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4/6/2019 c5 15707cloud
I really hope you have her do that, Ross was always a bastered in my books no matter what his reasons or fears where.
4/2/2019 c11 Guest
Love this story. Hope you continue
5/21/2017 c9 jafcbutterfly
thanks for the update, pls. update soon D
10/6/2016 c8 72JayRain
I enjoyed this; Fury's voice came through loud and clear, and I really felt for Phil. I'm actually writing about Phil's death in my current fic, and I really hate how it all goes down. I feel for Alexis here, because Phil was (ostensibly) another ordinary person in an extraordinary situation. For her to lose him in that way is really awful. You can sense her weariness through all of this, which I feel is pretty realistic. Her analysis of Fury is good too, and I think he would need to hear some of it. Though I have a feeling none of what she has to say is any surprise to him. But it is surprising that someone would say something about it in such a way. Good dynamics between these two, and it will be interesting to see how they but heads from here on out!
9/22/2016 c7 JayRain
Lexi has some powerful things to say, and I think it comes from her, who presents as an average person, better than it would from the suits. She's one of the people, just someone who got swept up in the craziness and understands it, not a politician or special operative trying to keep things under wraps and be all secretive. Her perspective is relateable and refreshing, and here we get to see just how human she is. It's a nice perspective!
9/6/2016 c6 JayRain
You know, I always did wonder that. Shield is able to create an entire ward to look like a 1940s recovery room, they have this amazing tech and all, but they miss that one critical detail about the ball game? Alexis has every right to be irritated by that. But she's good with Steve, picking up on his cues and helping to put him at ease by being the right mix of old fashioned and modern/contemporary. I'm glad she's setting up for him to take some time to work things through. Her intuition with people like him is so important to his recovery.
9/6/2016 c5 JayRain
I think Bruce would definitely be intrigued by Alexis, and would want to talk with her. In spite of his anger issues, he's very sensitive and does want to assist people around him. So for him to watch her work is a chance for him to realize that if he needed someone to talk with, she could be the one. He's a scientist, so he observes things with a different eye from most. I think he appreciates her out of the box approach.
8/16/2016 c4 JayRain
You know, Alexis and Darcy would be a hoot together, just doing normal stuff like shopping or getting coffee or playing a board game or something. I'd LOVE to see that at some point, even if it's just a side story and not part of this one as a whole.

I like how Alexis just takes the whole Norse god thing in stride because getting worked up over it would impede her job otherwise. The fact that she's amazed later shows she has a grasp of the situation, and is realistic about it. I loved the line about Chris, "He still didn't like it and she still didn't care." It's funny, and shows characterization quite nicely. Their relationship comes across well with it. And then toward the end, that Alexis would rather chat with them all "over coffee instead of burning car wrecks" is great. There's a lot of the lighthearted easygoing sense in this chapter, but definitely still a sense of danger and a reminder of just how serious the situation really is. It's a good balance!
8/8/2016 c3 Viltho
I love this story, please update soon and amazing writing!
8/1/2016 c3 JayRain
Excellent! Nat and Clint are so much fun, and Alexis is calm and relaxed, which is great. Alexis has a good way of getting people to talk, without prying and without being obnoxious. So far she's been pretty good with humans, so seeing how she does with a Norse god will be most intriguing. Actually I'm more curious how Thor's going to react to HER! Very enjoyable!
7/20/2016 c2 JayRain
Most enjoyable! You got Tony's voice down pretty well, and I could imagine his dialogue in his voice with his particular speech patterns. Your descriptions of Fury were good, and captured his personality and presence in addition to just his appearance. I think the way his relationship with Alexis begins and starts to pan out is very in character. Tony's not the sort to admit he needs help, and he would brush off suggestions of the sort, or offers, as unnecessary. But in the end, he knows what he needs, he just has to be the one to think it was all his idea. So I think you really captured that aspect of Tony well, and Alexis and Fury both seem to understand and be able to use that.

Looking forward to reading Hawkeye and Black Widow! Their relationship and history together was criminally underexplored in the film, so I look forward to what you do with it!
7/19/2016 c1 JayRain
I'm so excited to see the start of this! Alexis is an interesting character and I like her ties to the universe without being directly involved. I like her awareness, but that she's not going to be a constant 4th wall breaker. The introductory prologue is a good way to start it off, to let us know who she is and how she's involved rather than just throwing her and us into the situation. I'll be looking forward to reading future installments!

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