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6/17 c21 2CMVreud
It's nice to see Calvert being a productive member of society.

And why do I get the feeling of Zack trying to become a Space Worm?
6/17 c24 Firelink Set
Simurgh rickeolling the chinese capes is about the best tjing i read this week
6/14 c3 the ratman
Just bravo.
(P.S. I can't see Zachary as anybody but Jerma for some reason)
6/12 c18 CMVreud
Wait, it's actually bernie and a bit of... shit, what was the name of that time loop movie with that Harvey bunny-costume indian (native) and certified insane protagonist?
6/12 c16 CMVreud
"I'm thinking of maybe putting that intuitive understanding of the human body to use by illustrating how it can come apart in the worst possible ways. Horror movies and the like. Trust me, when it comes to that aspect, I have seen it all."

Now that's a funny if I ever heard one.

And Calvert... heh, just think about it. Deathstroke with a time-splitting power.
He has the money and the resources to pull it off.
6/12 c15 CMVreud
Nobody's going to be able to accuse me of being biased even when it comes to my own daughter, no sir!
It's a seldom feeling reading this, but it goes down like oil.

And the running gag with the jacket? I like it.
But somehow it would be both awesome and... [unprintable] if Amelia would trigger again, just with a different Marquis-esque power.
6/12 c14 CMVreud
It's not like half of Brockton Bay even knows what my face looks like. I bet I could get stuck in a
bank robbery and not even be recognised by the robbers.

HA! Nice one. But Amy ranting is always that triple-bladed sword of elation, sadness and M/S screening.

"What do you want from me?" he whispered. "What do I need to do?"

That he really needed so long...
6/12 c13 CMVreud
Eidolon says "Zachary", but what I hear is "Dinkleberg".
6/12 c12 CMVreud
Animos turned back to human. "That's not possible," he insisted. "He shouldn't be able to do that."
Deja vu? XD

What was going to happen next?
Murphy at work. OOoooh~ Can Zack have the last name 'Murphy'?
6/12 c11 CMVreud
I hope Amelia will get better.
6/12 c10 CMVreud
Coils life now: If "weekends at Bernies" was a horror movie.
I wonder if it's Levi or Ziz idea.
Jk, who cares. Can't happen to a nice bag of shit.
6/12 c9 CMVreud
Wonderful chapter.
6/11 c7 CMVreud
"It's an infiltrator into society. It's got a Master/Stranger rating as well as a Brute rating. Step away from it, miss. I don't want you getting hurt by accident."

"Oh, for crying out loud!" I shouted, getting more irritated by the second. "Seriously, did you not hear me before? He's not a parahuman. He doesn't have powers! I mean, even if he is an Endbringer, look at him! He's Zach!"

I laughed like a lunatic at that. Thank the gods it's 11 a.m.
6/11 c6 CMVreud
"I don't forget stuff like this. How is it even happening? Does he have a Stranger power?"
"Uh, no, how can he?" I spread my hands. "He's not a parahuman, remember?"

"Hello, Alexandria! Hello, Father! It is so good to meet you both at last!"

Ah, yes. The other side of the family.
6/11 c5 CMVreud
Wasn't TAGG a Ziz-bomb?

And letting an 'escalator' take over a situation where you DEFINITELY DON'T wanto escalate seems kinda counterproductive.

I bet that joke earlyer about throwing normal people towards the PRT building...
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