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5/10 c14 Guest
Great chapter!
5/7 c14 2Isbrandir Blake
Happiest worm fic ever
Loved it
Thanks you
4/28 c14 Guest
Equitability and equality
4/18 c14 Armiture
Not sure how I missed two episodes but reading three at once was awesome. I loved how Coil was getting his comeuppance and hope to find out what it is exactly in the next episode.

Zack showing off his annoyance at being ignored by his "father" last episode was absolutely hilarious and his dealing with The Butcher and The Teeth the chapter before that was very interesting and amusing too.

Hopefully I won't be missing any more alerts, I've missed quite a few of them the past two months or so and not sure why. Thanks for the laughs and I hope it isn't too long before the next episode comes out.
4/18 c13 Difdi
A scuttle below the waterline is called a seacock, not a scuttle, despite the fact that opening seacocks to sink a ship is scuttling it.
4/14 c14 Guest
Just take Vicky's aura but than if it's not permanent
4/16 c14 AzureLazuli
Fun chapter! 3
4/16 c14 Yogiri
I am just surprised Contessa has not got involved yet. Is Zach keeping her off with his Stranger power? Or does she not want to interact with him because he is a blindspot to her?
4/14 c14 FanGirl
I feel sorry for Amy.
4/14 c1 EP
4/15 c14 osterreicher97
good chapter
4/15 c14 2Jack Inqu
Coil and Vicky are not having good times, though it seems that Amy's life might be improving; good for her.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
4/13 c13 Guest
Tech Jacket
4/15 c14 DiveLord
Idiot Ball 2: The Revenge was an instant classic.
4/15 c14 107thManiac
That ending tho. How intriguing! Also happy to see Taylor enjoying her powers lol. If I had one that was that mundane looking, and easy as easy to control and play with as her ball I'd be tempted to just fidget with it too.
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