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6/9 c15 Guest
6/9 c15 Guest

Heroes of the Storm
6/9 c15 Guest
With her queen administrator and like Noelle but like vampire hunter D invisible/visible at will electoo/tattoo instead of tumor
6/8 c15 Guest
Atom Eve power like
6/7 c15 Guest
Want to see the Fallen beaten as well
6/6 c15 Guestinator
Next part - Glory is annoyed and goes out this night and ends up hurting someone too much. Calling Amy in a panic she realizes that Amy can't fix her fuck ups any more. Panic, desperation, guilt.
6/6 c15 Guest
Still want to see Taylor infinite multitask queen administer maybe her create a VI gynoid cybernetic brain polity/culture

Fortnite creative app on a mirror/crystal post scarcity for everyone
6/3 c11 Guest
Zach's got multiple truths there when he told Dennis when he learned his name; especially considering that it could easily be said he learned it in the class they shared earlier in this chapter. While Dennis didn't introduce himself there despite Zach showing that he knew his name, the fact that roll-call happened prior to that kind of makes that a moot point.

'Course Dennis probably doesn't even remember the precise wording from there. Probably Zach's stranger effect messing with him a bit as well.
6/2 c15 Guest
6/2 c15 FanGirl01
So... Amy doesn't have powers now?
6/4 c15 3grovepjp
6/3 c15 osterreicher97
Huh... interesting... wonder where this will go since this is a pretty big change to an important character, and it might not gone down well for her in the court of public opinion unfortunately as people have gotten to her being one of the best options for "quick fixes to their ills".
6/3 c15 LordGrimstorm
Woot! A reasonable Carol! I always like running into those. Here's to hoping that Vicky comes around and is no longer a stink.

I had to laugh at the "give Taylor ALL the powers" thing with the gloves. Eventually, she'll be one stylin', very powerful, non-cape.

Thanks for the update, it was quite amusing.
6/3 c15 4hvm2k2
Maybe this will get the stick out of Brandish's ass where Amy is concerned.
6/3 c15 13ProfessorPedant
Very nice. With this story you get away with the broadest of comedy and the most brokenly overpowered character, but still make it interesting enough to read and want more.

You have a gift. (Or is it a burden)

Thanks for sharing.
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