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for Dusk Falling (Twilight Reimagined)

9/23/2017 c2 31SwifteForeverAndAlways
This has been on my followed stories list for like a year and I haven’t reviewed yet...Anyways. I like how it’s going so far, it sounds interesting! Hope you update soon!
9/22/2016 c2 Debbie Hicks
Cchapter 3.
Crunched with VENOM bitten me BLACKED OUT! drained Dead With bitten best friends ended with completely memory loss of my human life forced to fight for te Norrthen Vampire wars risen in as all ranks then Volturi found out I really I was fled stop newborns I said stop she is Useful TAKE HER fROM America bitten yOU BROKE AS ALL Laws MASTERS nEWBORNS BITTEN REMARKABLE SHE'S bitten too hardest then Venom was Spreading to my body it's done she will be stronger reborn reborn and fast but lethal beautiful but dangerous then it really did lost Humanity then CrUunched twas Sired by All of snakes But MURDERED tHEN police found me dead with as all of bites was burning alone with best friends suddenly brought in here to the Cullen home with them with us destroyed us suddenly burst freely lost of my own color of my own skin that awaken with very pale borg white skin Crimson eyes struggling to control myself what is she she been attacked lost both we have to train and teach her be human but they with each four wth us newv borns blasting from the bo th earthly and mortal lives that was it taken from us our seeds unable to reproduce at all was a scornful but bitter wrathful but avenged woman released Bellona goddess of fie and energy from my change POPPED Then lost it from here then it came the change was too much but burst freely then it was no longer us anymore with them adopted us as members that my behavior had evolved but changed Bella you must hunt that Dawn Read Spier took me to a Clif then suddenly avenged for my own death hunted more than as all of the very far way too much around the world wre as all of brought young then with them followed then suddenly with help then blasting frely then it came very mazillions of all with more these ones who turned her this photo after her change what bitten by snakes used for their war my brother found her hunter torn her with as all of them into pieces executed for crimes of the Vulcan killed without blood she is not human at all let humans turn from as all of mazillions were burst from bodies with more bring them that too late murdered that was it viciously killed as kills ten it really happened all of humans turned from us/mazillions were cursed with death fully time Alice what is wrong with her she hunts Animal but eats food and sleeps is a hybrid with us as well Commander they turned from us herself was doing Clan signals What?! you three ulp oh crap he's Angry two they have no feeling right holy Hades he's Vulcan then news of our deaths that humans had more but normal kids overdoing that was it joined us with siblings then poped now no more kids created a army then blazing freely with us were terminated unable to reside no longer but popped fely then were as all of them came too late brought in here from ar roud te world then it came a ten centuries curse then blacked outside with all of shifters and all of supernaturals popped but unable to die or be killed were hu osts then crashing now no more than as all of them removed now the parents were unable to have children were deathly ill but sick suffered infertility was it's name now they were pale like us they were freed with young animals then with pets blasting freely then crunched were affected then with tribes en popped they were with as all of them with more brought in here then destroyed that was it more than as all of more guards were all destroyed then it came too late all of more children bombed that was it destroyed as all of the kills with nwest ones now became buried but it really happened Supernaturals took their places then no longer a Earth I lived in now one of them but the Voltiri forbid me to go to scool but we did in cars then but blasting frely with more then popped freely then blazing with the remains of humanity then bitten but were without as all of in fifty states then suddenly crunching then burst from here then Accused of more than all of members then lost as all of color of our own skin that was it then burst from here brought the corpses now they reported she is still hunting and attending school had her destroyed with more are cut from here let our race take over and rule it's settled that blasting freely then it came all of us youth aboard with more with covens and nwest tribal shifters forced the Vulcans with more then blasting freely them but destroyed itself then with more than all of animals and pets witnessed Earth was their planet.
7/22/2016 c2 Twilightlover232
Please finish this book I'm curious to find out what happens
7/21/2016 c1 twilightislyfe
If I was you, I would go for a male slash, as there are tons of female ones. Good luck! :)
7/21/2016 c1 4Stargazer1364
Bella/Edelle, please! That would be beautiful! :D

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