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4/5 c11 26Car-54
Sorry to post a review on my own story but I need to give credit where it's due.
The first version of this chapter was riddled with mistakes. Thanks to Aurora Nightstar those have been fixed.
If you enjoy this, half of the credit should go to her.
4/4 c11 9Aurora Nightstar
This was fun. I loved the playfulness of this chapter. The Cinderella story with the slipper was great with that added comedy twist of tickling her feet. Ben accepting seeing the chick flick was nice too. Then of course, the Benny’s got a girlfriend, also very funny. Loved the chapter overall.
3/28 c11 10st.anger2
Nice car
3/27 c11 2willam and jack and jake
love it
3/25 c11 14jettmanas
Fun everyday life and action.

Gwen's excitement
its self.
martial arts,
clothes shopping
girly-girl in her.
in those?"
clear shoes too."
Possibly even

Good writing; I like that you summed up a good amount of content!
3/25 c11 jasongd
And another great chapter congrats

BWEN Forever
3/24 c11 Meazm
3/24 c11 7csgt
Good take on what happened after Secret of the Omnitrix and Goodbye and Good Riddance. Sweet that Benny finally got a girlfriend!

The movie where the girl friendzones the good guy, falls for the bad boy but later realizes her mistake seems like a good fix plot for UAF XD
3/24 c11 49BenXGwen Lightning Warrior
That was fast but sweet.
I liked the Cenderella references and the somewhat obvious foreshadowing with it.
The reference to UAF in the movie plot was a nice touch.
I have to say, I always thought Ben and Gwen did talk about their relationship after Animo’s attack.
3/24 c11 salamander blue
A very cute chapter
Loved Ben and gwen spending the day together
2/25 c10 justanothernerdyfan
Great story as always
2/23 c10 2willam and jack and jake
lol nice
2/21 c10 Arif Ahmed
As a Bwen fan I think this particular setting is the best. Because it put aside the cousin relationship complication . A lot of story has already done that . So this one is different. But it lacks plot and bit paced. It feels like reading a summary. So i hope Car-54 would slowed down a bit and use a little bit plot
2/21 c10 salamander blue
Definitely a really good chapter.
2/20 c10 Meazm
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