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2/2 c51 Guest
This is so good! you really write the characters pretty well. It is as if it could be one of the actual FOP episodes. I can't wait to see what happens next! I hope you can continue :)
8/31/2020 c48 OneTruthCup
So! This one-shot has been on my mind ever since I reread it. A lot of things that I didn’t catch the first time stood out to me, and it feels like high-time I shared my thoughts.

Firstly, the start of this chapter is probably one of your best openings, at least to me. I love stories that begin gradually, sneaking in exposition as characters preform normal actions. In this case I think that’s a particularly fitting tactic, because alongside introducing us to basic facts about gynes and the average lifestyle of young fairies in school, you also show this little quasi-family in a rather natural state, letting us witness the intimate details that are very important in a fic mostly about, you know, dysfunctional family. Without getting too detailed, I’ll say that the writing feels ‘smooth,’ in that most any reader can detect what these characters are like and what the situation is for them very quickly, while little touches of humor keep things entertaining.

Other small details, like Solara getting stung by wasps all the time, and both parents idiosyncrasies, also keep me interested, especially how it seems like Fergus gets some of his behavior from Solara, from some of her speech patterns, to a straightforward, headstrong attitude, to using ‘logical’ arguments all the time.

Similarly, it’s pretty fascinating to see, as a reader with the benefit of knowing the future, how all the events in this chapter eventually snowball into what we know as Origins. Before this, I didn’t have much to go on for imagining Solara as a character, except that she (A) has great hair and (B) couldn’t or wouldn’t stick around to raise Fergus. Now, some of the puzzle pieces finally fit together, and while I’m not ready to call her my favorite character of yours, I at least enjoy what I’ve seen so far. Her dialogue is distinctive, she’s playful and rambunctious excepting moments of fear and stress, and the way she plays off Ambrosine serves to round out BOTH of them for me. Here, she feels like a real person, as opposed to just a lingering specter/memory hanging over certain characters in Origins. Not that I dislike Solara being absent (I actually think giving Fergus a missing mother figure was a REALLy good call), but the distinction is hard to miss.

To be honest, all the characters we see here elevate my opinion of this chapter A LOT. I love callbacks, I love peeking into the past of side characters, and yes, I love drama, which these characters provide in spades.

Also, hooray for baby Fergus! Boring and snarky straight from the womb! Him and his ridiculous childhood are definitely a highlight for me here, and a lot of his lines have made this one-shot another favorite of mine.

As for Praxis, he’s just. So. Easy. To hate. Which conversely makes him easy to like from a story-telling perspective. You’ve hinted in his other appearances a little of WHY he acts in such a way without excusing him, in some ways using him to highlight and explain all sorts of negative, offensive, and/or bigoted ideas held by some fairies. He’s also a great character to create conflict, in this case attempting to “help” by killing Fergus, and in other ways existing as a good comparison to folks like Ambrosine and Grown-up-Fergus. For someone who doesn’t actually show up that much, I’ve always fo7nd it interesting just how much Praxis plays a role in Fergus’s life, specifically when it comes to his pixies and the ways H.P. strives to NOT be like Praxis. He’s everything Fergus despises and wants to move away from; senseless in his cruelty and stuck in outdated, old-fashioned, limiting tradition.

Hmm. There’s a lot I could add here, mostly about the character traits you’ve showcased here. There really is a lot that I enjoy while reading this, but I’m having trouble putting it all into concrete terms. Still, my consensus is this: this is a humorous, engaging one-shot that utilizes a number of OCs in wonderful, interesting ways. Alongside Origins and your usual FOP verse in general, I’ve been given more insight into personalities, pasts, culture, and, perhaps most importantly, why H.P. grew up the way he did. There’s a lot going in here, but that’s my take from this. Good job!
12/15/2019 c51 OneTruthCup
Gosh fudging darn it! I posted my review without finishing it. *sigh* here’s the rest.

Anyway, I especially liked how you extrapolated on Foop’s character. He makes a number of questionable decisions, over and over, sometimes calculated beforehand but also a lot of scrambling to make things better, and it’s kind of heart wrenching to witness. He’s smart, but by and large a child with all the immaturity, lack of experience, and emotional vulnerability that implies, plus a heaping ton of baggage. That fact is exemplified even more by certain scenes you added here, such as him trying to roost in Anti-Pixie Isle, the many recollections of his time with Chloe and Kevin, the way he interacts with AW and Smoky. Additionally, I could very much pick up the insecurities and fears of abandonment when Hap was around. And that Hap and Anti-pixie interaction? Very informative. I think I picked up a few clues of what happens in your timeline from it.

And, for all that you made Foop sympathetic, you also didn’t shy away from his more “evil” qualities. The offhand mentions of torturing someone and experimenting on people were all the stronger for how they didn’t linger. It says something about a character when that’s just a regular Tuesday for them; when even members of his own species have to rein him back in; when Foop himself admits that he can’t always tell when he’s crossed a line, and that sometimes he thinks his actual feelings don’t line up with what he thinks he SHOULD be feeling. Which, you know, is complicated.

I also feel like I just watched a chunk of Foop’s innocence and stability go down the drain, so THAT’S depressing. Smokey on the other hand just kind of fades into the background after a scene or two, and to me that implies that he’s been COMPARATIVELY sheltered from just how tough everything is, how his mother is coping, and just how much Foop has been forced to grow up. That, or he just adapts better.

The two other characters I feel very bad for here are AW and Hap, for what I assume are obvious reasons.

AW, for one thing, is incredibly strong for a long while, and it’s honestly difficult to watch through Foop’s eyes the way she slowly breaks down/is forced to make so many tough decisions. In your last separate One-shot I saw her as troubled but still very much ALIVE, with friends, family, and other bright spots in life, but here it just comes across as one long stretch of slowly dying inside. Or at least, that’s how Foop sees it. He finale ct f kindness for her certainly gives a peek into how he views things.

As for Hap, I knew this was what the future held to some extent, but it’s still a bit crushing to realize just how much animosity blooms between Anti-pixies and their counterparts. He’s a good guy deep down, albeit with his own baggage, so seeing him struggle in so many ways for various reasons is, quite simply, sad. The concept of friendliness between counterparts was always a favorite tidbit of mine, too.

That said, I think this one-shot tapped into a few specific fear of mine, which made it all the more engaging. I could relate and fear deeply for the characters here. There’s probably more I could add, but maybe we could just discuss in a PM? I also have some questions/comments that might be fun to talk about.

Anyway though, this was sad, but fun. Your authors note at least gave me some hope for the future. Does this mean that in all the one shots that take place after, AW isn’t doing well health wise?
12/15/2019 c51 OneTruthCup
For all that this was incredibly hard to read, I have to say that this just might be one of my new Foop-centric stories of yours. I actually held myself back from reading this immediately because the summary implied it would be a bit of a gut punch, and boy was my intuition right!

Seriously, when I say that this was difficult to read, I mean it. I didn’t tear up at all, but from the tone, to Foop and Hiccup’s perspective, to all the DAMAGE done to EVERYONE, it left a heavy feeling in my gut, the kind that’s sad and fearful and almost like akin to grief. The latter might sound silly, but after getting invested in these characters and their lives it was hard NOT to be affected by this whole situation. At some points it felt like you had thrust them into, more or less, a dystopian future with a side of emotional pummeling. I mean, you put them through the ringer here, for all that some of this could have possibly been avoided.

I won’t talk about the twist at the end, because I don’t want to spoil if for anyone reading, but still. An amazing, very surprisingly blow. Cathartic, in some ways, but ultimately it begs the question of how anything will ever be okay between these characters ever again.

Like Foop, counting the years AC had been gone, more and more, over and over with all those damn handkerchiefs, felt honestly draining. I didn’t know the whole story at first, but I could honestly empathize with him; the guilt, the added responsibility, the whole in life left behind, always adding up. I especially like how you took the time to lay out some of Foop’s vulnerabilities. He’s a kid with troubled youth and skewed moral compass, trying to make the best decisions he can, for all that some of those decisions
9/19/2019 c33 OneTruthCup
[below is an old review I just found on my computer, one I MEANT to post a long time ago. We’ve already chatted about some of the things I mention here, so you don’t have to reply if you don’t want to. My feelings on the prompt are up to date though!]

First and foremost, this has to be one of THE saddest one-shots I’ve ever read, for ANYTHING, period. It’s not even soley the circumstances that Sanderson is describing; its how he’s reacting, and the mindset of his, that I find heartbreaking. I’ve honestly teared up a few times reading this, and I don’t consider myself a big cry-er when it comes to literature.

The pure, unadulterated obsession that drives Sanderson here is both amazing and pitiful. His unhealthy focus on gaining H.P’s love and attention is affecting every facet of his life, and he barely, if at all, realizes the negative aspects of such a notion. He says he’s not a drone that crashes and burns, and yet that’s exactly what’s happening. What’s more, this whole prompt makes me feel like Sanderson’s life is a rollercoaster between gnawing, bitter, multi-faceted dissatisfaction and the elation he feels when H.P. gives him even an ounce of attention. It doesn’t even have to be an unusual amount of attention from a gyne to a drone, just something approaching the minimum of meeting Sanderson’s needs.

To be honest, that strikes a very personal chord for me, because I don’t think a person has any right to demand excessive worship or praise just for doing the bare minimum. Sanderson kisses the ground H.P. walks on partly because he’s a drone, yes, but also because he’s under the impression that just because he wasn’t (successfully) murdered by H.P. as an infant or deprived of basic needs, H.P is some selfless, benevolent guy. Because OF COURSE Sanderson is some terrible burden that H.P. has to put up with, and not someone with needs who’s trying his best.

Of course, that’s not to say H.P. doesn’t have his hands full, that his life was a walk in the park, and I’d like to think he doesn’t INTENTIONALLY make Sanderson feel this way (at least not entirely). H.P. is one of my favorite characters within your fics, just behind Sanderson, and I get it, you know? Your ‘verse especially reflects that life is complicated, and it’s not like Fergus woke up one day and decided he’d systematically isolate and abuse Sanderson or something. But that still doesn’t make everything better, now does it? Sanderson still seems one stones throw away from a total mental breakdown, and the parting line of not being able to “live like this anymore” doesn’t exactly reassure me otherwise. He’s pushing away everyone around him, barely eating (and probably neglecting more needs than that too), his self esteem is somehow both low AND inflated, and at this point his life seems to comprise solely of an unhealthy, somewhat one sided fixation on H.P, with less and less of his own identity and nature shining through. Just obsession. Just this crazy “task blindness” which practically detaches him from reality. He doesn’t even balk at being called a “snatter,” at being degraded and manipulated, at such, for lack of another word, abuse. Like certain things I’m reminded of in real life, Sanderson probably sees it as there being highs and lows, good times and bad times, 1 great day among 100 which makes it all “worth it.” That sort of thing kills me.

Speaking of, something else that really gets me in this prompt is Sanderson’s eating disorder and his negative body image. I mean, pretty much everything here stabs me in the heart in some way (his relationship with Longwood and other pixies, his fantasies, the implications in him listening to H.P’s clothes washing and drying) but something about this in particular grabs my attention/heart strings. As I write this I’m pretty sleepy, so I’m having trouble pinning my feelings down; forgive the rambling.
Part of my feelings, I think, is because I’ve caught onto the implications; he doesn’t like who he is in a lot of ways, and that supposedly effects his magic and general health. It’s no wonder he can’t manage to fit his suits properly if his mind, magic, and body are under attack at the same time.

More than that though, it might be because the justification of it all just feels so... hopeless. And not just in regards to eating itself, but also the rest of Sanderson’s life. As if, deep down, he’s talking about more than maintaining a healthy body. Like he feels there’s no use to much of anything, no solution to his problems, no point trying to change anything about his life, because really, what is there to change? He’s fine right? H.P. makes him happy, doesn’t he? He’ll get through it, of course, why wouldn’t he?

Not once throughout this list of grievances does Sanderson ever even IMPLY he has a potential solution to fix any of his issues, if he even registers them as such at all. He’s a big thinker, and yet he doesn’t ask himself how he might become healthier, how he could fix things with H.P, how he could feel better about himself and his job. The closest he gets to a “solution” in his head is when he blames Longwood for everything, but that just feels more like a focal point for all the unhappiness, frustration, and rage Sanderson’s feeling that he probably can’t justify sending towards H.P. even though he’s the focus of most things. It’s like, if he has to blame someone, why NOT Longwood, when he’s there and it’s so easy to do? Maybe if Fergus wasn’t constantly feeding into Sanderson’s insecurities, things would be a little easier for those two.

Kind of abrupt now, but something else that strikes me about Sanderson and his disorder here is that, in universe, I imagine he doesn’t seem like “the sort” to those around him, and that’s a dangerous situation, in my opinion. I’m not sure how it works in your FOP verse, but generally speaking I don’t think many people picture a guy like Sanderson (or his personal motivations) when they think of someone with an eating disorder. He’s a guy, for one thing, and generally a self assured, abrasive one at that. His personality is one that doesn’t easily paint itself in people’s minds as liable to such pitfalls. If he were to come out and say, “me eating is a waste of money,” “I don’t deserve to eat,” or “i don’t need to/I’m too busy” then I think more than half the people around him would take it as a bad joke. Sanderson’s thought processes, too, are just so insidious in their justifications that it’s striking.

Without you even saying it explicitly, I can tell how those types of thoughts have steadily worked their way into Sanderson’s mind, to the point where he probably doesn’t even realize how harmful or untrue they are. I guess I just want to compliment you on writing such a thing, is all. I’ve grown to like Sanderson and H.P. so much. I like the idea of them hanging out, working together, and enjoying the other’s company, but I wonder at this point if it’s good for either of them to even remain together. At the very least, I think Sanderson needs some temporary space to get his life together, to reprioritize and build himself up again, to reach out for some support outside H.P. but, given his priorities, that probably won’t happen anytime soon.

In total though, you can probably tell this prompt strongly affected me. Just when I think I can’t be any MORE invested in a fictional character, you up and do the impossible, leaving me teary eyed. And that, dear author, is what I consider to be a hallmark of great writing; something that leaves an impression. Great job!
11/20/2018 c50 86Bookworm Gal
Very nice work on this chapter. It was emotionally painful watching their conversation, when Betty is talking about her future plans and is missing half the information about their past (good-bye, magic-related memories). And during this, we're getting hints about Gary's plotting. He's got a plan and Crocker developing a portal sparked some type of reaction. I am very excited to see what he has in mind, even if it is going to take a long time.
11/20/2018 c50 28Jet Engine
I forgot all about that polar bear, and I love your characterization of him. He's a freak in the best way.

Seems like those dorks have some issues to work out, and I'm not just talking about the business. They're trying their best. Or, dare I say, trying too hard?

The hiatus is gonna suck, but I'm glad we got this prompt for the time being. We need more fics about Gary and Betty. They're such underappreciated characters.
10/24/2018 c49 Jet Engine
After I finish typing this review, I'm giving Poof a hug. Poor guy's got a lot on his plate.

Hopefully things work out okay with Goldie. Sounds to me like Poof's discovering the wonderful world of asexuality, and considering he's a gyne and he's dating a wisp... Yeah, that's complicated. But, at least he has such loving parents.

On a happier note, I can't decide what amuses me more, the one-liners or the bee porn.
10/23/2018 c49 86Bookworm Gal
That was intense. Lots of stress for a certain purple fairy. And some interesting foreshadowing. You are always good at that. Very nice work.
10/13/2018 c48 OneTrueCup
With total sincerity, I can say you have RUINED Fairly Oddparent fanfics for me. I mean that in the best way possible of course. I don’t really read many in the first place, but from here on out I doubt I’ll ever think of these characters in another way. Seriously, this is a show I haven’t even thought of in years, and yet now I’m finding myself with the desire to read all your other works and then watch some of the episodes. As if that’s not enough of an accomplishment, I’m leaving a review here, an act I usually carry out when I find something extremely bad or extremely good (you’re in the latter category of course). Of all the many overlooked writers I’ve found on the internet, you definitely rank pretty high up on my list. Please, never stop writing.
9/3/2018 c1 LQEYc
Veri n1c3H5Ist0ridr
8/16/2018 c48 28Jet Engine
Whew. That was a doozy. Gotta love a good backstory chapter.

I love the dynamic between Ambrosine and Solara. Poor girl's trying her best. And, Fergus learning how to fly is both fun and terrifying. Also, Praxis is a jerk, and I hate him. :)
8/14/2018 c48 86Bookworm Gal
The drama surrounding the circumstances of teen parents... Or at least the fairy equivalent. But that was intense in the latter half of the chapter. This was definitely not a healthy relationship for anyone. No one involved was in a good place. Lots of emotional stress too. Wow... Nice work.
7/10/2018 c47 28Jet Engine
Every time I think I've found my favorite chapter, you go and update this series. Stop making me choose, you sicko! XD

But, seriously, it's fun to read stuff from Hiccup's point of view. He's such a colorful and underappreciated character. You write him well, and I hope to see more of him in the future.
7/10/2018 c47 86Bookworm Gal
Okay, the ID bracelet thing to help people figure out which personality is in control is a brilliant idea. It works so well and is a small enough thing that it doesn't take much effort to deal with. And I'm glad that Hiccup got to have that nice lunch with his mom. Sometimes you just need to spend time with someone who loves you and won't judge you. Especially when dealing with emotional issues. And crushes. Brilliant work.
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