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for But She Didn't Go Away

8/18/2016 c15 Nancy
Ah, Lorelai is now the proud owner of a jeep. Glad that Luke was there to get her a better deal. The first snow - beautiful. Nice of Luke to teach her to drive in the snow. Hope Mia's couch was long enough for Luke to sleep comfortably. So, did Babette and Miss Patty hear Lorelai ask Luke to return her keys? They would gladly jump to their own conclusion. Fun! Thanks - more soon please.
8/15/2016 c14 4lylyevans
Yeah," The girl replied as they looked for Miss Patty. After a moment, Rory added, "But Dad promises, and that doesn't happen sometimes."

ThIs line broke my heart. I will be ninety seven and still crying about this line!
Also, how old is Luke in this story?
8/15/2016 c14 26junienmomo
There is nothing cuter in the universe than four year old Rory and grown up Luke. I can envision him squatting down to her level in the middle of the diner just so he can be face to face with her.
8/14/2016 c13 4lylyevans
Aww I am so happy I found this fic! It was wonderful! A perfect way to start my birthday.
I am quite pleased at the pace you have for this story. I love child!Rory fics. They are my favorite trope, sadly most authors rush the story a lot. L&L meet and are immediately in love, no development, no banter.
This story is as close to perfect as one can get!
8/14/2016 c13 6HaiCas
This story is super cute and j can't wait to read more of it! I like how you can convincingly write Luke! He's still gruff and not too mushy!
8/12/2016 c13 Nancy
They are getting closer and closer to each other. Wondering what made Rory be scared? Whatever/whoever it was, it is all better now because she is found and is safe with Luke and Lorelai. Also wondering how Rory aka the pumpkin kid got past Luke on her way to his apartment. Good work. More soon please.
8/5/2016 c11 Nancy
Both Luke and Lorelai are learning bits and pieces about each other. Luke's gift to Mia - oh, so Luke. But, we must always remember that he has very good intentions. The piƱata was a hit! And it is now clear to Sookie that Luke likes, really likes, Lorelai and Rory. Are we going to see Luke building book cases for Rory? His gift to Rory was absolutely perfect! Keep building the relationship. Thanks much. More soon please.
8/1/2016 c10 Nancy
I am really enjoying the advancement of the Lorelai and Luke and Rory relationship. Pretty cute that the older couple simply assumed that Rory is Luke's daughter. Good work. More soon please.
8/1/2016 c10 1reflectingthemoonslight
The couple asking Luke how old Rory is like she was his daughter is the cutest thing I loved that :D
7/27/2016 c8 26junienmomo
Aw, our poor couple. Coming into each other's life has been a big awakening for them.
Lorelai, surprised to think that his opinion of her parenting matters to him, gets needed coaching from Mia.
Luke, discombobulated by the whole situation, is just following his gut.
So sweet and funny.
7/26/2016 c6 9meg121186
Aww. Poor Rory has the chicken pox. Time for some mashed potatoes from Luke.
7/25/2016 c5 26junienmomo
One thing I really like about this story is that you give us a picture of Lorelai's life within Stars Hollow. It's marvelous to see examples of her friends helping her out to make her job and family work.
Later, when she's sixteen and we see Rory in the show, we now have a sense of how deep those friendship ties run.
7/24/2016 c1 47whenaspritemeetsaunicorn
Aww nice!
7/23/2016 c3 26junienmomo
Do we get to find out what Rory was doing with the notepad? Seems like a good setup for another adorable blue-eyed picture. Soon Luke will have to get refrigerator magnets.
7/23/2016 c2 junienmomo
Such great interactions with Mia, your story is really enhanced by her being there. Hopefully she will also interact with Luke as one of his mother's friends. Looking forward to more.
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