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1/22 c11 woodcutterw
Another excellent chapter. Just laugh out loud enjoyable.
1/19 c11 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
I'm going to have to make a new word for this. I'm going to call it Fawsome. As in, Fucking Awesome
1/18 c11 4kingpariah
Im caught up! Woooo!

The title makes it seem like it'll be an absurd story - in the random nonsense but still good kind of way - but i shouldve figured the story would have a *plan*. How ive read all your fics in the past days and not make that connection is beyond me. I blame lack of sleep due to reading youe numerous and wondrous stories. (Grin)

Taylor is now in arcadia and having a better day than ever. Panacea and glory girl seem to be next help list. Afterr all, if they dont have issues, theyre not a threat to taylor.

Looking forward to next chapter.
1/18 c3 kingpariah
(Laughs) well this fic doesnt dissapoint. But thats not a surprise is it? You do amazing work.

I know the narrative has Zachary named after sophia former crush, but i cant help but notice the similar... intonation? To the word "security"

Dang! Zach just swatted the trio like flies! And the heroes too! Poor heroes, but at same time, they deserve it for being so negligent with Sophia.

(Laughs) wow! Assault got slapped to boston and zach takes taylor home by jumping good. Nice!
1/16 c4 Miss Militia
Zach is OP even by Endbringer standards. Although he may not be as strong and tough as the others, I don't think he has as much hidden mass as they have, no other Endbringer can manipulate the powers of the parahumans. Would this ability work on Scion too?
1/16 c11 Tulip Olsen
"Saying that to the wrong person could get her family hurt"

I miss the Hess family.
1/14 c11 Bubblezmith
Gotta love the chaos factor.
1/12 c11 Jayreed19
Nice one! I just assumed that this story ended and then you put 2 (or 3?) new chapters, great.
1/8 c11 HHH
I love Vicky and Amy.
1/8 c11 Guest
I feel sorry for Bonesaw.
1/10 c5 Svenion
Nice use of dynamic entry! i ducked and rolled to make sure Guy wasn't about to boot me in the head.
1/7 c11 Guest
1/7 c11 Guest
It constantly amuses me how much fun I have with this story.
Endbringers are fun
1/9 c11 2Kaiya Azure
I wonder if Dennis will report to the PRT about the conversation. On the bright side, Zach appears to have gotten a foot in the door with Amy. Definitely curious as to how things might unfold from there.
1/8 c11 1Snappy Flowah

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