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9/13 c19 Guest
I really like this story. Funny as hell. Especially the end of this chapter, Badass Piggot is Badass
9/13 c9 6TheClowningPrince
So, in essence, Zach is Worm’s answer to One Punch Man. Nice
9/12 c19 MagniThorsen
I'm glad you posted another chapter of this story as it's one of the best of its type out there. Zach's inability to understand people all that well gives him a degree of vulnerability most ridiculously overpowered characters lack. More, please. Much, much more.
9/12 c19 jayod
Nicenice. Great update. Looking forward to more.
9/11 c16 MagniThorsen
And so a single act of goodness illuminates the darkness of Coil's soul. Like a candle in the night. On Pluto. A good 20 minutes before the sun starts burning.

It's cold out there.
9/9 c19 Superman
9/11 c19 2Kaiya Azure
Sneaky, but at least Emily doesn't have to worry about keeling over before Nilbog is finally dealt with.
9/11 c12 MagniThorsen
I almost feel sorry for Coil at this point.

Almost. Then I remember what an utter bastard he is and all I can think is 'ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!'

Does that make me a bad person?
9/11 c19 2Jack Inqu
Good riddance to Heartbreaker; Coil is finally becoming useful.

I'm definitely curious as to the circumstances behind Zachary eventually leaving Taylor; what kind of situation will she need to be in for him to be satisfied?

Catharsis time for Piggot. This should be fun...

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
9/9 c19 Guest
9/9 c19 Guest
9/9 c19 QSK
As an old Soldier who was not given a chance to make right a lost engagement this struck very close to the heart.
9/10 c19 3grovepjp
9/9 c19 DiveLord
Oh now THIS I gotta see. Letting Emily Piggot have another go at Nilbog with the guarantee that his deadman’s switch can’t go off and she personally won’t be infected/converted/consumed? This is gonna be ALL the catharsis.

Also, Dragon now has a literal town’s worth of low sapient, trainable AI/Nanomachine/Robot nightmares to train and deploy on her own tasks. This is a perfectly reasonable outcome to sightseeing in Tennessee.
9/9 c19 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
That was awesome
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