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9/1/2016 c1 132signelchan
Ugh no I don’t even know if there’s anything left I can say about this fic that doesn’t result in me screaming about how unfair the ending is. Because let me tell you, it’s been HOW long since I read this fic and I’m still reeling about what happens in the end (to the point that I sort of took inspiration from this fic to write my own about a kind of similar thing?), so we’re just going to hope I don’t scream at you here in this review about it.

The first scene is adorable, little cousins causing mayhem in the castle by disappearing and going on adventures as kids are apt to do. Owain is perfect and a troublemaker and, oh dear, watch out he could take someone’s eye out with a sharp letter opener like the one’s he’s got. Or maybe he could just drag his cousins out on his unknowing adventure and make it a fun time for everyone under the age of, like, ten. You have to admit, all those parents not knowing where their kids are, that’s not fun at all. But what’s most heartwrenching here is his promise to his mom that he’ll always ask to do things…

…and that’s sad because of the second scene of the story. I know, I know, parent generation dying is a canon thing. I get that. But if it still manages to hurt in a retelling, you’re doing something right with your writing. There’s honestly a million little things I could say about this scene, like the callbacks and the references to specific canon things and all that, but the one thing I want to make sure I mention is that god damn promise that Owain made all the way back as a little tyke, and how he keeps to it even though his mom’s dead and he’s talking to a tiny sliver of a staff she once wielded. Talk about a real downer ending to a story.

But wait there’s more. A third scene, added on to the story for the special occasion of Owain’s birthday, kind of takes the cousin-adventure vibe the first two scenes had and shoves it out the window, because we’re no longer in Awakening world. We’re knee-deep into the lore of Fates, and instead of mostly focusing on Owain and his shenanigans, we’re instead reading about his precious daughter Ophelia and how she’s been abandoned by him and her mother for whatever reason. And don’t get me wrong, I love this scene just like the rest of the story, but I don’t think he would have left her without a good explanation, and I don’t think she would have just taken it like she does. But it’s written this way for a reason, and that reason allows for some cute family shenanigans there at the end (you can’t convince me otherwise that, in the realm of Fates, Selena is best Soleil mom), but then the very last paragraph just kills all cuteness and reminds me that this fic is all about breaking my heart into little tiny pieces that you are stomping all over.

Oops, I got passionate about that ending again.

7/15/2016 c1 7The Archivist of Nyx
Beautiful, though I always wondered: what if Lissa met Elise? Prank sisters?
7/15/2016 c1 Guest
That is just irresponsible.

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