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for Elsword: Adventures of Elrios

8/29/2016 c8 Gol
Well since this is the time when it reaches Elder, I'm guessing the characters will start to change in personality and abilities.
I only hope you don't make a mistake regarding their personalities. I've seen a bunch of stories where they really mess up their personalities. Each class and route they take send them down different directions after all. Some of which are very drastic in nature.
8/9/2016 c6 Gol
As much as Elsword keeps annoying people, you crank it WAY, and I MEAN WAY too far. It was okay at first, but afterwards it's getting really annoying to read.
Besides, you seem to often overlook Aisha's ego is just as bad as Elsword's annoyance. Yet you constantly berate him at almost every corner. In the novels because Aisha had her full powers, she was practically a show off who just loved flaunting her powers and greatness at nearly every corner.

Also if there's one problem a lot of writers keeps making its that as they never seem to think of people as they advanced.
Like depending on how they proceed, their character slowly starts to develop. In fact going by the game's sense of timing, most of them start to change by the time they hit the second town. Wondering what to do and their personalities start to differ.

Even in the novels, when Elsword was at his base class before he grew into the silent mature knight, he was annoying, but when his faults were pointed out, he got angry, but accepted it and tried to be better. If you call him weak, he'll acknowledge it.
If you call him stupid he'll get angry but also admit that he doesn't know much. Though he also states he'll try and learn from it.

Your Rena is fine.

Though you really need to tone down Aisha and Elsword's arguments, it's practically an overused gag at this point of time. To the point that it's more annoying and tedious to read about it.
8/2/2016 c5 25Yeelimso
FoR Velder you have elsword meeting elesis right? Since it's sort of following the gamessage story? Anyways, auestion. What are you going to do about the lanox arc when elesis is like we'll you the El lady?
7/27/2016 c4 23Jetstream Girge
Alright, all caught up. It's always nice to see someone do a retelling of the story; too many AUs in this archive. Very well written with few if any mistakes in the spelling and grammar department, which makes for an easy and pleasant read.

Now, while this is a retelling, I feel like it is very much a rehashing. Nothing in the first three chapters apart from Aisha's duel with Berthe really stood out. While it is important to stick to the story, I feel like it is also important to add in details that the game didn't to give it your own unique "signature." It didn't really start to feel unique until the 4th chapter where the characters finally sat down, literally and figuratively. And even then, it felt rushed, which is my biggest irk in this story: pacing. It is fast. Very fast. Maybe it's because I like to take my time and/or pack my chapters with lots of detail. But your updates, I feel, are trying to follow the canonical story so closely that they even adopted its pacing, which is awfully quick.

Now, the above gripes are solely based on my own opinions. Overall, this is a good story. I just feel like it can go to even higher heights with some additional touches. Best of luck to you! Until next time!
7/27/2016 c4 25Yeelimso
Yay! I'm enjoying this book thanks for the nice fanfic!

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