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7/25/2016 c1 4On the write lines
Having seen the film I never even thought about how Clint might have felt about his actions. It is understandable that he feels guilty and is questioning himself, why am I still here? The description of how each chip and scratch containing a memory was very effective. It comes across very clear that the bow means a lot to him and that he is devastated to find the crack.

The relationship between Natasha and Clint, whether romantic or friendship just makes good chemistry. They speak honestly to one another and know what will make a difference. It was nice to get some back story linked to Natasha about her insecurities and joining SHIELD.

Pink, yep she'd be good therapy for a lot of people in the Marvel universe!
7/25/2016 c1 16SilverChrysanth
I liked this piece of fanfiction. I'm not a huge nerd when it comes to Marvel or the Avengers, but everything seemed to fit with what I've seen of the movie. I did see some minor SPAG errors, but nothing that majorly impacted the story or wasn't already mentioned in another review.
It's interesting to see how Clint deals with the whole "mind-control" thing, especially since he remembers it and tried to fight back against it. It can be better to just not know what you did, since it can be such a devastating experience to be going against your morals and hurting people.
And you went a little in depth to that, and I liked how it kind of fit in tandem with the bow, something he felt was such a treasure, even if he never showed it. I'm not sure if that's his character or not from just the movies, but it seemed well enough. He could never be the same person, but like he mentioned melting his weapon down or something, he was still him.
I personally don't ship him and Natasha, but I think they're great as friends. They know each other, and what it takes to kind of cheer each other up.
"Maybe he wasn't the only one who needed a reminder of his old bow."
That was kind of confusing, but again, whether it was due to my partial ignorance or not I don't know. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be literally talking about a bow or not, so I can't really say.
But all in all, this was pretty good, and I enjoyed it. Your writing style is good, as is your dialogue. Well done, and good luck in the contest!
7/17/2016 c1 2Onyx076
Hello, Ice, and congrats on finishing your story for the contest. I must admit, and I don't mean to offend, but I stumbled a couple of times while reading through your story. A couple of sentences and your vocabulary choice threw me off a bit.

"Of a nighttime the destruction that had taken place a few days before didn't seem so bad."
The first 3 words of this sentence confused me a little. I had to go back and re-read it, but I still had a hard time figuring out what you meant.

"Not in terms of size, or damage. But those who told a particular story."
This should be one sentence. The first sentence is a dependent clause and cannot stand on its own. Therefore, it was a little choppy to read. **Not in terms of size or damage, but those who told a particular story.** I don't know. It's just my opinion. It makes it flow a little better. Also, you don't need a comma after "size" and before "damage," because of the conjunction "or." Technically, you don't need a comma before "but" because "but" is also a conjunction, and it links the dependent clause with the independent clause.

"And so the myriad of emotions being held back..."
I'm not sure if it's absolutely necessary, I would have to look it up, but I believe you would need a comma after the introductory phrase "and so." Again, I'm not sure on that one, but I think it needs to be there.
*And so, the myriad...* I like the usage of the word "myriad" here.

"A bottle of half drunk vodka..."
*Half drunk* sounds strange to me. I would swap out *drunk* with *empty.* It makes it sound a little smoother. I read *half drunk* and it makes me think of a hobo sucking liquor out of a bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag.
**A bottle of half empty vodka...**

There were a few others that sounded a little queer to me, but nothing major. Overall, I like what you did with Clint. It's a nice perspective on the toll that all of this killing and saving and defending actually takes on these characters. Heroics have a price, and to see Clint have this revelation that his actions really does have consequences is just fun to watch unfold. I also feel that, even though their interactions were brief, you captured Clint and Natasha quite well. Nicely done.

I'm going to stop now or else I'll write a damn book on your wall. I hope my critiques didn't offend as they were purely meant to be constructive. Again, nice job, and I look forward to more contributions from you, Ice.

7/16/2016 c1 2ShonenChicoBoy
Clintasha? But he already has a wife and three kids. Waaah

Anyway, pretty good story. Everything reads very smoothly and the dialogue seems pretty accurate to me. Not sure about the characterization entirely, Clint seemed a bit too sentimental for Clint in my opinion. Heh. But good job and good luck with the contest.
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