13 c176 ehhmehehh
My only issue is 99% of all Colin and Piggot are exactly the same to fanon.
3/13 c176 Malhavoc Shadowlord
I look forward to the moment Coil realizes that things are most definitely NOT going to go to plan, and that he has, in fact, run dick first into an angry bee hive, made of murderous robo-bees.
3/6 c143 SynBen28
The author seems to have forgotten in this chapter that Taylor was already told about Hess being Shadow Stalker by Emma earlier in the ficlet. Cause its really weird that she isn't having more of an angry reaction to being attacked by Hess and taking advantage of the opportunity to give Hess more of a beatdown.
2/20 c1 Guest
You should’ve also let her keep her arthropod control powers.
2/20 c1 Guest
Why didn’t you give her biological webs like Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man?
2/18 c159 Chris
There’s a bit of a confusing continuity error in Force Your Way.

Taylor wakes up at 6:00, goes to the Tower, arrives home three hours later… and then says it’s 7:00.
2/18 c174 Moon Wolf 96
What is a nanobot other than a really really tiny drone?
2/17 c1 2Pinkypi
pretty sure Spiderman also grew stronger as time went by so brute rating going up? Interesting as hell ngl and I like the smack talk. She wouldn't be a spidergirl without it :P
2/14 c176 Jake the Snake
Thanks for the update.
It's oblivious Boat Graveyard will be monitored.
2/16 c176 1vanmele
No AI here, not at all, that comes later.
2/14 c176 Guest
2/14 c176 Ep
2/14 c176 Guest
2/15 c176 haphazard1
Taylor's drone tech is very cool, and has so many possibilities. I am curious to see how people react once she goes more public. The scenes from Coil's POV were also very good. He is a nasty piece of work, but a smart one. Not using a throwaway timeline for Tattletale's hack attempt may come back to bite him hard, though.

Thanks for the excellent chapter.
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