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for Thief of Hearts

6/6 c1 recey2010
5/3 c1 Skyfultower
I love this story and wished it was expanded
12/26/2020 c1 7ForeverTheWhiteTiger
This is so beautiful! Love!
6/30/2020 c1 14Immortal Dragon Empress
Oh my soul. The love and appreciation I have for this story! We all love a bad boy and you e made Rabastan into the ultimate sexy bad boy! I loved how you’ve created this entire Mafia set up with the diffident gangs and you’ve obviously taken the time to layer it with careful details. I will come back and read this again and again. I love Mafia AUs and sometimes the really good ones are hard to come by. This is one of the best I’ve ever read! I know it’s a one shot and I’m soooo sad we won’t get more of this incredible Bas/Hermione action! Thank you thank you thank you for writing and sharing this with us!
5/16/2020 c1 emmabrady
Not bad... I like that side of hermione.. I hope you add to it..
5/11/2020 c1 NinaBjornsen
I think I’ve re-read this at least 10 times and it just keeps being amazing every time. It’s pure gold
5/4/2020 c1 10RevDorothyL
Delightful AND educational!
4/2/2020 c1 1Ellae
All the peaky blinder energy I love with a ocean’s 11 flair & a Victorian flavor. A pleasure to read

9/12/2019 c1 Fantastical.fanatic
Ahhh! This was such a fun read! Great job!
8/12/2019 c1 Guest
If you are ever bored or unable to find a muse, please please pretty please do an extended version of this. Or even slightly different
6/6/2019 c1 Guest
OMG please keep writing this story!
5/24/2019 c1 IgnisFelicis
I absolutely adore this one!
4/27/2019 c1 michanne
I can’t get enough of this story! I keep coming back for rereads! Thank you so much for sharing your work.
4/27/2019 c1 Emar
This is absolutely delightful!
3/17/2019 c1 25mystripedskirt
Love this Victorian story! Love Rab/Hr
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