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for Goh Forth and Conquer

10/25/2016 c5 3Eon The Zoroark
That was a real grest battle scene between Norma and Goh. Can't wait to see more battles like this!
9/19/2016 c3 5WordBirdNerd
Out of curiosity: What's the goal of all the battling and gyms in this story? How were poké balls developed? Do they work on animals or anything else?

OC for you:
Name: Becca Bear
Gender: female
Appearance: Dark hair, tan skin, large frame, sturdy build, dresses like a young adult trying to fit in at a high school or college, keeps her hair and clothes neat.
Personality: Reliable, loyal, hardworking, scrappy, pessimistic. Friendly but not warm. Quick to anger in defense of those she cares about or her personal safety, but doesn't fight for dominance or for the sake of it. She's trying not to get involved in team rivalry because she thinks it's pointless and doesn't want to make enemies, but sometimes gets drawn in by getting angry when someone insults her team or a friend's. Nervous about pokémon, engaging with them out of a drive to confront and master her fear, which isn't working that well. The idea that the world is suddenly full of superpowered monsters terrifies her. She does sort of feel safer training her own - they seem so loyal, and it's better than fearing a big unknown "out there," right? - but she doesn't like the situation one bit.
Team: Valor
Nidoran, female, skittish around strangers
Poliwag, male, curious, makes noises a lot
8/6/2016 c3 23St Elmo's Fire
Name: Char

Gender: Whatever.

Appearance: They look about ten to twelve years old. They have chin-length mahogany hair, bright red eyes, and pale skin with rosy cheeks. They have a waifish build, and are below average in both height and weight. By default, they wear a thin smile that doesn't reach their eyes. They are androgynous enough in appearance and dress that people who expect to be able to tell someone's gender just by looking at them will be very confused. Their outfit consists of a crimson sweater, brown shorts, and a heart-shaped "Best Friends Forever" locket they wear everywhere. The sweater is worn and has dark brown stains, probably from mud or something. In cold weather, they'll add a ketchup-stained blue zipper hoodie and a large orange scarf, but they will not change their outfit otherwise.

Personality: Char has an abrasive personality and is not good at hiding it. They talk coldly, stiltedly, and flatly. They don't waste words, but they display a large vocabulary for someone their age that is both impressive and a little unnerving. They smile and laugh at inappropriate times, especially when other people are suffering. They don't like or care about any of the people around them, and are not good at pretending to. Anyone who is put off by that sort of thing will probably not want to work with, help, or even be around them.

When Char decides to do something, they do it no matter what and against all odds. They have a high pain tolerance and no undue regard for their own body, so they don't tend to be slowed down by fear for their own well-being or by non-debilitating injuries. They have an uncanny ability to predict what their opponents will do before they do it.

If they are alone with a human or group of humans that they can hurt or kill and get away with it, they will do so. Their main method of doing so is to place lures in back alleys and other secluded areas, attracting unsuspecting victims.

If they are in a situation where they have to interact non-violently with other humans, they will attempt to play nice out of self-preservation. As mentioned above, they aren't particularly good at it.

For now, they're just playing, exploring things and trying to get stronger. It's hilarious how people travel around alone except for their pokemon and aren't really expected to be anywhere in particular by a given time, so it takes ages for anyone to notice if they go missing.

Sometimes they may be caught speaking to someone who doesn't appear to be there. They talk about what they want to do next, what the other person wants them to do next, how much fun they are or aren't having. They are always facing south when they do this.

Their pokemon level unusually fast, and they can somehow intuit that major characters are more important than the rank and file.

They always carry a knife. They are not from around here.

Team: Valor

Pokemon: (None of Char's pokemon have nicknames.)

Venusaur: Overexcited puppy. Utterly adores Char and tries to imitate them whenever possible, but he's too wussy to really pull it off. He acts really tough and intimidating and loves to make scary faces, but his confident facade will crumple in the face of extreme danger. He makes incredibly gruesome and morbid threats to other pokemon about how he'll kill them and everyone they love, but they're so over-the-top they're often hard to take seriously. Perpetually bored and craves entertainment; he considers fighting alongside Char to be the best fun he's ever had. He enjoys killing people and is extremely powerful.

Magikarp: Adores Char much like the meganium does, but lacks the strength to commit. He claims he would do anything for Char and earnestly believes it, but if Char pushes him to do something really dangerous he might balk. He's obedient, but kind of a wuss and a crybaby. He is a little unnerved by how murderous Char is and sometimes wondered if they were doing the right thing, but Char has convinced him it's for the best and that humans are just evil monsters. And if Char says something is true, then it must be! He's still too squeamish to kill humans directly, a fact that Char finds to be a great disappointment. They're working on it.

Scyther: Determined. Will fight to the absolute limit. Has a strong sense of justice; Char has exploited this by convincing her that all trainers are evil and enslave their pokemon, so by killing them she's a liberator. In fairness, trainers don't do a very good job of disproving this stereotype.

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