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12/8/2016 c34 Kalmarin
You were worrying me there I thought that you had croaked for a moment if that didn't do it then the mountains of homework and the part time jobs probably will take as long as you need to make sure you have the story the way you want it. Also oc submissions? I didn't know that you were taking them at all. Can you please let me know when it's open again?

Btw you are one of my favorite authors on this site tied with awesome sawss. I recommend you read his story "that glaceon" be warned it has lots of romance in it and slight suggestive themes but I like it. Of course the first 10 to 11 chapters are not as good as the later ones but that is expected because he is just starting out in those chapters. Anyway hope to hear from you soon and may you have a good day.

12/7/2016 c34 8PsychicEevee0103
I know the feeling of being swamped with school. My history teacher gives at least 6 hours of homework every other night, along with other classes. As that onto the fact that health issues have made me miss a ton of school already, and I've been having a stressful time too. I'm rooting for both of us! We can both pull through our schoolwork, along with every other challenge life throws at us!
Seriously, I get it. Life's busy for you right now, so writing isn't your top priority. I've been there, and as much as I love your work, I'm willing to wait. Don't kill yourself trying to get this out at top speed. Even the best fanfic in the world isn't worth that.
10/26/2016 c33 mrcool4you
I have a feeling that Connor does not kill Valerie but she sucide to make sure that he kill her. Roy does disappear but i have a feeling he will reappear as a ghost-ghost with the dead members of Team firestorm to help Connor fight the Mafia, Victor tricks Aaron and kills him and Amber is hiding that she is in love with Connor (although i think that Mirage is his love-interest) That's my theories/predictions. I know it's a bad one.
10/26/2016 c33 3Caelys
Huh?! Connor wants kill Valerie? But why? He believes that Team Firestorm's fate is because of her? And what happening to Roy? He disappear? Amber wait a baby? Or Connor absorbs her Time Power?
10/26/2016 c33 17AeroJester203
The only one that I can give a sure comment on is Aaron. Will he be satisfied? Even if he manages to kill Victor (which he won't, I can tell) it wouldn't bring back anybody dear to him. I bet he has it in his head that it has to be him to kill the Big Boss Pokemon, and in battle, not through poison or some other subtler method.

And Victor... It's a sad day for a character when the villain has more virtue than them. While Victor leads the Pokemon Mafia, every Pokemon that he's killed was because of business and preservation of his organization's way of life, I'd wager. Unless my memory's wrong, he only actively sought to destroy those that posed a threat to him, like Iden and Team Firestorm. Aaron, meanwhile has been indiscriminately killing anybody and everybody who ever worked for Victor. What's especially telling is that he told him to leave his subordinates out of their conflict. And Aaron is so easily goaded through his anger, there's just no way that he can win.

I'll await Infernal War.
10/26/2016 c33 Kalmarin
Hey PL I have read all of the stories of team firestorm from start to finish, and I have to say that I am impressed with your work. Most people use clich├ęs left and right but you avoid them as much as possible. I really appreciate it too it is really refreshing when an author does that. I hope that you continue to write for a long time I never got bored reading your stories unlike others. Btw I know how highschool is I'm just a freshman and it already sucks -_-'
10/26/2016 c33 8PsychicEevee0103
Ugh... now I want the next story even more than I did before... I know you're busy, though. Also, happy belated birthday!
10/22/2016 c32 PsychicEevee0103
While it's true that you marinated all of us in feels, I thrive in feels. Besides, I love this story!
10/22/2016 c32 Talgar
So either there will be war, or victor will use dawn's frisn somehow to avoid it. But since the name of the final part is infernal war, im going with the first option. Evevryone thinks that the kingdom will destroy the mafia, but they underestimate victors resourcefulness. Dawn is in self denial, and by what she said, she wiil fight for the mafia. This means she broke her promise to skuntank, and he will feel giulty for trusting her. I will await infreneal war, take your time with it.
10/21/2016 c32 17AeroJester203
A war looms over the horizon, and Roy and Valerie work to salvage the situation the best that they can.

Connor seems unaffected by the loss of his teammates' so maybe his amnesia really is genuine. I had my doubts, but Connor of Team Firestorm would never be like that. Valerie seems to have a plan for that, but Connor will be on guard and he has his powers back. If she comes near him, he'll do everything to stop her from touching him, most likely.

And even if he gets his Firestorm memories back, Amber made it clear before that having both sets of memories will change him. He won't be the same to either side. If he possesses both halves of his identity, then rather than make him whole, it'll just make for a huge mass of confusion.

And Dawn... now she's just in denial. I honestly can't believe she has the audacity to blame Roy/Castiel for taking her vision away again. Roy didn't go through some dramatic personality shift when he re-entered his body. For all intents and purposes, he is Castiel in both forms with his memories back.

She just doesn't understand that betraying all of them, including him, was unforgivable. Love isn't a cure-all to make problems go away. In fact, it's often fickle. But no matter how deep love and affection goes, treachery is almost a sure guarantee to wind up alone. If she honestly believes that "Castiel" would accept her after killing everybody close to him (and not even the one that actually killed *him*), then I think she's past saving.

Take your time, and I will await Infernal War.
10/17/2016 c31 3StoryHero95
So the Team is dead, Aaeon is banished, Conner and Roy lost their will to fight. The former got his powers back but his lost memories made him cynical and heartless. The latter found out his lover is evil in a worse possible way. This better get a happy ending or things will get ugly...
10/16/2016 c31 17AeroJester203
...I knew from the moment that I found out she was the spy that their relationship could not end well.

All but Connor and Roy are dead, and Roy's clearly in no condition to fight right now. Well, Aaron's still alive too, but he's not a member of Team Firestorm anymore. Skuntank is still alive and seems to really care deep down about them if it hurt him so much to step aside. If they really revive, and there's still a threat, then maybe he can help.

Connor seems to have at least some of his power back, so that's a plus, at the very least. And perhaps it's better that he's lost his memory, since Vulcan's dead. Maybe he can help the desert kingdom in the coming war with the Mafia.

I'll await the final chapter of When Fire Falls.
10/16/2016 c31 19RKType-0
Yeeeee...eeep... I was kind of glad that Connor was able to restore his Pokemon form...
And... Now I am completely freaked out of what happened between Roy and Dawn... Eeek... I think I lost all... Eep...

So...Anyway... Looking forward... to the last... chapter of this arc... ee...

Maybe... a future chapter's title of the future arc could be... 'Death's Gate'? It's just a thought.
10/16/2016 c31 Talgar
Wow. This chapter. Dawn finished off almost all of team firestrom. So it was mordred who found dawn. Roy is most likely never going to forgive dawn, even if he revives his teamates. Dawn is emonitally crushed and maybe wont help destroy the mafia as she promised skuntank. You know despite everything dawn is just as manipulative and cruel as mordred and while she say that its all in the name of love, she cant see that she is being selfish. Its quite poetic in a way.
10/16/2016 c31 8PsychicEevee0103
*chokes back sob of feels* Um... yeah... good job on the chapter... and all that stuff... now please excuse me while I go cry...
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