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8/2 c17 ArcaneDragonLord
7/19 c1 Arandeep Sarao
I have read it and it became one of my all time favs. Just a pity with all the tragedies that occur throughout the series.
7/14 c17 1Phantasmal Sword Immortal
Hey can you continue this? Or have you stopped writing it?
6/21 c8 Guest
Aright imma let this go for now, but don't expect me to be so nice later on
6/20 c1 Guest
I cannot...believe. ..u ...dropped this
5/5 c17 Tang Shingmen
Please Update!
5/3 c2 2Blackbelt219
Shrek Academy because they can make connections with every other main character
4/10 c17 Guest
I actually love this. Please continue
3/19 c17 Floating Ash
Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! The end of the chapter! Cliffhanger!

This is awesome! This fic is awesome! This story is awesome! YOU! ARE! AWESOME!
I’m definitely excited to see the next and upcoming chapters!
(Not that my demanding will do much of anything~)
~with blessings, stay healthy~
3/14 c17 kazeron
is there any katekyo hitman reborn battle through the heaven crossover
3/11 c17 Lazy Fat Cat
Update please...
3/3 c17 just yuki
*whimper* I truly want to read the battle between them...
3/3 c8 just yuki
This is illusion duh, wake up Ichigo
2/4 c13 ThatOneGuyUpstairs
Quick question, I don’t know if this was mentioned awhile ago and I’ve just forgotten about, if so I apologize, but so far we’ve only seen Ichigo/Rukia make use of Hollow and Soul Reaper abilities (I mean technically the Black Zangetsu was actually his Quincy aspect but wether or not that’s the case here is up in the air) abilities, does this Ichigo simply not have not have his Quincy aspect? Also, what happened to Sode no Shirayuki? Did she not make the transition with Rukia, or is she just being suppress along with the Hogyoku? I mean that thing is basically the ultimate macguffin when is comes to bleach (only rivaled by Ichigo’s main character status) so really anything goes when it’s involved, but I’m just wondering.
1/19 c17 Dama
This story is cool!
Please keep the story going.
I am trully interrsted with how ichigo will do in this world :)
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