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for Ben 10: Rewind

2/25 c10 1justanothernerdyfan
Great story as always
2/23 c10 2willam and jack and jake
lol nice
2/21 c10 Arif Ahmed
As a Bwen fan I think this particular setting is the best. Because it put aside the cousin relationship complication . A lot of story has already done that . So this one is different. But it lacks plot and bit paced. It feels like reading a summary. So i hope Car-54 would slowed down a bit and use a little bit plot
2/21 c10 salamander blue
Definitely a really good chapter.
2/20 c10 Meazm
2/20 c10 9Aurora Nightstar
Wow! Gwen sacrificed herself for Ben and Ben thinks it should have been him. Nice. I definitely liked the ‘I love you’ and glad both admitted they meant it. Of course the interrupted kissing scene is a classic. Great chapter.
2/20 c9 Aurora Nightstar
I don’t think I saw the scene this relates to, but have heard of the Gwen teaching Ben to dance. I love the other comparisons about the person who has your back and will always be there for you and of course Gwen being the one girl Ben isn’t clumsy or overly nervous around. Another good chapter.
2/20 c8 Aurora Nightstar
Wow, this looks like the aftermath for another internet video that was shared with me. I liked this little chat and Gwen admitting, even if only to herself that she was in fact jealous. Loved the comment about ‘glad I didn’t hurt you’ AKA the person I care about most. Very good life advice she gives Ben at the end. Another wonderful chapter.
2/20 c7 Aurora Nightstar
Thanks to my good buddy CSGT, I think this is one of the few scenes from Ben 10 I actually saw. I love your retelling with doing what the visual media can’t do well and that is giving us the internal thoughts of the character. I think you did a wonderful job showing just how much Ben and Gwen care for each other. Yeah, it does almost seem like that was the original intent of the scene. Good chapter.
2/20 c10 10st.anger2
Car I like how you did secrets of the omntrix
2/20 c10 7csgt
Awesome! An amazing retelling of Secrets of the Omnitrix with the focus on Ben's and Gwen's feelings and thoughts! Great job
2/20 c10 jasongd
And another great chapter congrats

BWEN Forever
2/20 c10 40BenXGwen Lightning Warrior
Yay! SotO as it should have been! That was wonderful.

I gave to say that I like this version, but also like the cousin angle too. Call it the rebelling romantic in me, but I enjoy the idea of Ben and Gwen fighting their families for love. (It could be I’ve read too much Shakespeare.)
2/16 c9 Meazm
2/12 c9 Yokai Watch
You know, seeing that picture of early concept artwork of Gwen in Ben 10 seemed to have make me grown attached to her. So, I'm thinking of renaming her into Eliana 12, based on her clothes, ponytail, half pretty and tomboy styles and has the flexibility of gymnastics.
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