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for I'm HALPING!

7/9 c17 notanyone19
"unclench those asscheecks" lmaoooo
7/9 c17 Temsen
She could resolve the matter herself.
She could still handle this.

Of course, no even AIs are safe from Zach's 'perception filter', heh.
7/9 c17 199Marcus Rowland
That's REALLY going to worry a lot of people. Sucks to be them! ;-)
7/9 c17 paueorr
Goodbye, Teacher; we hardly knew ye.

7/9 c17 16zigmas
Can't wait for who ese does what, hehehe.
Also, didn't know that Momster was bothering Conchessa.
Well, not anymore, lol.
Can't wait for the next update, yay!
7/6 c16 Bubblezmith
6/25 c16 Yogiri
This is just after locker incident, meaning it's still January right? Canary shouldn't be in Birdcage yet, seeing as how she got taken to Birdcage along with Lung and Bakuda.

Birdcage shouldn't be so easy to enter. Considering Dragon can reverse engineer any tinkertech and fit Birdcage with it, I would definitely expect a device to block teleportation.

Other than that, loved the chapter. Carol eventually redeemed herself in Worm and saw Amy as her daughter originally, so it's not difficult to expect her doing the same here. Coil is becoming a favourite character quickly, I will be cheering for him from now on. Unless he goes against Zach of course. Lustrum and Glaistig Uaine too have been portrayed perfectly.
6/20 c16 Guest
Aw yeah Glaistig Uaine's powers
6/21 c16 Armiture
Well, those were some interesting developments and I'm curious as to why Mama Mathers was left alive; well beyond having her appear on every TV in existence ordering everyone to ignore her from now on. I feel a little bad for laughing at Creep taking Eligos out but it struck me as hilariously funny for some reason.

It will be interesting to see how much of the Birdcage gets out by giving up their powers.

Thanks for the thought provoking chapter!
6/17 c16 Guest
So cool

more please
6/17 c16 Guest
Alright Canary and Lustrum

take that Fallen jerks
6/18 c16 Tork01
Carol being a good parent two chapters in a row? Forget Simurgh showing up, this is a sign of impending apocalypse! I'm beginning to like Creep now, very strange. And the mess with the birdcage will only invite more attention from the various powers that be.
6/18 c8 7hjcallipygian
Holy shit, I haven't even read the rest of the chapter but Zack saying nothing in great detail made me literally laugh out loud (and then try to explain what was funny to my kids, which was great). This is fucking hilarious.
6/18 c16 gremlin914
Weirder and better every chapter.
6/17 c16 2Jack Inqu
Well, that's two major problems taken care of; who's next on the list?

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
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