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for A Hugger And A Demon

3/3 c1 eva505
This one was so good. I hope do more with them
7/27/2017 c1 the anbu
5/29/2017 c1 Valeria Luna
Awwww! I love it. Want more
5/12/2017 c1 TheAnbu
genial perfecto rei hasta ir al baƱo pero fue divertido, bien hecho.
9/24/2016 c1 alex
great story felt lke this would actually happen
9/9/2016 c1 45The Man They Call The Truth
Truth is I love this pairing. if only they were together for real...
7/20/2016 c1 kathy.dietrich.98
so cute, more BayLor fluff, throw in meddling best friends Sami & Carmella and it's a party lol
7/18/2016 c1 72dragonsprit
Nice short hopefully Bayley and Balor end up in the club together.

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