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for I'm HALPING!

6/2 c15 2Kaiya Azure
I hope their talk goes well.
6/2 c15 AzureLazuli
Damn :D
6/2 c15 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
6/2 c15 1Mizuno Tenshi2
Oh, that hug probably felt weird if Taylor touched any bare skin. Gonna be a fun twist to everything. _
6/2 c15 16zigmas
That was great.
And heartwarming in the end.
Oh, and the REAL elephant is that those powers aren't HEALING.
Those are BIOSHAPING, lol.
A very BIG difference.
6/2 c15 DiveLord
Initiate M/S Protocols, Carol Dallon is acting like a almost rational human being! And Taylor is just racking up the empowered items. Ya know, Zachary is acting like a cat bringing its owner trophies. I find this mental image hilarious. Thanks for the chapter.
6/2 c15 4hnh058513
And all that it took for Carol to realise Amy was different from her father was for her to give up her powers.
6/2 c15 199Marcus Rowland
Can't see that one going down well with the powers that be at the PRT. Hopefully a transferable healer power will make up for it.
6/2 c15 16twilliams1797
so,Taylor with the ol' one two punch of healing...and Amy retriggers as...
6/2 c15 Tork01
Carol being a good parent? Now I'm really surprised!
6/2 c15 1YeTianshi
Aww, will Carol finally be a mother to Amy now? That would be so sweet :)
6/2 c15 Sebine
Very cute chapter
And now Taylor has knuckle gloves line Tifa
5/23 c14 4hvm2k2
All hail the Idiot Ball!
5/22 c3 hvm2k2
"Hey dad, an Endbringer followed me home. Can I keep him?" Lol
5/22 c1 hvm2k2
Did Eidolan seriously create an Endbringer to protect Taylor? I'm intrigued.
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