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1/6 c1 Random Guest
Okay so Eidolon literally created Caboose from Red vs Blue? Sure why not.
1/8 c11 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
1/8 c11 3grovepjp
1/8 c11 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
1/7 c11 AzureLazuli
Very fun :D
1/7 c11 jayod
Nice nice
1/7 c11 osterreicher97
Lol... bigger fish indeed.
1/7 c11 8Quathis
The boy is getting better at subtlety as he learns more about people through observation. Perception filtering abilities aside, Zach is learning how to guide people rather than just act on them. Not sure how comforting that would be in other circumstances, but this was a fun chapter with their first hours at Arcadia. Until next time.
1/7 c11 2Jack Inqu
Zach, the friendly Endbringer, fixing the world of Worm a few capes at a time.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
1/7 c11 3Sefera
Very Good! I look for to more should you choose to continue it!
1/7 c11 LordGrimstorm
Nice! This was a really good chapter of this story. Really enjoying it. Thanks!
1/7 c11 LeoniLiponscovi2
Awesome fic! It hilarious and amazing!
1/7 c11 gremlin914
Thank you for the new chapter. While Zack is OP, the fact that the story is slow paced and the conflicts are not the primary focus makes it enjoyable. Looking forward to more.
1/7 c11 DiveLord
I just love this story. The walking plot device is just trying to make Taylor happy and in one day she’s already starting to open back up. It’s because she knows. Zach could baste anyone who upset her, but it’s still progress.
1/7 c11 Sebine
Zach is so cute xD
Eat it, Vicky.
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