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for Ace Combat: The Angels of Emmeria

2/21/2020 c4 yangn33
Not gonna lie, but wouldn't have Voychek lost an entire leg from a 20mm? The only way I see his leg even remotely surviving is by a graze, and even than would still royally fuck up his leg still. I'm not an expert on bullet wounds, but I'm pretty sure a bullet bigger than a .50 would turn anyone regardless of where it hits to a pulp. Other than that, splendid narration of the events of ac6 will enjoy it.
Thank God you made that talisman husband plot twist thing.
2/18/2018 c4 d
Rwby 4 vol sucked and so did 5 vol. Its cause you hav taste
6/17/2017 c4 10godofmadness43
okay so far i am liking this keep it up!
12/27/2016 c1 34lixiaofossil
Always love that Command & Conquer reference. Will you write a crossover of ACE Combat and Command & Conquer someday?
10/3/2016 c4 TheAstronomicon
Well written and in the classic Ace Combat style, my approval and commendation fellow gentlebeing.

I look forward to your continued attempts to tell the story of the Anean Continental War, take what liberties you think you need to flesh out an otherwise lacking chapter in the stellar storytelling of Ace Combat's Strangereal history.

The Astronomicon
9/15/2016 c4 WarWolf118
I'm loving how this is turning out hope to see something soon.
8/17/2016 c1 Guest
this really makes me wants to play AC6, keep it up!
8/12/2016 c4 Guest
This is awesome man, AC6 is my favourite game of all time, and you've brought it to life brilliantly, I can't wait for more! :)
8/3/2016 c4 37Storm Wolf77415
Very nice! And the touch with Monica and Jessica being friends with the Hermans. Genius! Definitely keeping an eye on this one!
7/31/2016 c4 Guest
great chapter and was wondering how you were going to bring in jessica in the broadcast
7/23/2016 c3 10Just a Crazy-Man
7/23/2016 c3 Guest
well great chapter and you kept monica alive
7/23/2016 c3 ArtanisRose
Annnndddd now I'm going to play Ace Combat 6. Thank you sir.
7/21/2016 c2 Seeds of Destruction
I've played AC6 hundreds of times and you got every thing out perfectly. I've read that chapter in their own words you don't miss a beat! This is Seeds of Destruction making sure our Angels are dancing high.
7/20/2016 c2 ArtanisRose
Shit's gonna get real in a hurry.
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