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1/16 c4 Miss Militia
Zach is OP even by Endbringer standards. Although he may not be as strong and tough as the others, I don't think he has as much hidden mass as they have, no other Endbringer can manipulate the powers of the parahumans. Would this ability work on Scion too?
1/16 c11 Tulip Olsen
"Saying that to the wrong person could get her family hurt"

I miss the Hess family.
1/14 c11 Bubblezmith
Gotta love the chaos factor.
1/12 c11 Jayreed19
Nice one! I just assumed that this story ended and then you put 2 (or 3?) new chapters, great.
1/8 c11 HHH
I love Vicky and Amy.
1/8 c11 Guest
I feel sorry for Bonesaw.
1/10 c5 Svenion
Nice use of dynamic entry! i ducked and rolled to make sure Guy wasn't about to boot me in the head.
1/7 c11 Guest
1/7 c11 Guest
It constantly amuses me how much fun I have with this story.
Endbringers are fun
1/9 c11 2Kaiya Azure
I wonder if Dennis will report to the PRT about the conversation. On the bright side, Zach appears to have gotten a foot in the door with Amy. Definitely curious as to how things might unfold from there.
1/8 c11 1Snappy Flowah

1/6 c1 Random Guest
Okay so Eidolon literally created Caboose from Red vs Blue? Sure why not.
1/8 c11 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
1/8 c11 3grovepjp
1/8 c11 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
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