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6/17 c16 corvair jay
Well, I am a bit skeptical about Carol's portrayal, but - still fun.
And Coil is making himself useful...
6/17 c16 10feauxen
Even working for the side of angels, the Simurgh is still terrifying as fuck.
6/17 c16 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
6/17 c16 AzureLazuli
Fantastic! :D
6/17 c16 107thManiac
It is now my head canon that the Simurgh has a normal sized, normal cell phone.
6/17 c16 3grovepjp
6/17 c16 Sebine
Coil needs to change his diaper after that.
6/17 c16 199Marcus Rowland
I wonder if Dragon knows they are in the Birdcage? And what her reaction will be?

Coil's next task will probably be even worse ;-)
6/17 c16 JanessaVR
Hmmm...looks like Coil's "work release program" is hunting down the S-Class threats.

And people are going to *freak* about the whole Birdcage thing. Actually, why isn't Dragon slapping the Big Red Button (TM) for "Birdcage Escape in Progress!" right now?
6/17 c16 14ProfessorPedant
More fun. Thanks for sharing. Is this an illustration of the exponential properties of OP?
6/17 c16 2Kaiya Azure
I suppose that might be for the best. Plus, any of Amy's contributions to the Horror genre could be seen as a cautionary tale that might finally convince people to be more careful. Maybe.

On the bright side, they managed to make a solid demonstration that backs up their claim.

As for Coil, I suppose it's a good thing that Creep wasn't just some hallucination.
6/17 c16 DiveLord
Holy shit! Is Mama Mathers power set canon? I never read much about the Mathers family, just that they had some terrifying Masters. And god damn do they. So Canary is the celebrity (?) then who’s the Hero? And I love that Zach is accidentally turning Taylor into a powerhouse of powers, almost like Simmy is plotting how to turn her into a golden gun against Scion.
6/17 c16 16zigmas
It's nice to see there's enough bad guys left yet to make more clothes from.

Also, Taytay is gonna end up being the [Trump - ALL] in the end, and yet NOT being a cape.
6/16 c15 Bittersteel626
Honestly the stranger thing kinda dampens things, it's a great story and it made me laugh a couple times but the total acceptance of a obsessed endbringer is just so far left field that it kinda seems too forced
6/7 c15 Guest
Want to see the Fallen beaten as well
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