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9/14/2016 c10 Chinook-girl
9/14/2016 c10 18Alinyaalethia
Beautifully, wonderfully written, and indeed the best ending you could have given them. More than anything else, what shines here is the ways Anne and Gilbert make each other better, and of course there's that open honesty I've loved about your depiction of them from the beginning. Righting convocation works so well that I doubt I'd have noticed had you not drawn it out. Norcross and little Elizabeth are as resolved as I could wish, as is the future of Anne and Gilbert. You paint the intimacy and warmth of the world they want to inhabit so completely that it makes more sense than it ever has. More than that I'm reluctant to unpick, but your love of this world and your writing shines. Beautifully told. I'll be looking forward to whatever creation you're led to next.
9/14/2016 c10 21hecalledmecarrots
I think a lot of us found it odd Anne didn't go to Gilbert's convocation and like you I had written it into my own story... K you've done a beautiful job with this congratulations... and I'm looking forward to reading your modern day Anne and Gilbert (I hope though you haven't mentioned him by name!)
9/14/2016 c10 Crispybluebirdperfection
I've been lurking since RD4, but I thought I'd emerge from my shell long enough to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the ride through 19th century Anne. Your writing has made the books come to life, in a way that 'Anne of Windy Willows' completely failed to do. I have loved the little ties-in to the letters -it made it so believable, but for me the highlight was Iona. Thanks and I look forward to uncensored weird. K
9/14/2016 c10 7Formerly known as J
Kwaks, this was just a beautiful ending to these beautiful letters. It was perfect that Anne and Gilbert have come full circle from the stupendous possibilities and excitement of that first year back to this place of love and honesty. They've worked hard for their happy ending, and so have you, dear kwak. I don't want you to say goodbye to this Anne and Gilbert either, and I will continue to hope that perhaps in the future you might be inspired to come back and visit with them again, even if it's only for a little one shot.

I loved Anne understanding what it was about writing that gave her joy, and that Iona belonged to Gilbert, not to the publishers. Of course, Anne could never be happy being a hothouse flower on display in a box, she was always a free spirit, and that's always what I've loved about her.
I also adored that returning to the island is what they both want, and that they've chosen it together.

Fave lines: 'I belong to my pearl on the sea' and 'life becomes big or small wherever you go' (ain't that the truth!)

I'm off for a little cry now at the thought that there may never be another 19th century kwak chapter post, even though I'm ridiculously excited about uncensored modern weird Anne and Gilbert. Thank you so very much for all that you've written here, k, and let me tell you that you've made this Anne-girl very, very happy. Mwah.
9/14/2016 c10 Sunny Girl
I simply love this last chapter, kwak. You write so beautifully, I hang on to your every word.

I will look forward to reading everything you write, and i shall await your stories and tales of a modern with keen anticipation x
9/14/2016 c10 5LizzyEastwood
These last ones were very beautiful! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed them except to say that I should be working right now and instead when I heard my phone ding and saw the update I had to read it right away! Your understanding of these two and the whole stories is just so wonderful. You just bring everything to such clarity... It makes sense why someone as ambitious as Gilbert wants to be a simple island Doctor. It makes sense when I read that Anne writes for love and not for fortune. It just bring everything into focus and you give such a great understanding to all of us. Very well done! I am glad you will write new stuff. In the past I haven't gotten into the modern interpretations but with your skill and understanding of Anne and Gilbert I can't wait to read what you have for us! Thanks so much for sharing, Katherine!
9/6/2016 c9 LizzyEastwood
You know what I've just realized about reading these letters is that there's a certain amount of nostalgia associated with them. You transport me to a simpler time where "waiting and working for eachother" just makes me feel like as long as you have the love of good people you don't need much else. Anne and Gilbert working separately yet together for the their future... So simple, yet not at the same time. Thank you for the reminder! I really enjoy seeing them work out thoughts about their future. Well done as always! I know you're hanging up your pen soon so I will wait patiently for the last installment and then be thankful I had the chance to read these. They've actually inspired some writing ideas of my own, so thank you!
9/4/2016 c9 2Kim Blythe
I see it now, because the school year is almost over, that Gilbert and Robin Norcross continues to be and share the same room as they always did during the three years of medical school, and keep the secret of Norcross just between the two of them, with the complicity of Gilbert, helping him/her finishing medical school, and become the best doctor he/she can be !

This was simply a brilliant idea, about Norcross, that is !

We all know that mothers always knows best, right ! And Sarah Blythe knows what is good for her son and daughter in law !

These letters were simply admirable ones !
9/4/2016 c8 Kim Blythe
So, I was right into thinking that the kind of life that has been offered to Gilbert, makes Anne think and feel like such a life, is a life that she could have had with Roy, if she had accepted his proposal ? Wasn't this one of the reasons why she had refused his proposal in the first place ?

My stories are my children, and the children we shall have, our many children, will be as living stories... What a beautiful quote this was !
9/4/2016 c9 PelirrojaBiu
Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you for (almost) making me like post-HoD Anne books again. The older I got, the less fun I had with them, I thought that Maud almost resented writing "older" Anne, doing so just for fans (and the paycheck) and "punished" her by making her run the house and pop one (pretty mediocre, IMHO) baby after another. Maybe that's why Begin Again was such a breath of fresh air to me. But now I feel like I do understand their choices, the desire to lead their life exactly this way and not the other. It says so much of your skill and consciousness of the craft that you manage to blend your stories so seamlessly with the canon and yet make them so original and so "you".

Those two las letters, that same date... I love that they are both so nervous and have to blab about those two fantastic women for a long while before finally getting to the point. And what a point it is!

I feel so stupid with the whole Robin business, now that I think of it you have left hint after hint after hint and I still didn't guess it! It was brilliant! What a fantastic, brave girl she is! Is Anne planning to assist in Gil's graduation? I bet she will be even more excited to meet Robin than to see him! But are they still going to share the room now that Gil knows the truth? Won't that be a bit akward? After all they still have a month or so of classes, don't they?

I'm as sad about this story ending as I am excited about your new one, so bring it on!
9/4/2016 c8 Guest
Miss Rotherham, who made Anne remember how it felt to be someone else's property? Is she named after the recent Rotherham U.K. child exploitation scandal? Ouch!
9/3/2016 c9 julie3113
For chapters eight and nine. I suppose it is fortuitous that I'm a little late in reading, and your chapters were posted so closely together, since they flow together so nicely. That first letter of Gilbert's was perfect: I loved the physicality (or perhaps more accurately, the imagined physicality), of his dipping into Anne's dress to wipe away the snow, his awe in rediscovering her after such a long separation, his observation - but not quite understanding - of her drifting in and out. I loved the development of the relationship between Sarah and Anne - from the awkwardness of Christmas dinner and the too-small-tam (did Mrs. Blythe like her rolling pin?) to the intimacy of their conversation some months later. I also loved the Norcross revelation - an interesting and welcome surprise, especially since the Anne/Gilbert outcome is assured by canon - and it made me recall all the little things that should have pointed the reader in that direction, but didn't (at least not this reader). I bet Katherine would have figured it out, had she been given the chance to meet him/her. My favorite little hints to N's femininity were her trying to clean the jam from Gil's tie and offering to help tie a cravat - I've witnessed so many women performing these little tasks (okay, maybe not with a cravat specifically, but you know what I mean).

Finally, as one on both the giving and receiving end of "crossed out bits and arrows..." (most recently the latter) I enjoyed reading Anne's sentiments on writing.
9/3/2016 c9 4OriginalMcFishie
oh I did not see that coming. I did not see the Yukon being given up because of their future children. I did not see what Nor cross secret was. And I loved both bits. and that they both decided not Yukon on the same day. this is incredibly exciting promise me it will go on past leaving windy willows,...perhaps a letter on their wedding day...
9/3/2016 c9 3YorkshireTeaDrinker
I love the way you have them exploring wider possibilities and opportunities before coming back to what they really need, I.e each other. It is important that their life together, Gil being a country doctor and Anne writing "living epistles", is actively chosen. There is always the suspicion that their life in Glen St Mary might be too narrow, for a pair with such ambition and brilliance; but this last couple of chapters shows their coming to an understanding of what they really want, what life will really satisfy them, brilliantly.

And Norcross, that's a twist I didn't spot, despite the clues. One of your particular writing strengths (and you have many) is your supra-cannonical characters. It is one thing to unpack the extra layers in LMMs characters, it's another to make us so interested in, and fond of, those you are introducing us to for the first time. There is a huge story behind Norcross that I want to know more of; I want to know what is happening with the Fox. I don't want you to leave your 19th century Anne and Gil, because there is always room for plenty more Anne and Gil in my life, but because I don't want to leave the rich world you have built around them either.
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