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4/14 c14 8RHJunior
Biggest issue i have...
Bullshit powers or no bullshit powers, Amy's wrong. The connection between brain structure and personality is so complex and subtle as to be virtually arcane; the same tweaked neuron that induces placidity in one person will induce mania in another, and no way to predict what the results would be. The mind, the face of the Soul if one must, is more than the arrangement of neurons and tissues. It is the lifetime of experiences, choices made and lessons learned. She could line up the E88 and lobotomize them, or screw up their brains so they couldn't control their emotional highs or lows, or afflict the mind within with a thousand different alterations to the brain- but she couldn't take away who they were. Literally rewriting the mind by fiddling with the brain, making them into a new person? A God You Are Not, Amy.
4/14 c14 3Sefera
Very Good As Always!
4/14 c14 2Kaiya Azure
I wonder how long that agreement will last given the circumstances.
4/14 c14 199Marcus Rowland
Vicky is going to want some ridiculous cosmetic makeover, isn't she?
4/14 c14 3grovepjp
4/14 c14 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
4/14 c14 1YeTianshi
Is this a result of Vicky's personality, or is her shard going overdrive on the whole "conflict generation"?

Either way, fun read :D
4/14 c14 16zigmas
Glory HOLE (not my idea, you know that) in her GORY glory, indeed.

I wonder whether Khonsachary can ALTER powers, though.
Like, inverting Amy's Manton Limit, for one, loool.
Cause I don't care what anyone says - Marchioness is still MORE BADASS.
Even if it only left her with the Alien Impersonation power, ya know.
4/14 c14 paueorr
I can hear it now:
"I let Zachary take away my powers," announced Amy Dallon. "I've never been so relieved."

Piggot's eyes bulged. "M/S Protocols, right now!"
4/5 c13 LordGrimstorm
Hahaha! This chapter was hilarious! I very much enjoyed it. Thanks, Ack!
4/4 c13 I will read almost anything
this is art
4/4 c13 Bubblezmith
4/4 c13 107thManiac
Zach learning comedy is one of the cutest character arcs I've read XD

Also happy to see Taylor using some of her new powers, and was amused at the reactions to her having any at all. The funny thing is, if they were just open to Zach and Taylor then everything would go much smoother, but they can't because they're not trusting him at all.
4/1 c13 Peter
Eidolon is angry.
4/1 c13 Guest
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